He left the game after aggravating his left hammy, the same injury that sidelined him before the break. You could see him struggling to get down the line on that double-play ball in the top of the eighth, even a little bit on that second-inning double. It wasn’t any particular play that tweaked it, he said, but it simply got worse as the game went on. He hopes to be available tomorrow, but we’ll see. If he’s still feeling it after resting for a week, that isn’t promising.

Quote of the night was Jones on his off-balance throw to first in the ninth: “That might be the luckiest, best play I ever made.”


I figured something was wrong with Renteria, was disappointed in his running efforts and am glad to see there was a reason for it and not a lack of effort. Thanks Sheff for coming alive last night, would love to see that happen much more often! And Inge’s defense is amazing. Too bad his bat can’t do more, but sure did appreciate the long ball from him last night. I too love seeing him play third, he seems to be invaluable, however there has to be a spot for Carlos, his bat and leadership brings way too much to this team in my opinion.

What an odd double play that was when Inge went to 2nd and then Polly went home with it, but man did that help us out.

Let’s get another W tonight and get something started.

I meant to add that I am a bit worried about Miner being our 5th starter, but I guess we really don’t have any terrific options out there right now. I’ll be positive for him and hopefully our offense will give him a lot of support early that game to make it a bit easier on him.

Gregg, look for the Norm Cash jersey, either home or road colors. One of us will be wearing one.
Subliminal message to JL: Carlos could play short………..Carlos at short………….batting third, the shortstop, number 9, Carlos Guillen……………Carlos…………….shortstop………..Carlos………….
Hope all is well with his family.

Rich, I think he`ll hit better in the 5 hole,but at this point we have to do something about short.Edgar`s range was not much to write home about before his hammie,what possible good can he do us out there with even more limits upon him.He has had 4 xbh in the last 60 games,so its not like we`re losing a lot at the plate……..I would even be tempted to put Inge at short and leave Carlo`s at 3rd a few games to see if that might workout….I`m happy that Zach will get a chance too start.I always thought he was more of a starter anyway…But, what happened to Aqualino`s shot at starting……..Guess they want him for long relief.Be interesting to see if they piggyback Zach`s start with him because of pitch counts

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