Larish at third

To quote manager Jim Leyland today, “Larish is at third. And that’s the end of that conversation.”

Larish played in three games at third at Triple-A Toledo after the Tigers sent him down last month. He’s playing tonight in place of Carlos Guillen, whose wife remains hospitalized in Detroit. However, this also might be Leyland’s one chance to get Larish a start before the Tigers have to make room on the roster for Zach Miner on Monday — likely at Larish’s expense.

TIGERS (48-48)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Sheffield, DH
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Joyce, LF
  7. Larish, 3B
  8. Renteria, SS
  9. Inge, C

ORIOLES (46-49)

  1. Brian Roberts, 2B
  2. Nick Markakis, RF
  3. Melvin Mora, 3B
  4. Aubrey Huff, DH
  5. Kevin Millar, 1B
  6. Luke Scott, LF
  7. Adam Jones, CF
  8. Ramon Hernandez, C
  9. Brandon Fahey, SS


Not much of a conversationalist,is he? And,Edgar starting again,and Shef in the 3hole.No wonder he wanted too keep the conversation down to a minimum.JL has worked hard to earn the label of being mule-headed. I`ve seen baseball bats with more intelligence than he displays.

I’m damn sick of JL and the chip on his shoulder and the potty mouth.
Larish at 3rd experiment for a pennant contending major league club?
No other 3basemen? Santiago, Raburn?
Nate looks like crap out there and he doesn’t even look like he cares what he looks like. Expressionless. Can’t get LHB out.
We’re in trouble with this rotation if he can’t pitch with a 6 run lead.
Renteria back out there and Santiago on the bench against a RHP. and Leyland experiments with Larish to get a LHB in?
But not another word about it. Or Jimmy will chastise you.
Not sure where he got the clue that Nate isn’t gonna get anybody out. Something to do with 5 hits allowed this inning?

Well that was about as dreadful a pitching display as I have ever seen. If Lopez was in JL’s doghouse he is now in the out house.
Robertson had me wanting to visit the mound myself. He really should be ashamed of himself. He showed no character out there and seems “vacant”.
This is a sign of the bad baseball team we saw earlier this year. Horrible pitching then the hitters come up and looking like they have given in as well. Poor play is a contagion that will spread itself around the whole team in every department. It will be a miracle that they win this game after all that crap.

This is a very troubling development. The fact that the club can put a win streak together but always reverts to absolutely abysmal play, is a certain way to not make the playoffs.
This has happened several times this year already. They need to make some changes and by that I don’t mean play Granderson in the infield or anything as incomprehnsible as shuffling Sheffield back out to left field again.
They need to get rid of some bad chemistry and bring in some good chemistry. I guess we would have a lot of trouble convincing our personnel director, Jim Leyland, of that.

BTW, these O’s announcers, Palmer and ???, know their stuff. I like them. They don’t ridicule but they don’t pull punches either. Palmer commented on Renteria not even trying to move the runner from 2nd to 3rd last AB and said he looked like a “108 year old” on the swing that he just struck out on. There was no malice in the comment. He stated an observation. It looks to me that Renteria has folded his tent. He is taking heat from the fans , the media and apparently getting playing time (by his old friend and manager), even though you are hurt and been stinking up the joint, isn’t good enough for him. It shows in his attitude.

Dan,Got back late from the restaurant and its 9-7.Is it just the pitching bad?Looks like the boys are swinging the bats,at least.

Anybody know what happened to Larish?Did he get hurt or pulled for pinch-hitter?Came in late and still trying to catch up with game.

There were some bad ABs too after the pitching collapse.
Rodney was impressive, dangerous, but he sure fired up his fastball. Scared mne that he didn’t mix in a changeup at all. How many times have you seen pitchers get their testosterone up and end up getting burnt.

Well Rodney threw hard…just what he needed to do. Dan, I’m a little late on this but I completely agree with you on Jim Palmer. He is an excellent analyst, a real student of the game. I’m enjoying the job he an Gary are doing but Gary gets a little excited with the loud voice. By the way, Renteria is up and I just cannot understand why he is still in there….Well he walked……….now pinch run Ramon for him JL.

As far as I know Bruce raburn going in is a defensive move. And considering Larish doesn’t play 3B I would think a relatively prudent move.

There’s another bad AB by Inge.
Santiago should have pinch run for Renteria. Leyland is out in Ley Land again.

Marty, no sooner did I say these guys were good and didn’t ridicule then Palmer says something about the Mule factory with respect to Renteria.
The fastball over and over and over again scares me. Yes it was a good one and it worked but I think he has to show that trademark changeup too.

Hopefully we get a chance to see what Sheffield is made of if Polanco walks.

Ohhhh well. Pretty impressive job by that submariner. 8 straight strikes and then getting Polanco.

