Polanco and Pudge off, Guillen returns

No, Polanco is not off to celebrate his new U.S. citizenship. Leyland said last night he wanted to give them a day off after they played all 15 innings of that Sunday marathon. Thus, Ramon Santiago and Dane Sardinha get the starts and bat around the bottom of the order. Interestingly, Clete Thomas moved up to the second spot in Polanco’s place, giving Detroit three straight left-handed hitters to start off against Indians starter Paul Byrd.

For Sardinha, it might be his final game before being sent down. Brandon Inge is scheduled to catch four innings and play third base for the other five tonight for Triple-A Toledo. If he feels fine after that game, Leyland said, he could be activated on Thursday.

Over in the other dugout, the Indians filled CC Sabathia’s spot on the roster by calling up Juan Rincon from Triple-A Buffalo.

TIGERS (45-44)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Thomas, LF
  3. Guillen, 3B
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Joyce, RF
  6. Sheffield, DH
  7. Renteria, SS
  8. Santiago, 2B
  9. Sardinha, C

INDIANS (37-52)

  1. Grady Sizemore, CF
  2. Jamey Carroll, 2B
  3. Ben Francisco, LF
  4. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  5. Casey Blake, 1B
  6. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  7. Ryan Garko, DH
  8. Andy Marte, 3B
  9. Sal Fasano, C



well Renteria is playing…but at least we have Santiago in the lineup somewhere tonight!🙂

Watching Santiago will be a treat for me tonight. Though he’ll be playing second, he still should have ample opportunities to showcase his skills.
Rich, I agree, Aqui Lopez could be a legitimate starter. He seems like one of those pitchers who could pitch in a variety of situations, so maybe he’s suffering from a lack of an identity on the pitching staff. Bonine has started and shown some promising signs and also at times not looked so good. But he has an identity, that of a starter–not a reliever. Sometimes it works against you to be versatile and compliant. Aqui seems like that kind of player. I really feel confident when he’s in there but often it is a nondescript (we’re behind by 4+ runs but maybe you can hold them) type situation. He’s better than that. Actually I don’t think last night was one of those situations. I think JL was confident Lopez would finish and save his “favorites” for “more important” situations. Idk, just an opinion.
Marcus had a great game last night. That game tying double was the key hit. It erased JV’s only mistake, and sent the Tigers on their way. It just got overshadowed by MC’s hitting feats. He is now up near the league leaders in HR’s with about half the AB’s. Make sense to anyone?
Minnesota got crushed today so they are showing signs of mere mortaldom (made that one up). We can catch Minn and Chicago but they have to help out a little too. I mentioned the other day that we should not be buyers, sellers if anything. I wasn’t implying the Tigers throw in the towel, just that they look to their already available talent, both on the active roster and in the farm system. The trade deadline is a sellers market, teams will always ask for and get top value for players they let go. At .500 the buy/sell picture gets a little muddled. Then again by July 31st, the Tigers could be around .550. I still say stick with what we have, which is a pretty good team right now. Go Tigers.
Oh yeah, welcome Tiger Girl. You sound like you’d fit right in here. Anyway, if your mate doesn’t already subscribe to MLB TV, have him try it for a month. I subscribe for the whole season and it’s the only way I get to watch any Tiger games . I wish there were another way, but I’m grateful. On July 21 and 22 I’m going to get to see the Mud Hens play the Rochester Red Wings in Rochester, NY. I’ve never seen the Mud Hens, should be fun and educational too. Go Tigers.

It will good to see Ramone back.Hope he has a good game.Looks like Clete is hitting 2 hole tonight.See if he can work Byrds pitches up.Marcus out,must be an oblique…….We should be able to get to this pitcher Goe Tigers Keep it Going!

I didn’t understand bringing in Lopez to mop up last night for 2 innings when he’s by far the most stretched out of all the pitchers we have except for maybe fossum who threw 4 inns the other day.. I would think it would have been smarter to save him for today for long relief in case Bonine gets roughed up early tonight.
This lineup seems like one of the weakest we could run out there.. No Pudge Thames or Polanco, with magglio on DL..

Any idea why JL has Marcus out tonight? You hit, you sit?

