He left with what the team is calling a mild strain of his left hamstring. He's day-to-day.


Good luck to Renteria and good luck to Santiago.
Chisox just beat the Royals 7-6 while being outhit 13-5!!!
Talk about things going your way. And Dotel, remember him? I thought the Tigs should have gone after him, pitched the 9th for the save. He struck out 3 guys on 10 pitches.

GK, I’d been wondering about you too. Sorry to hear of your loss. Heaven’s full of Tigers fans.

I watched that 9th inning. Only about half those pitches Dotel threw were actually strikes. Oh well. I’d like to thank the Royals for being winless against Chicago this year while being undefeated against us.
Okay, after an evening where we fired Leyland, shipped Bonine to the minors, and generally tore the lineup apart, we win the game in the end. Patience is a virtue. 🙂
Bonine (or the 5th spot in the rotation) won’t come up again till July 21, so it’s smart to send him on down to Erie to get some work in, and smart to bring up Larish to spell Sheffield and Cabrera. I’d still like to see them look to Lopez as a 5th starter at this point.
Let’s not forget the job Casey Fossum did tonight. He did pretty much what we’d wanted Lopez to be available to do, so that worked out this time. Tonight was a prime example of what I had looked forward to with these hitters, a solid come from behind win.
Now, if we can catch the Twins away from their circus of a homefield advantage, we may be able to do something here before the break. It’s a good sign when your “bench players” get the job done. It’s the sign of a winning team.

Nice come back win tonight. Glad to take that series, that’s for sure.
Rich, you make a good point about Fossum…which reminded me…wasn’t someone talking not too long ago as putting him in the rotation because he seems like more of a starter?…just a thought. I agree with Lopez being in the rotation. I think it’d be nice to put him in the MudHens rotation for a week or so before giving him the July 21st start…but as far as I can see, either one seems like a good choice. Bonine just isn’t ready. The Tigers need consistency…which is something that has been lacking this season…and having a pitcher in a lineup who isn’t quite ready is not really going to help.
Hopefully, Renteria’s strain isn’t too serious.
Here’s to hoping Minnesota can continue on their losing streak. They’ve lost their last 3, which is good for the Tigers.

GK, great to hear from you. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know we were all on this site when you had to pay for it. Not only did my Grandfather teach me how to fish, he always had the Tigers on the radio. And his daughter(my Mother) was born on the 4th of July.
Anyway, welcome new bloggers. I like to watch the game and comment afterwards. Davidtiger, I am with you. Let’s keep everything positive. That is why baseball is nine innings and one team has the hammer. Can you say walk off?
Hey, after the peformance of Zoom, let’s make him a starter:)
Let’s go Tigers!

I’ll say again that I think Casey has a legitimate chance of holding down a spot on this team. I’m not sure there are many others who think the same. But imo he is more valuable than Rapada in that he is capable of going longer, and, as he showed tonight, get the necessary K. If he continues to get the job done, let him pitch.

Davidtiger.!`d have to agee with Dan about the lineup.If you go back over the course of the season and count how many games we came back from a 5-0 deficit,I`m sure you`ll find the odds not stacked so appealingly.It was a great come from behind win to say the least.We saw some big,clutch timely hitting.We saw We saw some rookies come up big.We saw some great defensiv plays with very few 1-2-3 inngings that I can recall………But I dont like my odds of coming back from 5-0 deficits to continue to be an effective strategy to win……We sent out an inexperienced battery mates with no collectice experience with professional hitters,not once but 2 starts in a row.Got clobbered in both I might add…..Last night we defied the odds and came out on top,but you wont convince me that we fielded our most competitve team last night…………..Dan, The funniest thing in baseball was watching Fred Gladding swing a bat.People used to cheer if he hit a foul ball.His wrists never went more than 3 inches from his body when he swung.People used to come in from outside,to watch Fred take his 3 cuts.

GK, Sorry for your loss.Its good to see you back.

Bruce- he was one of those guys that you instigated arguments WHY pitchers were bad hitters. You’re right about old Freddie. In his 13 seasons in the big leagues he had ONE hit. Now that’s a batting slump!
He made Hank Aguirre look dangerous at the plate!

Just a word from an old tiger fan. In 1961 when I was 11 years old I made from news paper clippings my Al and Rocky notebook. Recently I bought a 1961 Rocky Colivato Tops Card (what a jewel). It brought a tear to my eye when Polanco became a US citizen as he commented that America was the land of opportunity and that the Tigers felt like his family. I lived in Detroit in ’68 when McClain won 30 games and Lolich won three games to cinch the World Series. I now live in Georgia, but my office book shelf is lined with Tiger Cards including Verlander and Kaline and others. Soon Rocky will join them. I follow the Tigers religiously. I hope Thames gets invited to the Home Run Derby. The Tigers will be back in the World Series this year. Even the rookies like Joyce are gelling. Go Tigers. Just some sentimental rambling words from a Tiger lover.

Larryde,Do you remember in 62,the card withKaline,Cash, and Colavito holding their bats out.We referred to them in Detroit as our version of the murderers row.

It appears that Jim Leyland is taking a walk down memory lane with Edgar Renteria and Gary Sheffield. I don’t beleve that Renteria will be key to any pennant drive, and Sheffield has to continue his “all fields” approach to hitting, which he tends to forget, now and then. His reputation as a hitter will not sustain his OBP much longer. At this point, Renteria is the biggest bust in Detroit’s off-season trades. I feel this every time Jair Jurrjens wins another ball game.

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