Sherrill available tonight

If the O’s get the lead, they can go to George Sherrill, who pitched 2 1/3 innings in the All-Star Game Tuesday night but needed just 25 pitches to do it. Just figured it was worth a heads-up.


did maggs do a rehab stint? i see he’s now waiting til the 2nd pitch to swing, i’m just wondering of the hitting coaches have asked him to be a bit more patient.
a rehab stint in toledo might’ve helped, but i didn’t hear anything about it… just wondering.

he played 1 game on monday for class A West Michigan

Brandon made me eat my words. Mmmmm, good.
Be good to see the Tigs hold ’em this inning and then tack on more next.

Geez, did we ever get away with one that inning–again!
Inge made a heckuva play there. A team has to take advantage of a play and a break like that. We actually should not be ahead in this game.

Dan,The birds baserunning has been horrendus.They ran out of 3 innings……..Kennys stuff seems like its flat or not moving as much as normal….I like seeing Marcus in the 3 hole.Wish they would keep him there or put Cab in that spot……..Good to see Shef and Brandon connect

Dolsi has his work cut out for him. These Os can hit.

Short and sweet. Guess JL didn’t much like the back-to-back sliders.
Gets interesting now–Seay has had trouble with the LH bats this year.

Guess Dolsi just made theJL doghouse .Markaikus hits .351 vs. leftys and .290 vs. righties.Dont hang that curve Freddy

What’s JL doing, trying to use the whole bullpen? He must have matchup stats to bakc him up, or else he’s seeing something he doesn’t like. The quick hook seems unusual for him, though.

Short & Sweet ..Part II.
Rodney in–I need me a Kokanee.

The Baltimore TV guys said that JL has made it clear to his team that there will be a lot of matchups and moves. If we have to compete from here on, there is no room for error. Thats why he took Seay out.
Thats the attitude we were looking for. Hope JL keeps making moves.. but good ones. It’s a good idea🙂.

I don’t like Sheff .. but man was he robbed .. poor guy ..

Looks like Edgar was limping out of the batters box on that DP.Sure looks to me like he`s playing hurt.

He apparently has made the right moves so far but he does go tangental sometimes. Don’t want to overdo it.
Man I was shocked to see Pudge take that walk. That was a good AB.
Tough break on the Sheffiled fly.
Here we goa again–
Short & Sweet…. part III
This one is setting up the JL “formula” for Zoom in the 8th and Jones in the 9th.
I don’t like the idea he is trying to force this.

That was an 82mph strike from Zumaya .. it’s good that he is now changing speeds effectively

Nice play Brandon.Not many 3rd baseman make that play.Way to dig it out Cab.Sweet

I don’t think if you guys are watching the game on FSN Detroit or not…but Rod and Mario are talking about “Inge putting on a show” tonight. He really is a great addition to our defense and tonight in our offense, which is great. Glad to have him back, that’s for sure.
Can’t believe that catch by Peyton, dang!
JL sure is switching up the relief pitchers though. This must mean he means business about this second half.

I meant… “I don’t know…”

Zu has pretty good breaking pitch tonight.Let him go 2.

I didn’t like the quick hooks tonight .. but JL is playing matchups .. plus the formula, as Dan said.
we don’t wanna over expose the bullpen, that might be a negative down the road.

I think he will throw Jones in the 9th.
Inge made some super plays tonight–the barehand bickup was phenomenal.
Polanco is continuing to concern me.

Ar9496,No telling how many runs a year a guy like Inge prevents with his defense.Just wish management could see it too.It takes balance on a team to win consistantly.Cant do it with the lumber,alone

I agree, Bruce.

Interesting move to replace Marcus in left,while Maggs is obviously hurt,and isnt able to get anything on his throws. Ther is just no figuring JL out.

Ok, so either Edgar is hurt or JL is seeing the light on putting Ramone in as a defensive replacement in the late innings so what does Ramone do? Commits an error, that ball was smoked but that play needs to be made.


I don’t know if I can handle this tonight.

Oh my, I thought that one may have been gone…..whew….for now.

Geez…that was a little rough.
Good win.
Go Tigers!

That was vintage rollercoaster, come as close to breaking as you can, but don’t break.

