So much for not playing

Not only Carlos Guillen not left on the bench, he wasn’t even the last batter on the AL bench. He worked Brian Wilson for nine pitches — not a bad battle for coming in cold off the bench — before finally chasing the 97 mph heater up and away for the strikeout. Evan Longoria pinch-hit after him against Billy Wagner and provided the game-tying double.


I really enjoyed the Carlos Guillen double off the left field wall. Other than Holiday’s and Drew’s homers, that was the hardest hit ball of the night. I’m happy Carlos had a chance to make a difference in the game.

I stayed up long enough to see Carlos in his first at bat and kept dozing off so finally had to ditch the game. Now I see I never would have made it! Glad to hear Carlos delivered a double, way to represent!

This article was in the Toledo newspaper on Tuesday about Guillen, thought it was a nice article about his toughness and how things turned for him in Detroit but also how he has a lot of respect for his former ball club. I hope the link works. I am fortunate living in Toledo we have lots of Tiger coverage.

one thing about the all-star game.. how the heck do you not start it until after 8:45 pm.. ?? I was barely able to stay up into the 9th inning..

Chad, they don’t start until 8:45 because they need to have the standard 1 hour of pre-game hoopla and they want it all to be in “primetime”.
I’m all for showing respect to former great players and all, but just announcing the players and lineups took 45 minutes. I think that’s a little excessive, but I don’t make those decisions.
On a separate note, I’m hoping that these couple days off will do some good for the Tigers. It’s hopefully a good time for the players to get some rest and re-focus on making a run for the rest of the year.

As the bell clanged to end the first round, Apollo Creed was battered, bloody, and in big trouble. His opponent, the huge Russian Ivan Drago, had administered a severe beating over the final two minutes of the round. As Apollo’s long time trainer led the former champion back to his corner, he turned and screamed at the Russian, “It’s supposed to be an exhibition!!”
That line sums up my feelings on the ASG. While the pregame ceremony was fairly interesting, the entrance of George Steinbrenner as the Pope was indeed weird. The game itself pointed out a fact I find as strange as any in sports: Bud Selig and his MLB minions do not understand the game of baseball.
The entire “this time it counts” thing is an ill-conceived and knee jerk reaction to a tie a few years ago. What it succeeded in doing was painting everyone into a corner. Players’ health was put at risk. The manager’s sanity was put at risk. The only ones not at risk were the 30,000 people who went home early and the millions of us who just turned off the TV while shaking our collective heads.
A 15-inning game is not surprising, given the number of excellent arms that come out of the bullpen to continue to shut down the offense. Noboby in MLB saw this coming? Why does there absolutely have to be a winner? Didn’t all of MLB fandom get to see the stars they voted in? Didn’t everyone involved make a ton of money off the affair? Are we so competitive a society that we can’t accept a non-winning conclusion to an otherwise fine night of baseball?
It’s supposed to be an exhibition.

Just heard they optioned Clete back to Toledo and are keeping Larish and Joyce- what do you know Jason?

It was an exciting game to watch. Being on the west coast made it much easier mind you.
The fact they played so hard was great to see but the physical strain of that kind of game needs to be proactively managed.
Baseball has never been proactive i.e. maple bats
Why not use the international tournamen rules that fast-pitch softball uses?
That rule has the last batter up from the previous inning start the extra inning on 2nd base.
The rule could be modified as well, say the next inning you start the inning with runners on 2nd & on 3rd. This might help to minimize the we score you score perpetuation.
Carlos missed winning it by about 2 feet! And I have no doubt he would have won it earlier when instead of pitching to him they intentionally walked him to set up the bases loaded force.

Jason- what do you know about optioning Clete? My last post didn’t go through…..

Sorry about that- there’s my first post after all.

I saw that Clete was sent down too. I thought it should have been Raburn but I suppose had something to do with how many options each of them had left.
Thomas is better off playing every day anyway. He has things to learn and a willingness to accept that fact. He will make good use of his time down there I’m sure.
Larish is probably here until they decide they need that 5th starter.

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