Dontrelle back on mound

The good news for Dontrelle Willis was that he didn’t walk anybody in his three innings of work for Class A Lakeland Thursday night. The real good news, in fact, was that he threw 26 of 32 pitches for strikes. The flip side is that he allowed a run on four hits.

The article on includes a quote from Flying Tigers pitching coach Joe Coleman that gives some insight on what they’re trying to do with Dontrelle. From the story:

“Chuck Hernandez and I have been working with Dontrelle to get him
to throw the ball to zones rather than trying to hit spots,” Lakeland
pitching coach Joe Coleman said, referring to his counterpart in

“Tonight’s outing was a very positive step toward
Dontrelle’s return to Detroit,” said Coleman, who had more good things
to say about Reinert.

If your next question is when will Dontrelle pitch again, I don’t have an answer for you. The Tigers have been very secretive about Dontrelle’s schedule and what they’re doing with him, which is what makes Coleman’s comments significant.


why do they continually say that guy’s last name is Reinert in that article.. when says his name is Robbie WEINHARDT??????????????????????????

Good luck, Zach. Hopefully, you can get a little run support. This should have been done months ago.

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