July 23rd, 2008

A big congrats for a top 10 ranking

To the readers and commenters who have frequented the blog this season and made it their place to vent this season. I knew there were a lot of you, a lot more than in years past, but now there’s some proof. According to the folks that track these things, you guys made this blog sixth out of all MLBlogs in terms of page views over the past seven days.

UN-believable. And this was a week in which we didn’t have much news over the All-Star break, the link to the blog was mistakenly pushed out of the headlines on the team site one day, and I was off for the past few days while the Tigers dismantled the Royals (maybe I should’ve worked after all).

As someone who remembers when this blog barely drew flies two years ago, all I can say is that you all have made this blog what it is, not me. I’ve tried to live up to what I said heading into the season, that I would blog more often, but for many of you, coming back day after day is what makes this thing work. Otherwise, let’s be honest, that old Catholic guilt to post more often might not kick in as often as it does. In any case, thanks for letting me be a part of this.

The overall top 10 blog list is at the bottom of the link above. The top 25 list at the top is for fan blogs. Congratulations, folks.