Surely the Renteria CS was an attempt to hit and run.Still,a bad hammie and our strikeout leader does`nt make a good hit and run combo……….Nice to see Rodney use that fastball. 97 mph,now he can use that changeup for an out pitch instead of a setup pitch.Heck, he just threw one in there at 99mph.He can use that as an out pitch too.This is the kind of pitching I`ve been waiting to see.Congrats to whoever is working with him,cuz we desparately need this type of power pitching in the late innings.Way to go Fernando.I`m impressed.

Yes, he was very dominating. The fastbal was charged up and got even more effective when he used the change.
Double right on the hit & run Bruce! Not the situation or the guys to do it.

Man, they look they were TRYING to hit into a DP!
Pivotal inning and not a godd way to end it (or start it for the O’s). That DP can pick them up and if they come in with Zumaya then we better get one ourselves casue he will likely walk someone.

Oh yeah–don’t hit anybody either!

Dan, Have you heard anything about Carlos`s wife. I keep hearing that he is coming back and then he cant cuz his wife is ill.I sure hope she is going to be O.K. Best wishes to her and their family…..Wow, 100 mph fastballs.Back to back power pitchers.This must be what heaven is like.Now we`re cooking. JL must be trying to cheer me up after 2 days of killing me.

Do ya bring Zu out in the 9th?

That was pretty to watch. I just love it when Zumaya throws that curve ball over after a few hard ones. It’s a weapon I think he be in the midst of discovering.
You just know Jones will be in so we need at least 2 runs here in the top of the 9th.

I dont know Dan.Zu only threw 11 pitches.He is looking real good.Surely they will bring him out after only 11 pitches,But then again you never know

I mean surely they wont take him out after 11 pitches

There goes some Zu’s overconfidence …

Unbelievable,Finally JL does something with the odds in his favor and it backfires.I hope this dont scare him from doing the same thing again.I believe he made the right choice.Go Figure

I don’t agree Bruce. Zu doesn’t use all his pitches. He hasn’t matured yet. He blows people away, and that will work for an inning. This move might have worked, but it wasn’t a good one IMO.
Jones is our closer for a reason, he is not overpowering but smart. If he had blown it, i wouldn’t have blamed JL.

He did Bruce. What are you gonna do?

What a game… what a blown call by umpire in 10th!
Not to our favor… wrong pitch to wrong man.. and poor Freddi Dolsi… man.. poopey loss.
Especially knowing that we had a run taken away from us!!!

Also.. what is E R doing in the game? He gets thrown out on a hit and run play, a mile off the bag.. and he gets a squeak hit.. thats when Ramone should go to PR, and JL keeps ER out there..?? DUh?

This game wasn’t lost by our relievers. Nate Robertson 2.1 innings-7 ER. He gotta go. ‘Nuff said.


The game was lost by Nate, but our relievers had a chance to salvage it. They didn’t do their job either.

Well Ed,,I’d say Lopez did not exactly lend a helping hand.
Robertson, as I said should be ashamed of his effort, note I didn’t say performance, but rather, effort. It was minimal.
But Lopez had a chance to come in and do something and couldn’t do a thing.
JL will definitley be back on his formula with Zumaya blowing the save. I was surprised that TJ wasn’t brought out for the 9th and judging by the look on TJ’s face, he was too.
It was pretty demoralizing losing like that after coming back (after being comfortably ahead and blowing it). The call at the plate was close but he was clearly safe. Too bad the ump didn’t think so. Sheffield just hit that ball too damn hard! Good to see him come through in the clutch. We score that run and who knows what would have happened as we may have got more and TJ would have thrown the 10th not Dolsi.

Looked like Polly was in there!Well,there goes another HR. 10 runs not enough to win.Oh boy,Dont know what to even say.Very disappointing loss for the club.The boys did some hitting tonight,but still came up empty….I still think JL made the right choice keeping Zu in there for the 9th.The homer was the only ball I saw that was hit well.But its still a loss.I agree that TJ is a whole lot smarter and experienced much more so than Zu. But,Todd gets hit hard just about every outing lately.Sometimes it looks like rockets flying out there around him. Not that he isnt valuble as a member of our staff.He just doesnt have the stuff to face contending clubs,niight after night.If we want to challenge for a title,we need a guy like Zu closing, in spite of the outcome of this game.

What a joke if you can’t hold a 6 run lead you should be a starting pitcher,robertson is apiece of **** and gutless,he is nothing more than a below average pitcher.

I like what I saw from Zumaya. Herandez ran into one. He was going to swing at the first pitch and it was in his eyes. Zoom has to stay lower in the strike zone until he is ahead in the count. He’ll learn.
Dolsi does not seem like he is cut out for the late inning stuff. The fact he has now lost 4 games testifies to that. He served that up to Scott and presumably he saw how the guy hit the ball yesterday.