Well,the birds gave us a gift tonight……GoBlue, I relly think Edgar is hurt.He didnt look right coming out of the box on that DP ball he hit……But we get the win, in spite of a poor start by Kenny and another scare in the 9th.Hope Shef continues to hit like tonight,Wish we`d make Brandon the 3rd baseman or try him at short.Concerned about Maggs throwing the ball.Not much on it.But,at least we got a lot of breaks that usually go against us.Maybe thats a sign of things getting better,and finally turning in our direction.Keep it rollin Tigers

It seems like Jones comes in nonchalant and lets a couple guys on and then buckles down. It’d be nice if he would come in fired up from the start. It’s getting to the point where I just change the channel and come back in 5 minutes and hope for the best.
It’d also be nice if Sheff starts smoking the ball consistently. Think what this offense would look like if he put up numbers like he is capable of doing.
Let’s take all 4 here and then go to KC with some confidence.

What have I been saying, defense. Inge at 3rd. Greg, I know you agree. I don’t care what he hits. Oh, he hit a gamer tonight! And Sheff, don’t give up. I was out with my in-laws from Traverse City tonight and listened to some of the game.
That is all for now. Go Tigers!
Interesting reading in the Detroit News today.

Hi everybody. Did the Tigers play tonight? 🙂
I’ll co-sign on that hot and sticky night stuff. It’s getting nasty in these parts, and even hotter and stickier tomorrow. I had the feeling it was bothering Rogers.
Well, that turned into a very entertaining game, almost too entertaining. The Orioles ran themselves right out of the game, and we picked up one. That’s how it works. Outplay the other team, no matter what level that particular game is being played at.
I didn’t want Rogers to pitch the 6th, but that worked out. I was flabbergasted when Leyland had them playing for the bunt with runners on 1st and 3rd with none out, but that worked out too. Better to be lucky than good. JL continues to boggle my mind.
Sheffield: a homer, almost another, and more importantly to my eyes, a walk. He looked like the guy we saw during May-July of 2007, and less like the guy in the St. Louis series, hitting the ball up the middle with success. I hope this is real this time.
Inge: I don’t see how you can keep him off thirdbase. Everytime he’s there, he does something to help win the game. The homer didn’t hurt either. He had me ticked off with his first AB and, between him and Cab, I was bemoaning our hitting approach with men on. Well, that all worked out too.
Renteria: I think he’s still hurt. That’s not good, because I’m prepared to trade him at the deadline for prospects and give the job over to Santiago for the final two months.
At this point in the season, what does it hurt to put Inge at third, Guillen back at shortstop (with relief from Santiago), take the prospects in return for Edgar, and sort it all out during the offseason?
Pudge: if we really want to deal with the Marlins here, play hardball. They can have Pudge, but they have to take Willis back too. We get our pick of their litter. DD, you’ve got to make last winter’s deals right.
Jones: mostly silence here on him? 🙂 Yeah, it drives me nuts too. Just remember, you want to hand the closer job over to Zumaya, that’s cool, but you have to re-work the bullpen. Rodney needs to step up to be the setup man. Dolsi has to keep it up. And you still have to find a spot for Jones himself.
In the end, we picked up a half game on everybody before they even resumed play. Let the fun begin.

Note to Gregg, DavidTiger51:
I don’t know if you’ll see this here since you’re leaving Friday morning, but we’ll be at Camden on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. I had thought you’d be there on Saturday, but maybe not. Sounds like you’ll be driving right by my house on your way.
Anyway, and if you read this, let me know if you’re there on Saturday. I’m right by the Tigers’ dugout, homeplate side.

WE have tickets for both Friday and Saturday. Hope to hook up with you Sat. evening. I’m a short chubby guy, and my Son towers over me . Where is your hometown?
Our Saturday Tickets are in Lower Reserved, Row 43. Good win tonight. Lynchburg boy was big on defense. Till Saturday.


Aklos, well…. you would be correct there. But as I see(and i was a pitching coach for years so I’m set in my ways too..) is that it’s not so much Jones being nonchalant, if thats what it is, it’s that anything but that curve of his doesn’t belong in the 9th inning. Makes very little difference how many saves this guy has. He’s the worst 300 saves pitcher to ever pitch in MLB, in my opinion.

He’s the most hittable pitcher in baseball right now.

You hate seeing him in July?? How much more, should he be so fortunate, to pitch in October!??!!

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