Sardinha clears waivers

He has been outrighted to Triple-A Toledo.


Dane did a good job behind the plate and won us that game with his triple against Colorodo. Glad he’s still with us.
Anybody who has DirecTV, there is a free preview of MLB Extra Innings, July 17-23. That’s Baltimore and KC for us. Enjoy.

how bout hamilton destroying the baseball in the first round? sure hope he can win this, he deserves it/

too bad hamilton lost out, he deserved the win, i’m not sure, but did morneau even break 20 homers in all three rounds?
oh well he knows in his heart he won, and good for him. in every contest there is always a loser.

Welcome back to Toledo Dane. I thought it was cool when they were playing on the West Coast and they showed his family in the stands, they had made the trip from Hawaii. I bet that was a proud moment for all of them.

Thanks for getting us back to the Tigers, T-Girl!
I see that Matt Joyce made American League Player of the Week. YES! Its great to see the young talent get noticed. Taking notes “front” office… you don’t need megamillion dollar players to get a game rolling in our win category! Now its Clete’s turn! And Marcus after that! Its time. I think they need to turn Jim Leyland loose, do what he needs to do, and cut the guys that aren’t helping to win the games.

One of the bigger decisions that Mr. Leyland and Dombrowski face as the second half starts is who goes when Magglio comes back. I’d say its likely that Joyce or Thomas gets sent down but there are a few other options:

1) Cut Sheffield. I’ve been hoping he’d catch fire but it looks like he’s done. They owe him a ton of money so I doubt this is likely.

2) Trade Marcus. I love him and would hate to see him go. That being said, if they can get a decent pitcher for him, it could make sense.

Any other thoughts?

#2 is I think possible, Brent. I don’t think they’ll just cut Sheffield either, in fact, he’s supposed to be in there Thursday night.
Here’s what I think will happen. They will send down somebody, Joyce, Thomas, or Raburn. It wouldn’t look good to send down the AL Player of the Week, so I don’t think it’s Joyce. Raburn hits right, Thomas left. No matter who it is, I’m sure he will be back up soon.
Re Sheffield, I don’t think they’ll wait on him forever. It’s hard to believe he went that sour that fast, and that’s the problem. Another thing to consider is that he’s under contract for next year too, and the club wants to make absolutely certain he can’t help us in 2009 also. I would guess that if he doesn’t start producing soon, he goes on the DL again. Then the ball is in Gary’s court, I suppose.

Guys, I just hope they dont trade away any more youth,which is my greatest fear.There is bound to be a lot of talk now on Joyce,because of the last couple of weeks.But,Clete may turn out to be something real special,and I`d hate to see him get traded for some 5 spot starter.I hope that whatever we do,that it can be done with our current staff.No more old guys for our youngsters

I didn’t consider Raburn. I guess with Santiago and Inge on the roster, its not absolutely necessary to keep Ryan on the bench, though I do like his flexibility. I agree– I think its likely that Thomas/Raburn gets sent down as I don’t see a trade happening (I’m hoping we don’t sell the farm for Burnett) and I don’t think Gary’s going anywhere. I do like the DL option for Sheffield– perhaps they shut him down for the year and try to determine if he makes sense for next year?

I agree it is hard to send Joyce back to Toledo after being named player of the week – good for him by the way. Sheffield really is bogging things up with his lack of production, they seem to be in a pickle with him right now. I would hate to see Thames go as well. We really will have too many outfielders once Ordonez is back. Glad I am not the one making these huge decisions and I just get to make the armchair calls!

You know, I hate to say it, but this is big boy baseball, no juice boxes or sno-cones after the game. If Sheff isn’t producing then something needs to be done. For the good of the team. It’s like working in a company that’s doing layoffs and brain dead Karl in the cubicle next to you with 20 years at the company gets spared but the kid down the hall busting his hump gets laid off. Give Karl a good severance and move on. Brings the whole company down when you don’t make the right move. I’m all for loyalty and all but this isn’t working. Thomas, Joyce and Rayburn have shown they can play at this level (although Thomas won’t be here long hitting .240 or so); they deserve to stay. Sheff? DL list with an oblique.

I guess it depends on the options left but if Thames stays on this team (i’d be surprised that some team like the Mets wasn’t making overtures), then I would think Raburn would be expendable.
Sheffield will have to produce. They can’t keep carrying him but they are also pretty aware of justifying that salary especially in liew of what has happened with Willis. They really would want to see him rebound and will give him another opportunity. I can’t see them going too long with the experiment though as the fans in Detroit are very knowledgeable and have soem large expectations for this season still.
One of the things the Tigers don’t want to see is a consequent media circus should they do something radical with Sheffield. The Grilli incident would pale in comparison should Sheffield ever get media minded.
I think we will see a trade for a 5th starter–or a pickup of Freddie Garcia.

I would think that a pickup of Freddy Garcia would be more likely than a trade. It has to give the organization hope that they have some aging players and have gotten to take a look at how some of the younger players are performing under the bright lights.
Garcia would seem to be an option that won’t break the bank being that he is coming off of an injury, depending on how many other teams are interested in him.

I’m new to posting and I’ve only been a Tigers fan for a few years so please bear with me (I may get my stats wrong), but I thought Larish was up here, can’t they send Larish down and keep Raburn, Thomas and Joyce ( I like all 3). Congrats to Joyce by the way he deserves it. I’m glad Maggs will be back soon. I guess he drew quite the crowd in Grand Rapids last night.

Tigsfan, Larish is taking Bonine’s place on the roster. Usually a team will carry 12 pitchers, but since Bonine won’t be starting again until Monday, we now have only 11. It’s true that Maggs can replace Larish on Thursday, but when Bonine’s turn comes around on Monday, they’ll need to send yet another guy down to make room.
I hope that made sense. Roster moves can be confusing at times.

Well, that settles it.. the kids get sent back, and we are forced to watch DP ball from Edgar at SS, Shef at DH, and Bonine get shelled as starter. WHy can’t we let Aqi Lopez stay as a starter as earlier planned before All Star break?
I think its time Chuck H takes away the safety net, the starters run to 7 innings, Zoom-Zoom , Rodney & Rollercoaster man for 8 and 9th.
Results show the pitchers do better on a 4 day rotation over a 5 day… Robertson a long releif man?

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