I’m still gonna hang in there as a fan but this game really took the air out. We just don’t have enough pitching to get over the hump. Three decent starters out of 5 slots. I like Nate but you have to hang this loss on him. Then they hit Lopez all over the place too. You could see his pitches had little movement on them. Fossum continues to be adequate in his role and Rodney was exceptional tonight. It’s 20/20 hindsight I know, but I would have preferred to see Jones come out in the 10th. He doesn’t serve up HR’s very often. That’s one thing you can count on with Todd.
The home plate call on Polanco was awful but the game should never have come down to the 10th anyway.
The only possible reason I can come up with why JL continues to play Renteria is to showcase him for trade purposes. Any manager in his right mind would be sitting him. But it’s a lose lose situation because if he sits, maybe teams realize he’s damaged goods. Playing him……..they can see it. Does anyone have a clue why he’s playing? Any theories?
This game really exposed our pitching woes. Such a disappointing year.

BTW–I bet Verlander doesn’t make it past the 2nd inning tomorrow.
I predict he gets tossed for coning Scott in his first AB.
The slide into home on the walk-off was pretty bush league. He better not dig in to deep tomorrow.

Bruce and Dan I agree. I like what Zu showed tonight and you’re right Dan, I don’t know how Hernandez was able to get his bat up there on that high fastball. I still like the move having him pitch the 9th. He’d only thrown 11 pitches in the 8th.

I was sitting about 40 feet from homeplate and Polanco definitely beat that. So Sheffield actually does get the big hit and we still get nothing.
Well, it was miserably and insufferably hot there tonight. I did get to talk to Gregg, aka DavidTiger51. There are so many Tiger fans at these away games that it seems to make the home crowd cranky towards us. Nothing near as bad as Cleveland was, but not the peaceful co-exisitence I used to enjoy at Camden. One kid yelled at me to “go back to Detroit” which was funny. How about I just go back to Virginia where I actually live? 🙂
Anyway, it doesn’t appear anything we try will work. It also appears we’ll continue to hover around the .500 mark. We don’t have the pitching or the defense. Our opportunity to improve those elements has come and gone, and we’ve headed in the wrong direction.

Tough one to watch Rich. Hope you have better results tomorrow.
The most ridiculous things I saw today were what JL put out there for the left side of the infield. He has to get a grip.
Renteria is playing because JL is a stubborn old coot who’s self image will not let mdia or fan pressure dictate what he does. The more we scream for Renteria to be removed the less chance we will have of it happening. Until he develops the ‘perfect” (and as Rich so accurately put it) “face-saving” injury that permits his redeployment to the DL we’re stuck with him.
Larish at 3rd in a pennat race?
DD has waited too long again on another player. Robertson is in decline but he did have value before they signed him to the enormous contract they gave him. Recurrent theme lately isn’t it. Inge too Not to mention Sheffield. Who wants those contracts?
65 more games to go. I wonder how many 1 step forward & 2 back patterns it will take to see the Tiger Juggernaut turn into a “cya next year” plan?
Tiger pitchers have turned Scott, Millar and Mora into Mantle, Maris and Skowron. Even Herandez and Fahey are twacking the ball.
The Tigers take 40 out of the last 65 games (no way that can be done with the present squad), and they still end up with under 90 wins.
You’re running out of time Leyland and if you don’t find a way to get some “chemistry” back and keep it back, you’ll be run out of town.

I read that Polanco is getting a blow today. (Raburn getting the start) Well that makes sense, since he finally recovered from a slump and pounded 4 hits yesterday.
I suspect Renteria will be trotted out again as JL figures since he walked twice and didn’t drop a popup, that he had a pretty good game.
Given the present roster this is what I would do today:

Granderson CF
Polanco 2B
Ordonez RF
Cabrera 1B
Sheffield DH
Pudge C
Thames LF
Santiago SS
Inge 3B
I don’t see Raburn as a player who can contribute as a starter. The swing is too long and the long ball success ratio does not correlate with it. He is an emergency role player who will have “moments” but does not appear to have the style that lends itself to be consitently productive.
I still think the team needs a “shake-up” call. This could come in the form of a return to SS for Carlos but that is not really a solution, only a compromise. It could come in the form of a trade. Sure wouldn’t mind seeing a Robertson/Renteria package going to where they might be able to produce (the National League comes to mind). Or it could come in the form an internal motivator like simply switching roles for Cab and Ordonez. It might light a fire under Cab who seems young and impressionable enough for something like that to matter to him.
It also would seem to serve to send a message to Ordonez that his prestige and status have to be continually earned and are not a right given to last years batting champion. Besides, he has not really been producing with men on anyway.
It is pretty apparent that we need another starter. I think Galarrag is for real but he is at best a middle of the rotation guy. Our back end of Robertson and Miner is gonna be the deathknell in the stretch.

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