Makes way more sense to me to sit Renteria rather than Polanco. Didn’t Renteria also play in that 15 inning game?
And Thames has a great night so he is rewarded with a seat at the end of the bench so that Sheffield can fly out weakly to left field and roll out to the shortstop.
Makes sense.
Have to make mincemeat out of Byrd who is struggling against everybody else but looks like Tom Seaver when he pitches against the Tigers.

Bonine got hosed.. he had strike 3 on the second batter and then it cost him 4 pitches and got a hit out of it..

There you see? We need Lopez tonight to keep the game winnable. How many more starts for Bonine? About six?

Bye-Bye Bonine.
No way can he get away with throwing like this up here in the bigs. He was pummelled by the Twins and he is getting hit by a poor hitting Indian team. Get me over curves and sub standard fastballs just won’t work in the American League.
I wish JL would consult with me as I could have told him this before the game.
Interesting that Lopez will be unavailable after last night—mighta been able to use him tonight!

I can’t kill bonine on that.. a missed strike call on the ump.. a misplay by his outfielder.. he only gave up 1 hit in that inning in my opinion.. He could have just as easily been out of that inning 1-2-3 with 12 pitches. The blown K call by the ump seemed to throw him off his game a bit..
But of course i do agree about lopez.. damn shame.

He was throwing way too many balls and pitching behind in the count.
Leyland does not completely understand that his team is NOT out of contention. His lineup (including Bonine) tonight, does not suggest that.
Can’t afford too many mistakes–we have already made too many this season already.
No business having an under-talented rookie in your starting rotation.

very dissapointing.. get the first two on and then the two most reliable guys in your lineup tonight come up with POOR at bats.

3 rookies, a bench player, and Renteria… Cleavland must be shaking in there boots.

doesn’t rod know that sardinah could tell bonine where to throw the ball?

ooops my bad…. forgot Bonine was a rooky too.

bonine has no business in this game.
he should go to toledo after tonight.
or during the game, like right about now would be a good time to send him to toledo.

well…maybe this game will open up JL’s eyes.
Bonine belongs in Toledo. Send him there. Put in someone else who can get the job done efficiently.–OR–at least CHALLENGE the other team…don’t give up 4 runs in the first 2 innings to this season’s Indiands…come on!

Yeah,pretty ugly first Our first 4 hitters are at least .284.Our next 5 the highest is .220 with the exception if Ramone hitting .365 at the 8 hole.Rookie tandem on the mound and plate.JL should not pair rookie battery mates.Very illogical strategy,compounded by the fact you have the B team out there today at the plate.JL has got to be looking out better for his rookies,and stack the odds so unfavorably against us.He needs to protect them,by mixing tehm with more veterans than what he has tonight.

oops sorry…typo…*Indians.

C’mon folks. Bonine was literally 3 times better this inning than last inning.
This is a pretty weak lineup though. I’m not sure what possesses Leyland sometimes. There really is not a whole lot of sense in this one tonight. It looks almost deliberately weak.

I don’t get it! Send Lopez dow to stretch him out, bring him back and keep him in relief and keep Bonine as a starter. Someone please explain the logic there!

Hi Guys ,

I’m a new subscriber from Australia.

Just on the subject on Eddy Bonine,

Are there other pitchers in the Tigers farm system that could replace him in the majors….

If we remember Jair Jurrjens, he came straight from AA.



tigers now 0-5 with risp through 2 innings..

Those weak swings by Tiger hitters are making Byrd look like a young Tom Seaver.

I just heard Dan Dickerson say that JL said he could`ve used Marcus at DH, but thought it might be better to have him as a pinch hitter if they brought a lefty reliever in.Said he needed tio get Joyce in to have some swings,so he dont get rusty.

Another bingo by Indians. Not sure what JL is waiting for.

Yes there is a pitcher to replace him. Lopez pitched 6 innings in a game at Toledo before he came back. He’s your 5th starter. Send Bonine home, and bring up someone for the bull pen.

Joyce getting rusty? What? Thames either strikes out or homers. Keep him in until he flames out. But the hit and sit strategy just don’t make sense. JL needs to switch to the Camels.

with bonine not likely scheduled to make his next start until the 5th game after the All-star break, they will have time to get pretty much whoever they want ready to take over for him.
Lets hope they are smart enough to actually do it.

