Leyland's Yankee Stadium moment

While some of us were talking with Carlos Guillen in the Yankee clubhouse this afternoon before batting practice, Jim Leyland emerged from the clubhouse lounge with a smile on his face. He had just chatted for a half-hour with Hall of Famer Yogi Berra, the catcher Leyland idolized when he was growing up.

Among the stories, Leyland said, was Berra talking about calling a game for the pitchers during his playing career and how they never called for a cutter. They called it a fastball, and it went one way or the other.

“He was good,” Leyland said of the storytelling. “We had a good time.”

Ironically, AL manager Terry Francona apparently told reporters that one of his highlights of the last few days was hanging out with Leyland.

If you’re watching the game tonight on TV or wherever, watch for Leyland coaching third base during the bottom of the third inning. Apparently AL manager Terry Francona wants the coaches, both the ones off of his Boston staff and the other AL managers he brought on, to each get a chance to coach one of the bases, so they’ll rotate.

As for Guillen, he supposedly will be the odd man out, the utility guy held back in reserve in case Francona needs to insert somebody late. In this case, his versatility works against him.


Anyone watching the allstar game, what is wrong with Steinbrenner? Is he unable to walk? Just curiosity. GO TIGERS! GO CARLOS!

Rich, I like your comments and positive thinking. The Tigers can be the best team in baseball after the All Star break.

Let’s go Tigers!

Why do we have do listen to Tim McCrapper? Oh, I guess Al Kaline has too much class! Who made the last out in the 68 World Series? Come on Carlos1

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