Neal, Hessman make Olympic roster

They were among a handful of minor-league veterans among the 23 players named to the Team USA roster today for next month’s Summer Games in Beijing. It takes a little bit away from the Tigers’ depth down the stretch, obviously — not to mention the Mud Hens’ fortunes — but it’s a big honor for the two and says something about the track record of success that has been put together in Toledo.


That’s cool- and Jimmy is having dinner with the President tonight….

Would`nt mind seeing what Blaine can do up here,But,congrats to both of them.Bring home the gold.And the title at Tol.,too.

ss with two small s’s
SS with two capital s’s.
OK lets see what happens………hold your noses

Well there ya go…………wait a minute, I didn’t try it used in a sentence…… How’s that SS of ours doing?

Problem solved. By the way, I watched the ASG last night through the 14th inning, basically to see Carlos’ 4th AB. After that, and it was 1:30 am, I figured I’d read the result in the morning. Carlos did a great job of representing our Tigers. THANK YOU CARLOS. The beauty and irony is that Carlos came in in the 8th inning and ended up with more playing time and at bats than the starters. Poetic justice.
He really did look like a more polished professional hitter than many of the others. He struck out his first time up but battled through 8 or 9 pitches before whiffing on the high heat. Next time up he was intentionally walked, then missed a HR by 2 feet in I believe the12th, and ended up with a double. No outs and he was on second and they couldn’t get him in. See, it even happens to the All Stars:) His last AB in the 14th he hit a line drive up the middle that was speared by Tejada, who had a great game too. So Carlos could have easily been on base 3 of 4 times.
I would think the late start is to make sure viewers on the west coast get home from work to watch. 5:45 pm start. So it must have finished around 11pm for them.
I have no problem with the extra innings though. People who paid to attend and left early……I don’t get it. Take a nap or something. Better yet, give your ticket to someone who might actually enjoy watching ALL Stars play baseball then take a nap or something. What a bunch of whiners we’ve become. “I don’t want to have to sit through 15 innings of watching the best baseball players in the world play. It’s too long. whaaaaa ” (baby crying) good grief………..Oh that’s right, somebody might get hurt under such stressful conditions. OK I’m done.
Not quite. I also have no problem with the long pre-game festivities. It’s part of the show.
Two things I would like to see changed.
1. No fan voting. Players should be voted on by their peers.
2. Don’t make it count because it doesn’t. Go back to the fair way of alternating WS home field advantage between AL and NL. The current adopted method is really unfair. It’s being decided upon by an “EXHIBITION GAME” for goodness sake! Now I’m done.


I think you guys are just mistyping shortstop. You get the “stop” right but on “short” you’re inadvertantly dropping the “r” and changing the “o” to an “i”. 🙂
You can say one thing about Carlos: this guy hardly ever has a bad AB. He either hits or he doesn’t, but we’ll rarely complain about his AB. You notice that?
The pregame ASG show is my favorite part, actually. That one they had at Fenway in ’99 with Ted Williams was incredible. It was good to see Yogi last night in a non-Aflac commercial, too.
So Dan, two of your guys are going to the Olympics. On the one hand, good choices on your part. On the other, it looks like we won’t see either one of them anytime soon. Well, everybody will be called up in September. I’d like to see what Blaine Neal can do myself.
Not that I’m missing baseball, but I’m going to watch the Celebrity Softball game tonight, on the DVR. Paul O’Neill, Wade Boggs, George Brett, Goose Gossage, Ozzie Smith, Gary Carter, Dave Winfield, among others. Along with Whoopi Goldberg, and Billy Crystal as the Beaver.

Jason, you do a good job, for a young guy. but reading your progress report article and comment on the hopeful, “return to form of Dontrelle Willis.”……….. errrrrrrr…..

The “return form” of Willis is NOT what this team should be hoping for. Like I’ve stated a half-million times, Dontrelle Willis hasn’t pitched much of a good game for over 2 years. Long enough, to feel certain, that what we’ve seen from him this year, IS HIS FORM…..! He’s NOT a good pitcher. He’s a BAD pitcher, as in stinks!! The Marlins should have given the Tigers $$ just to take him….

Now, if he can reach back in time, and pull out a 2004 like resemblance, than we’ll all be excited. But otherwise, let’s not be misled, as the brass was when they gave up 1/3 of the future farm for the 3rd baseman, that they then found out couldn’t actually play 3rd, in what is probably one of the biggest butt-kickings an MLB team has taken in a trade(sorry Giants) in quite some time…..

hopefully dontrelle can pull a cliff lee or something near it.. and come back next year a totally different guy.

mitchandtrenna, are you always so negative? Not that Willis has shown us anything, but if he could comeback maybe a little better than Bonine, we’d be getting somewhere! I love the game of baseball but what you should remember is that, it is a “game”. Don’t get so upset. I like this blog because there is alot of analyzing of the game and the players performance. And man reading your posts, its like there is no more Tiger baseball. Now that would be reason to be negative! Well anyway, GO TIGERS

Mitch, remember, this is not the free press blog, so I will not save anything negative about your latest blog.
Back to the All Star Game, I found it a little boring, but probably because we had only one Tiger.