They are playing in a way that frightens Tiger fans. They look like they are overmatched and undermotivated already and this generally spells bad game.
Not scoring runners–especiallly from 3rd and less than two, getting called out on strikes.
JL really does need to yank Bonine or this one is a going to be an “L” before the 5 th inning. The guys will not be able to play behind this guy tonight. They need to think they have a chance to win and they do not feel that way with EB on the mound.

Thats true, hes batting 218 now, If he gets rusty we are in real trouble!

DP bails them out … again.

well i think that Thames is better in at DH than Sheffield…but what do I know?

Why not bring Clevlen up to replace Joyce? I liked him better in the field and he cant do much worse at the plate! He is a 300 hitter at Toledo.

one again.. what does “get the married men off the infield mean”?

You know that Sheffield should be watching this game from his recliner. Ever notice our hot steak ended when Shef came back? I’m not blaming everything on him but I wonder what our record is without him compared to with him?

That’a boy Shef!

If Byrd pitches this well against us, maybe we ought to pick him up from the Indians as a fifth. Too many hits to innings but decent control.

Uh Oh,

Renteria is up for the bases loaded…

Trouble Time

Oh, Never Mind… Sheffield hits a soft pop up on a 3-1 count

Waste of a lineup spot

Classic Sheffield. Get a hit with no one on last time and pop it up on a hitters’ count with 2 men on when it counts.

Nice work there Gary. Rally killer.

0 for 6 now Chad. Byrd makes a living doing this to the Tigers and it’s getting very old.

Sheffield used to walk alot more than right now. Probably means he’s pressing. When the season started he’d have taken the walk there. But I agree with Schuey. Things started sliding a bit when our boy came back.

6 men left on now. Time to watch the Mud Hens game for and watch a real minor league pitcher.

why on god’s green earth would you leave bonine in to pitch to the lefty sizemore… and then pull him and bring in a lefty after he gives up a hit!?


They are finally taking him out.

Would they consider bringing up Rick Porcello or would that be a risk for the young arm.


marvelous. 2 out single. JL … put the heater down in the tunnel and come fetch your pitcher.

I believe that our lineup, is.perhaps, a bit unbalanced.

Call me reactionary if you like but you can chalk this loss (and there is no way this listless lineup come back) to Jim Leyland.
Makes you wonder if it Marlboro’s only that he is smoking.
Makes me wonder what the game would have been like if Lopez had started this one instead of finishing the last one.

Agreed Dan. This one is on JL. Weak from the start to the finish. Dombrowski has to pacing around the suite right now.

Nothing wrong with the defensive team JL has put on the field tonight. Figuring Bonine being a contact pitcher it made sense. But since the contact amounted to many base hits, now JL finds himself 5 down and a weak offensive lineup in there. He rolled the dice again. One wonders how Lopez would be doing at this stage of the game.

Lopez is great in relief and was just as good as a starter in AAA when he went down to get stetched out. If he started I have a feeling it would still be a game.

I never thought I’d be thinking this way but this may be the last year for JL. Start a guy that can’t pitch then relieve him with another guy that can’t pitch. Rest key guys in must win games??????

I hope they were looking at Bonine as an experiment and not a project.
I’m actually mad at Leyland and that was not sarcastic. He should know better than what he did to his club and their fans in making out this lineup.
If nothing else this game is probably making Toledo feel better. They look like they may be getting some players back, Bonine, Fossum, Sardinha and quite probably Matt Joyce.

At least KC has jumped on the Sox for a couple in the first. Might not lose any ground. JUst a shame we coudln’t beat a team that we should have.

What about bringing up Virgil Vasquez from Triple A Toledo…

I got a feeling this might be it for JL too this year. He’s made some goofy moves this season. Where is Trammell?

Unreal. Fossum got out of that jam.

vazquez is having a good night tonight but i don’t like him. he has a .276 BAA for toledo..
It should be lopez plain and simple.

Marty,I still think Bonine needs a proven catcher to work with.But 4 regulars,Pudge,Carlos,Thames, and Guillen out all on the same night removes most of your offensive power.All your hit guys are on the bench except Curtis and Cab.And what kind of defense do you lose when Pudge and Polly are out> That alone is half of our middle defese.No added advantage there………Maybe it will still work if we can get some runs.If Casey can hold em,we got a chance.He`s got his ERA down around 8.40 now,and going down,so maybe we can still pull this out…….Go Tigers!

