Rodney, Zumaya both out tonight

That means your closer for tonight is Todd Jones. Awkward, no?

Zumaya’s triceps injury is still being treated as tightness. The training staff used electrotherapy on it to try to loosen up the triceps, and now it’s a matter of resting it. He remains day-to-day. Manager Jim Leyland said he hopes to have Rodney back on Tuesday.

Not much change in the lineup. Gary Sheffield, 6-for-31 lifetime against Paul Byrd, is out. Matt Joyce, 2-for-3 off Byrd from last month, is back in. So is Marcus Thames, who has an interesting line off Byrd: 2-for-9, two homers, four strikeouts.

As expected, much of the Tigers front office is here in Cleveland with the team. Many of them are down on the field for batting practice rather than holed up, so it seems the trade talks are relatively quiet for now.

TIGERS (53-51)

  1. Curtis Granderson, CF
  2. Placido Polanco, 2B
  3. Carlos Guillen, 3B
  4. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  5. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  6. Matt Joyce, LF
  7. Marcus Thames, DH
  8. Ivan Rodriguez, C
  9. Edgar Renteria, SS

INDIANS (45-58)

  1. Grady Sizemore, CF (6-for-32 lifetime vs. Rogers)
  2. Franklin Gutierrez, RF
  3. Ben Francisco, LF
  4. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  5. Kelly Shoppach, C
  6. Andy Marte, 3B
  7. Ryan Garko, 1B
  8. Andy Gonzalez, DH
  9. Asdrubal Cabrera, 2B


Bruce, finally got to read your post on infield positioning and whatnot. Didn’t expect to generate a thesis on it!!! lol. I get your point and am well aware that fielding percentage doesn’t tell the whole story but I just found it curious that both teams have the same avg. And seeing that both teams are also close to generating the same numbers offensively, pitching seemed to be the likely difference between the two clubs. I’ll bet if we had their staff and they had ours, they would be looking up at us in the standings.
Pitch counts do mean something to JV ’cause he usually reaches 85 somewhere between the 3rd and 4th innings!!! I’m with you gk, he drives me nuts!!!

And finally about Robertson. I’m with you Dan, I think Nate had better pick up his game over the last 2 months. When Bonderman went down I was really hoping to see guys like Nate pick up the slack but he really hasn’t done it. We really need to see a couple shut down performances from him if we expect to challenge,

Just an opening comment as the game gets underway. I love listening to the boys on radio, espoecially when they announce the potential winners for the Bell Tuire power alley etc. Tonight’s contestant is Mickey Stevens from Roanoke Hills, Michigan, etc. Price always says “Nice area”. Just once I’d like to hear that “the contestant is Mickey Stevens from 8 mile Road” so I can hear Price say, “uh…. nice area.” That brings to mind that when I was a youngster listening to Ernie he always used to announce that the “foul ball was caught by a young fan from Kalamazoo Michigan.” I couln’t understand how Ernie knew every single fan, but the more I listened the more convinced I became that he did indeed knew every single fan in the park. Never occurred to me that he making it up (I think). Hey I was just a dumb kid.

So, at any rate, hope the boys can rebound from all the weekend. Signing off from LA. Not a nice area.

That’s funny eric.. just yesterday the game was on in the car and they announced the bell tire contestant and price said nice area and i said to my riding companion.. he always says that..
Magglio hacking at the first pitch again.. i wonder what his streak is up to now.. he had like a 7 at bat streak up until he went on the dl.. man that is annoying.
They gotta get something off byrd.. he’s been terrible.

Ed,Sorry about the expose`.Didnt know it was so long till I finished it.Gotta agree with you.If we had 180 more K`s,I think our ERA would be substantially lower and more W`s in the standings,too….Was listening to first 2 innings in my equipment shed to Cleveland(Tom Hamilton&Mike Egan)broadcast on xfm radio.They spent a good deal of time talking about the limited range of our infield,focusing mainly on Edgar and Carlos.I kind of had to chuckle on that one.I wonder if they read Jason`s blog.Hope Kenny settles in and takes control of this one.Nice post by Shuggard.I get funny feelings like that about Tiger Stadium,too. Am I allowed to call it Briggs Stadium?

We never hit Byrd, he’s a junk ball pitcher and we never hit junk ball pitchers.

Keeny hung in there for 5 anyway. Nice defensive play by him. Not making excuses for him, but I would think it would be hard pitching with such an uninspiring offense to support him. This is bordering on boring.

Well Ed,You got your wish tonight.We had a pitcher up there that can locate 3 pitches for strikes(probally 5)And he went 5.2 with only 98 pitches.If we can get back in this you might get a chance to see Todd Jones,another pitcher that can locate 3 pitches(probally 5) for strikes…..P.S. I`ll tell you the top 10 power pitchers that I`m enamored with,if you`ll tell me the top 10 finesse guys you like.

Hey Bruce, you can definetly call it Briggs if you like🙂 I am just glad someone read my post, Beck put a new one up shortly after I wrote that. Anyway GO TIGERS!

Shuggard,There is a new article posted tonight on about Tiger Stadium.Guess Ernie Harwell got some guys with enough money to save a portion of the stadium and put in the museum.I was really pleased to see that.Ol Ernie is still an ambassador of Tiger Baseball.I love what he has done for the sport and Tigers over the years,and he is still at it at the age of 90.God Bless Him!Go Tigers

A great trade would be T.J. to the Braves, and in addition, Tigers give Renteria back to the Braves….

That 2 for 0 trade, would be a winner!!!

