Thomas heads to Toledo

He’s optioned to make room for Magglio Ordonez, who will be activated from the disabled list tomorrow.

Still no definitive word yet on Monday’s starter, though it’s expected to be Bonine. The interesting part about the Thomas move, though, is that it leaves Jeff Larish around as the extra bat for the Orioles series. That could also be insurance for a first baseman in case Miguel Cabrera’s hip is still bothering him and he needs to DH, but we’ll see.


Seems this comment is more appropriate here:
I saw that Clete was sent down too. I thought it should have been Raburn but I suppose had something to do with how many options each of them had left.
Thomas is better off playing every day anyway. He has things to learn and a willingness to accept that fact. He will make good use of his time down there I’m sure.
Larish is probably here until they decide they need that 5th starter. (Please don’t let that be Bonine!)

No doubt he’ll be back though, he impressed me and hopefully realizes this will be good for him to get more playing time to get him a full time spot in the bigs again. The Hens will welcome him, they have a revolving door going on, but then again that is what the farm system is for to support the top level.

Yep, I like Clete a lot.Defense,speed,very good eye for a rookBet he`s going down to work on his power game.I hope we keep him in our organizationHe has the right makeup for xbh power too. Hope he clobbers it down there.

The Dodgers have now lost their closer for 6 weeks. They need a Short Stop and a closer. Hmmmmm! We need a 5th starter. Hmmmmm!
Renteria and Jones for Billingsley?
Renteria, Sheffield, Pudge & Jones for Russel Martin?
Don’t mind me ——I’m just goofin’ around!

Our Toledo MudHen All-Stars:


Beck, I just heard that the Marlins inquired about a trade for Pudge and the tigers said he wasn’t available.. who do you think they were offering?

Probably Hanley Ramirez, but we don’t need ****.
I apologize for that.

I’m trying to think of any reason it would consider two S’s profanity, but I can’t come up with anything.

you’d think after all of the complaints about S – S being considered profanity.. they would have fixed it by now.

ss is profanity? I guess the computer folks have been watching Renteria bat as well.🙂 I also like Clete and hope that the “Sheffield situation” resolves itself. He’s got to start hitting or they have to address the situation– by either dropping him or putting him on the DL again.

Chad–maybe they were offering Rabelo?!!

Daniel Cabrera is pitching Saturday night. Maybe he’ll brush back Sheff again and wake him up. Worked last year.
I can only guess that the “ss” thing is blocked because it’s the term for that Nazi outfit. Guess we have to spell it out, shortstop.

But it accepts “Nazi.” :-0

Clete was in a mini slump .. so understandable.
Hope, like everyone else, that Bonine is not recalled for now. To make room for the 5th starter, Larish might go back. But if Tigers have guts, it should be Sheff.
Dan, i don’t think Pudge and/or Jones are going anywhere. they are actually few of our “performers”. Maybe we can get a 49th rounder for Sheff, or a Player to be named🙂

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