It’s not beyond reason to think they would call up Vasquez. He has never been able to figure it out up here though, and I think they really need to find an established starter.
Sabathia and Harden have been picked up and there are a few other good ones around.
What is it with our guys and Byrd? The only thing sillier looking than us trying to hit him is Byrd throwing it to us.

What about trading Erik Bedard from the mariners for some minor leaguers…

He seemed to do the job when the tigers faced him.

it helps to catch the ball when you’re looking at it carlos..

Seems like I have seen this script before. After the Tigers walloped the Indians in their first series, Cleveland came right back and walloped the Tigers. April 16-17.


His first since June 16

Will wonders never cease!

Jim did alot for us in 2006. I don’t want to forget that. But I was at a game a few weeks back were the starter (can’t remember who it was) pitched a good game and we had a 2 run lead. He pu some men on in the 7th but was licky to get out of it with a long fly ball. He was at around 100 pitches. So that was it for him right? No, he comes out the next inning and JL doesnt even have anyone warming up. He gets hit hard that inning and by the time he is able to get someone out there we are loosing. I think we need someone else to take us to the next level. Sorry Jim!

From my view, JL seems to stick with guys for odd reasons. Shef seems to be a favorite. Jonesy. I don’t know if its him or Hernandez who is running the staff but it seems mismanaged abit. Can’t quote put my finger on it but this was JL’s most challenging year because of the injuries and expectations and I haven’t been impressed with how he has responded. I know he can’t hit and pitch but tonight is a microcosm of the season.

Come on boys lets get a couple more this inning

Byrd is gone. Can the Tigers get to Betancourt? He has not been as effective as last year.

Way to go Clete,2 walks out of the 2 slot,nice job….Need a gapper Carlos or Cab

We absolutely need to have at least 2 clutch hits now with the bases jammed.

Big clutch hit,Com on Cab,drill one


Guess Joyce got oiled,Now we`re cooking boys

Don’t wake me up! Don’t wake me up! Don’t wake me up! I love this sweet dream.

And we got em!!
Holy cow!

Unbelievable. If they can take this game it will be as big as any we have had all year.

haha bruce.. good call..
what a comeback.. makes you cringe when you think back to the run bonine gave up to sizemore when he should have been pulled and the run on the ball carlos misplayed..

renteria had the right idea when he was bunting..

I thought Cletes BB was huge.He did what 2guy should,moving em up and getting on.Polly is still the best,but that youngster has been impressive with his patience at the plate.Come Tigers,Lets take em!

This guy looks like he could play a good game of slow pitch softball. Problem is he hits hardballs too.

Come on Zu,you can hold these guys……..Casey did a pretty decent job tonight.

Nows the time to get em!

Zoom. Please take note and fully ADMIRE, that hooks you threw Peralta. They are your ticket to success. and they make your fastball look like it is about 105!

Any other 2nd baseman and Santiago has a hit. That’s one of the reasons I like him as he adds a dimension of speed, small ball and creativity to the attack.

Nice job by Zumaya but I wonder if he should come out for another inning.

Renteria hurt. Guess we’ll see Santiago playing some shortstop after all.

oh my god i flip back and todd jones is in this game.. what the heck is he thinking?…

might ought to try IBB here to set up DP

okay todd.. you got lucky and have a chance to get out of this inning.. you better come through.

Wow and double Holy Cow,that was gigantic

Come on Tod, let Guillen bail you out!

I am sure liking the D tonight,Carlos came up with 2 great plays.Wow,Its walkoff time

Atta boy Marcus,Come on Cab

whoa dang.. what a shot by cabrera!!!
He’s on fire!

They did it…..they did it…..they did it…..Walk-off homerun by Cabrera.

NEVER A DOUBT IN MY MIND! I KNEW WE WOULD END UP WINNING!. Well, I knew once Cabrera stepped up any way.

Hey Tiger Girl, TJ just picked up another win.Give em heck……….That is a sweet come from behinder.Way to stroke it Cab.

That was amazing.
Cabrera has turned the corner and the All-Star break will actually help him. I think the nagging injury might benefit from those days off.
I won’t even start on Jones and his good fortune courtesy of Carlos Guillen.
Great job by Marcus. And Matt Joyce came through when he was pretty much done on an 0-2 count.
But please JL–don’t get carried away with this lineup.