Bruce, Beck has an article now about saving the Old Stadium! I now will wonder which part they want to save!? Beck, if you get a chance, let us know. -Stacy GO TIGERS

Well Bruce, seeing Kenny and our boys get beat was definitely not my wish. Kenny got “out finessed” by Byrd. I, too, listened to the Cleveland announcers and they remarked that Kenny seemed to be missing his spots–Hey it happens. Doesn’t mean a power pitcher would have fared any better since we couldn’t generate any offense. There’s a place in baseball for both kinds of pitchers– let’s just leave it at that. Guys like Maddux and Glavine and Rogers are just magicians when they are on. I wouldn’t consider Rivera with the Yanks a power guy either. Very few guys have Nolan Ryan stuff. He could tell you a fastball was coming and you still couldn’t hit it. There are a lot of guys out there, Bruce, that can rush it up there but being able to change speeds and keep a batter off balance is what many baseball folks consider the art of pitching.


Re Tiger Stadium, that’s a nice effort. I think they should have either refurbished the ballpark or at the very least built a semi-replica. Of all the post-Camden Yards ballparks I’ve visited, Comerica is by far the worst.
We’ve never done much with Paul Byrd. In fact, it seems there are too many pitchers in the AL with whom we have chronic problems. I’ll concede that there was a letdown after the Chicago series.
On the whole, however, is this fact: since the end of interleague play, the Tigers have gone 12-12 against the AL. “Not too high, not too low.” Minnesota beat Chicago at home, predictably, and I have no idea who’s going to come out on top in that race. As far as we’re concerned, we look like the .500 team that we are.
JL has made some of the moves we’ve been pushing, i.e. Jones and Sheffield. I will say, while it’s easy for us to demand these moves, it’s Jim that has to pull the switch, and he has to live with these guys. Not so easy in his shoes when he’s dealing with people on a personal basis. Anyone over 15 who didn’t grow up learning baseball with a gamepad will realize this.
Stacey, I read your post in the last entry. You have the right attitude about Tiger watching. You stick with that and you’ll survive to be as old as some of us. 😉

Ed,I`ve been a student my entire life on the art of pitching.I agree and respect your opinions about it.I have watched or listened to every game this year.We had 0 power pitchers in our pen until a few weeks ago.I watched nothing but contact pitching relievers the 1st 80 or so games.Now we have 2 power relievers back.We would not have gone to the Series in 06 without them.They are working to get back in form with pitch selection and control.What drives me nuts is that people are already calling for them to be traded,benched, and/or dumped.I write that my desire is a power lefty reliever for late inn. with men on base, for the likes of Morneau and Mauer.You write back and tell me I`m enamored with power pitching.Then you list off 3 finesse starters and inform me of changing speeds and locations.I was a catcher on 4 teams that went to the finals championship game.I never saw a finesse starter in a single championship game.Thats because we eliminated them all on the way to the finals.The highest scoring finals game I played in was 3-2.All the pitchers had 3 or more pitches,and at least 93-94 mph fastballs.There are no contact relievers in the bigs that will get the likes of Dye,Morneau,Mauer,Ramirez,Ortiz and and hitters of their stature out consistantly with runners on in late inn. Zu and Rodney currently are the only Tiger relievers capable of pulling it off.Without them we are a .500 team at best.You cant beat them with heat alone.But you cant beat them consistantly without heat, in pressure situatations.No Way.I`ve seen Rivera throw many 9th innings with 97-99 mph stuff.He absolutely is a power pitcher,that knows how to mix his pitches

I think they’re looking at saving the playing field and a small portion of the stadium around home plate and the bases. The plans aren’t close to set yet.

There’s always ample supply of pitchers who, in some respects, have too good of stuff. They too often never become true pitchers. It’s like a Mike Vick who has just so much raw talent, but never became a great qb. Then, you look at a guy like a Bernie Kosar. Almost no talent, but his lack of true raw ability is what helped develop him into a guy who just knew how to read a defense. Bad analogy, maybe….. but it works. I remember Frank Tanana(being here in O.C., many years ago pitching for the Angels. In his later years after he had lost so much velocity etc… I thought he actually was a much better pitcher while with the Tigers!

Anyway, if the Tigers were able to make a move for a veteran, there’s not a staff around that wouldn’t benefit from having Maddox on their team. But, especially the Tigers. A guy like Verlander is incredibly immature for the number of games he’s “thrown.”…… Hernandez sucks as a pitching coach. JL is what he is….!!?!?!??! whatever that may be, he’s always been overrated. And Pudge, for all his credentials as a “catcher” has never excelled in calling a game and working with pitchers. In that regard, average at best. Tigers need a Bob Boone type guy who can hit .280…

Eric – of course Ernie knew everyone in the stands and where they lived! I too solidly believed that growing up. Ernie is one of the finest announcers of all times.

Agree on Ernie. Living in LA I get to hear Vin all the time. I hate the Dodgers but will listen to Vin Scully when I can. He could read the phone book and I’d listen to him. Incidentally, I think the current Tiger team of Dan and Jim do a great job. They aren’t just homers, they criticize when necessary and they have a great sense of how the players are playing, what they should be doing etc. Jim refuses to criticize Sheff though. Just keeps thinking there’s a problem with his bat wagging.

One of the great things about XM is that you get to hear the announcers from the other teams. Not a big fan of the WhiteSox guys or the Yankee team. That Susan chick just annoys me. We got a good team in Dan and Jim though.

Another day. Hopefully we can tag the Indians. Rays are beatable. A nice 6 game win streak would be nice.

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