Jason, I think you do a great job!
The team with the best record should get the WS home field. The winner of the ASG should get twice the money the loser gets. We need to keep the fan voting but 25 votes. You could also divide it between players, managers, fans, etc.
Now, are you ready to rumble?
Grandy, Polly, Carlos, Maggs, MC, Thames, Pudge, Joyce, Santigo.
Go Tigers!

That was an excellent article on Carlos Tiger Girl. Thanks for the link. I can’t believe he had tuberculosis during an earlier season, and he was still playing. Coughing up blood for a period of time…..whoa. It just affirms my admiration of him as a player.
Looks like I’ll get an opportunity to see Clete play next week. Hopefully Neal and Hessman and maybe Larish too. When do the Olympic players muster for prep? Anybody know?
Clete’s probably disappointed in getting sent back down but I think he understands the big picture (the future). He will be back up. The one positive in this year is that circumstances have hastened these new young ball players into productive roles on the big team. Had things gone as expected (hoped) they would still be playing in Toledo.
I think at this point they have to continue going with Shef and Edgar. The Tigers are at 500, 94 games into the season, with only 68 games left. While there’s still a chance to win the division, I’m not sure the young players are ready to get them there. It’s a gamble either way. I love the speed and defense these guys provide though.
If at least one of either Shef or Renteria can get hot, it may give us a chance. But there are precious few games left to squander waiting for them. I think next year’s team will have a much younger look out of the gate.

The fans can’t get it right Caledonia. Actually they don’t try to get it right. It is reduced to a popularity contest.

As far as the Marlin interest in Pudge:
Another conundrum. I know he’s good defensively and I know he has been hitting a bit better but if I were DD I would be considering taking advantage of the interest in him right now as opposed to him being a year older and all the other opportunities that will cross their GM’s desk.
The flip side is, of course, if the Tigers do get a run going they will need his experience. I think comparing Inge to Pudge is comparing apples and oranges. Inge can do in a pinch and he can do part-time to a degree. He might ev en be able to committ himself full-time to this major change in his career….next year. But to expect him to weather the challenge in a pennant race would be a little too optimistic.

The Orioles need a short-stop. They have a catcher in their farm by the name of Matt Wieters. Go to work DD–see what you can do.
Actually I supect that Wieters is an untouchable. He certainly is a rare commodity being a very good defensive catcher, strong arm, hits like hell and a switch hitter to boot. 21 years old.
Green with envy.

Did you guys see that Blaine Neal took the loss for the IL in the all-star game last night.. rough outing..
BS, .1 INN, 4H, 6R, 5ER, 1BB
Hessman – 0 for 5, 4K
Clevllen – 1 for 4

We went to the Eastern League All-Star game in Manchester, NH yesterday. Erie’s Dusty Ryan appeared in the Home Run Derby and (as I recall) was the co-leader after the first round (with three). Unfortunately, he didn’t advance to the finals. He hit a couple of monsters, though.
Ryan Roberson hit a two-run homer during the game, he was 1 for 4 with 1 K. Dusty Ryan was 0 for 2 with 1 K. Wilkin Ramirez did not play. The South lost 5-3, but it was a good game and it didn’t last 15 innings! The only Erie pitcher to appear was Daniel Christensen who gave up a run in the third inning on two hits (the runner advanced to third on a throwing error and scored on a wild pitch).
The Derby was won by Travis Snider from the hometown NH Fisher Cats (Blue Jays). Also impressive was the Bowie BaySox’s (O’s) Luis Montanez who finished second and hit a lot of line-drive homers into the bar in left field, scattering the patrons. As George Kell would’ve said, “Look out!”

Yikes—that is bad. Neal and Hessman.
Clevlen I’m not worried about. He’s young and willing to adjust to succeed.
Hessman won’t ever crack the Tiger lineup and Neal might not even get called up at all.
Tigers still need another late inning guy IMO.
Willis looks like a reclamation project and I son’t imagine we will see him again this year.
A lot of money being wasted on Willis this year and they are avoiding doing the same thing with Sheffield.
Dombrowski can’t be too happy with putting out so much money on salary and medical care!.

Hi… I had to work midnights, so missed Carlos getting to hit and play in those extra inninngs.. Great to hear of him getting to 4 ab!…. I can’t help but to chime in on the Willis fiasco… thoughts of Tim Linicum come to mind… he is no Tiny Tim on the Giants, however.
I think we all are thinking big dreams for the second half… 68 wins.. com’ on big bats.. come on strike outs and dp balls from our guys… no more sluffing off~
My son and I did catch the AAA all star game.. I felt bad for Blaine, and big Hess.

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