Hey all you Cabrera haters, what do you think now? Nothing to say?

Well guys, I know that I have been gone for a while, but I am back sorta, my father died on the 4th of July after a nearly lifelong battle with diabetes. I have somewhat been keeping up with games but haven’t much felt like blogging. But my father was a giant Tigers fan and he would of been really excited about this win as I am.
Anyway hope this is the start of something good for Cabrera. I think that he is really starting to heat up. I am not sure about Bonine, I thought for a moment that he might be okay, but he cannot seem to do well against american league pitching. IMO. Carlos even with the error was flashing some leather.

Sorry for your loss GK. Tonight would have definately put a smile on his face. Unbelievable win tonight. gotta love it. Go Tigs.

KC is once again breaking our hearts.. blowing a 5 run lead to go down 7-6 in the 8th..

Bonine down to AA eh.. that’s interesting..
Glad to have Inge back.. don’t understand Larish.. but whatever..

Go back and read the previous postings. It’s amazing at how bad everyone had everything in the beginning, and how good everything ends with one swing. Maybe Leyland’s lineup wasn’t so bad after all. The one truth that emerges from this game is that Bonine cannot survive in the American League. Someone has to replace him next time through. Other than that, Go Tigers!

I was wondering where you’d been GK. So sorry to hear about your father. Our prayers go out to you and your family that you will find some comfort and rest during this time of loss. It’s never easy. Hang in there GK.

Can’t convince me that was a good lineup. even with the fantastic win.

Wow, is about all I can say. Terrific comeback Tigs. Let’s hope it continues into the next series. It occurred to me when Carlos made that game saving play at third, how we all would have been debating on whether Guillen could have made that play had Inge been at third tonite. Don’t think I’ll question CG being there any more.

I, too, would also like to send my condolences your way gk. Hope you feel up to blogging soon. Always enjoy reading your posts.


There are no Cabrera haters on this blog Schuey. I guess that would be my answer to your question. We’ve expressed our share of complaints and and just perplexity at when we would see the talent we expected. He has done some special things now and that’s exactly how to endear yourself to the fans. It makes a world of difference when you settle into a position and begin getting the huge hits, especially the game winners. I think for the most part we have been patient. What’s not to like about Miguel? Let’s hope he can help lead this team to the playoffs. Great game and thank you MC. Keep it going.
Marcus again comes through BIG. You gotta love it. That set up the MC heroics. Marcus has been upstaged 2 nights in a row now but I’m sure he’ll take it any day. He really does get hits other than HR’s.
And Carlos, what can you say? You will not see any 2 plays sweeter than those. That first backhand and throw from the knee will be a mlb highlight. Carlos is such an enigma. He’ll make more than his share of errors but no one, no one can look as smooth with the leather. That was sheer baseball poetry.
Todd Jones is looking more and more like Fred Gladding. Not really, but I couldn’t resist name dropping. I recall Fred racking up his share of wins as a reliever back in the 60’s.

I won’t be normally posting until the morning after games, no energy at night to be online with the game on. Holy cow, I didn’t turn the game on until it was 0-5 and thought we were done for the night. What a great turn around. I was not thrilled with the lineup, resting a few too many starters at once for my liking with Maggs out and not having Thames in, but it worked out great. Good for Joyce, what an awesome shot that was. Way to go Carlos on those 2 plays in the 9th that saved Jones and his double he gave up. I think Carlos is a great player and is finally getting comfortable at 3rd. I noticed his throws to first have gotten much better, at first he could never seem to get it there on the fly and now he is throwing them right to MC.

I was impressed with Clete getting that walk, I was complaining that they didn’t put Thames in for him at that spot to possibly move the runner, but he came through, got the walk and Thames did his part getting the single that could have been a double had the fielders been playing a normal depth.
GK – so sorry for your loss, my sympathy to you and your family.
Marty – enjoy seeing the Hens in person, although nothing beats seeing them at their home field here in Toledo, it really is a great ballpark.

Go Tigers, get those Twins! I’ll be virtually watching from work today!

like i said……bonine gives up 4 or more runs he needs to be done

do you think JL will start Lopez after the break? I think he will be a very good #5 starter

Wonderful blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News. Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Appreciate it

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