Ozzie skeptical about Freddy

For anyone thinking Freddy Garcia can be a key addition for a late-season charge for the Tigers — or any other team, for that matter — the recent lack of news as well as comments from his former manager and current close friend, Ozzie Guillen, are dampening that idea. Guillen supposedly visited with Garcia in Florida over the All-Star break. Asked if he thinks Garcia can be ready for an August or September return after undergoing labrum surgery last year, he said (from Scott Merkin’s article on MLB.com):

“I doubt it. I hope he is. He’s my friend,” Guillen said. “But when I
see him and where he’s at right now, I don’t see that happening. I
don’t think by August, maybe September. Freddy hasn’t even thrown off
the mound yet.

“He’s throwing flat and he’s throwing good and he said his velocity is
coming around. Everything is fine, but people think because you play
catch, you are pitching. That’s not the same. You don’t have people on
the mound or hitting. I hope he do it, but it’s going to be a little
bit difficult for him to do it.”

Guillen added how he hopes Garcia doesn’t rush himself back.

Garcia’s agent, Peter Greenberg, said a few weeks ago that they planned on having him throw for interested teams (including the Tigers) somewhere around July 21-24. That would be next week, but no firm date has leaked out yet.

Bottom line, between the uncertain timetable on Garcia and a trade market that doesn’t favor the Tigers whatsoever, I think Detroit needs some effective starts from Zach Miner and the guys they have now if they’re going to make a race out of this.

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Jason, I think you are right.Going by what you posted it is obvious that Garcia cant help us now.We need to win now thru the rest of July and August to make the playoffs.Probally the best bet we have is Zach and Aqualino,(even if we have to piggyback them)If we can hold down the fort thru August,maybe Dontrelle can contribute at that point.But, I honestly cant see us making a run without another power pitcher in the pen,either.And, I`m not convinced that Todd can close us out consistantly with the playoff contending clubs.Truth is, our pitching staff has holes in it;starters,middle relievers, and our closer have all been hit,and hit hard.Seems to me that there is too much emphasis on the art of contact pitching,speeding games along and keeping pitch counts down.I watched Verlander in the begginning of the year and he was continually getting clubbed on the curve.He was talking then about prolonging his career by pitching smarter,and ultimately was getting clubbed with his newly acquired philosophy.I have seen people get upset because he was striking too many people out and causing his pitch count to climb.Now that he is throwing his fastball more,he is winning.Didnt surprise me,cuz thats what got him here.I heard Ted Williams say once that Charlie Lau pushed the art of hitting back 50 years,when he started teaching people to hit the ball without any uppercut.I believe that the same principal applies when you try and make every pitcher out there into Kenny Rogers.Not all pitchers can win that way.If you put the ball in play there is a 20-30 percent chance of getting a hit.If you strike someone out,the best you can hope for is wild pitch or passed ball on strike 3.My point is: We have too many contact pitchers and not enough power pitching,especially in the middle and late innings with runners on base…….That is an upper-management level decision and one that sounds good in theory,but cannot possibly work on a real baseball field with real hitters up.The other amazing thing that I find is not only do we overemphasize contact pitching,but,we also trot one of the worst defenses in the league day in and day out to try and field all those balls being hit.I look at our defense and say power pitching is the only way to go with our poor fielders. 3rd,short,1st,RF,LF are all below average fielders.Subtract the catcher and pitcher,it leaves you with 2 good fielders on the playing field.(I didnt include Inge cuz he does`nt start).If I`m pitching on this team,I`m not comfortable with a grounder to the left side of the infield,I got to go for the K.

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