Bonine's injury

Sorry the posts haven’t been regular the last few days. Things have been hectic here in NY, and as long as I was here, I wanted to fit in a run in Central Park. That was yesterday. Today, it’s all work, including a media session this morning with many of the Hall of Famers in attendance for the ceremonies here, which was pretty cool.

To update you on Eddie Bonine, he left his start for Double-A Erie Monday after taking a drive off of his shin. Supposedly he could’ve pitched on, but they took him out as a precaution. He’s heading back to Toledo, where he’s renting, and awaiting his marching orders. Unless something changes all of a sudden, he’s expected to start for the Tigers next Monday at Kansas City.


Why, oh why are they bringing him back? Yes he did ok against the NL, but has been lit up by the AL. Don’t they think Lopez can handle it? Bonine does not have the “right stuff” to help this team. Management is just not making sense to me lately. I know I don’t post often, but I read everything, and usually someone reads my mind, so I just let it be. This Bonine thing on the other hand is just unbelievable to me! GO TIGERS! And good luck to Carlos tonight!

Ditto shuggard. It is painfuly obvious but JL does have a “thing” with pitchers throwing strikes. He has been plagued by a staff that has given up far too many walks and when he finds someone like Bonine who can get the ball over the plate he tends to get a little carried away.
If we had Ozzie Smith, Brooks Robinson, Steve Garvey to help Placido Polanco on the infield then maybe you get away with it. But Bonine won’t do.
I’d like to see them give Lopez a shot too.

Dan, If we had that infield,starting pitchers would be lined up a mile long to get signed with us.

this is absolutely rediculous.. the tigers should not put me in a position where i have to hope that he is hurt enough so that he cannot start next week.
we need to win something like 65-70 percent of the games we have remaining to make the playoffs and we absolutely can not afford to throw a single one away hoping bonine is worth anything when we’ve already seen that he isn’t.
while i still pray that they make the playoffs.. they deserve to get annhialated in the second half for all their stupid STUPID decision making.

Bo is not scheduled to pitch until Monday,so we should not have to make a roster change until thenI`d be curious to see if someone doesnt go to the DL Sunday.If Bo doesnt show us he`s ready,send him down Monday for an even pitcher swap.I wouldnt mind seeing Blaine up here with that power arm in the 6th and 7th innings.That would provide us with another power arm(to develope) and open the door for Aqualino to start.Sincerely doubt that they will do that,but we do need another power arm here,unless Fernando can carry a much heavier load.

Jason, that run in Central Park sounds cool. Just like “Marathon Man.” 🙂
This is one of those times when everyone here looks to be in agreement. Lopez has a serviceable fastball and can make his slider break several different ways. And he also throws strikes. Only JL can explain why he doesn’t use him more. I have ideas, but they would fall into the category of wild rumors.
Bonine needs to live at the bottom of the strike zone, and I mean all the time. Once he comes up, he’s toast. It’s interesting that his two worst outings came not only against AL teams, but with Sardinha catching. Pudge has caught his other three starts.
When Freddie Garcia was mentioned, I found myself wishing we’d acquired him when he was with Chicago, because that dude used to own us.

If Leyland is looking for a guy who can throw over 100 pitches and with an 85% strike ratio to boot, he should give Clayborn Counsel a call.

Yeah.. that would work dan except.. out of his 60 pitches.. nearly 40 of them were homeruns!!

Pitching to contact!!!

I’m not sure Counsel could do that every 5th day though. I bet his arm is aching a bit today.

The Tigers seem to like aging veterans, Counsil might not be a bad idea! LOL GO TIGERS

If they start Bonine I couldn’t begin to tell you how disappointed I would be. It would mean they are either:
a) stupid
b) arrogant
c) given up
d) desperate
e) all of the above
Even if Bonine starts and gets by I still don’t see him as a future solid performer. A pennant run means we need a stable influence as a 5th starter and one that is capable of the occasional exceptional outing.
I don’t see a role for Sheffield. He is not hitting LHP either. In fact none of his homers have been against LHP and he is batting .167 against them.
The Mets are looking for a RHB outfielder. I’m sure Sheff thinks he can play out there.
No way Joyce gets sent down now.
If they decide to keep playing Joyce, I’d switch Ordonez to LF. I think Joyce would keep more runners from going from 1st to 3rd. He is a better fielder than Ordonez and in my book that is where you play your better fielder.

Makes perfect sense Dan. But then there’s that ugly thing called protocol.

Crunching some numbers, and using 90 wins as an arbitrary goal:
Tigers 43-25 – Chicago 36-32 – Minnesota 37-30
The Tigers are capable of this IF they have no more injuries, play consistent ball, and win most of the close games. Normally, I’d say the best way to catch up is going head to head with the teams in front. With the Twins, however, it’s a positive that we only play them three more times, seeing as how it doesn’t seem we can beat them. There are 9 left with Chicago, 6 of them at the Cell.
Interestingly, Chicago and Minnesota have 7 games left, ALL at the Dome. The Sox have 7 with Boston, 3 at Fenway. They also have a 4-game series at Yankee Stadium. The Twins have home and home 3-game sets with the Yankees, they’ve finished with Boston. The Tigers have 3 at home with LAA. So does Chicago. The Twins have a long west coast trip, including four games at LAA.
That’s as far as I’m going to go with this right now. Make of it what you will. The most likely scenario in my mind is that we hang in, make a little run, but fall a little short. Of course that’s not good, but it would at least keep things interesting for a couple more months.

Rich,There are seemingly an endless amounts of scenario`s that could play out.But I think 2 gaping holes in the lineup is the 3 hole hitter and the DH position that we fill.I dont like our odds with Shef where he is at.I will refrain from any personal comments and say simply,He needs to be replaced,whether permanantly or temporarily is anybodys guess.But,it gives us a chance to put Clete in left,Joyce in right and Maggs at DH.Or,you could go with Marcus DH Joyce or Thomas in left.Shefs outs are about same fly ball or ground ball.That sure isnt 3 hole territory.And,neither is Carlos a good 3 hole guy.We really only have 3 hitters that truely qualify for that spot. 1..Curtis best stats… 2 Marcus..Not too far behind and Cab not too bad,but those 3 are the only real fits. Most everyone else is DP bait and few xbh.Carlos is adequate,but certainly below average in that spot……I would like to see us bring another power armm up and balance the staff out some.Too many contact pitchers and not enough power guys to use in both 6th and 8th innging when needed.Right now Zu is the only power reliever.Fernando throws 65-70 per cent changeups.Wecan only use Zu once a game.Sometimes we need that strikeout in the 6th and again in the 8th or 9th.Our lefty specialists are not all that good at striking out the one they need to get either.Lots of walks from our leftys to big scary looking lefty hitters.Need 2 power arms in the pen to consistantly beat Minn.

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