First pitch set for 7:10

Make a sandwich, maybe grill another burger (doubtful in this weather), but you have five extra minutes to spend before this game starts. They just took the tarp off the field, so they’re going to need a few extra minutes to clean it up and let the players warm up.


Congratulations to Carlos and his family🙂 that’s exciting!
4 prospects for CC?–that’s interesting…
nice to see Inge doing well down in Toledo, hopefully he’ll be back soon🙂

Peralta has already burned us. Garko and Blake have a tendency to do the same. Need to get to LHP Sowers quickly.

Nice to see Cab get another hit.Come on Tigers,We should be able to score big on this guy

Of course they do Rod…..he’s rehabbing in AAA.

That was a good steal by Sizemore.Hope to see Curtis match him tonight

nice hit by RR…it would be nice to get the run in.

yessss nice hit Curtis!

Tigers came to play today apparently…thank goodness🙂 nice hits by Raburn, Granderson, Thames, Cabrera…nice rally here in the 3rd!!!

Very pleased to see Marcus hitting in the 3hole.By stats he is a far more logical 3 hitter than Carlos.I`m referring to GO/AO and OPS.Nice to see the boys swinging the lumber.We need to beat this team.

On comment #4, sorry, I didn’t realize Ramon was recalled. Hope to see him play.

Marty, Dan said Ramone went 4 for 4 last night at Tol.

I’m not sure if you guys are watching on FSN Detroit, but they just announced that Polanco is going to become a US citizen tomorrow! That’s awesome, congratulations to him!

Way to go Marcus.Loving every minute of this.

well it looks like sheffield is backto his old self ,he hits a long foul ball and then pops up or flies out, rentertia is also almost an automatic out right now.

Nice stroke Curtis.Drive home that ribbie.Way to go Tigers

well the fans are getting a lot of suveniers today

All right Cab! First multi homer game as a Tiger.Hope its the 1st of many.Now Pudge lets one rip………The Tigers top 4 in the order are doing a pretty good job tonight.Polly almost put a couple out too.Keep it rolling Tigers.

well looks like Renteria might be out of his “slump”….hopefully🙂
this is a great way to start off this home stand that’s for sure

Is Dan not watching tonight, or have they left him speechless? lol. Way to GO TIGERS!

I tell you, it’s nice to see:
1. The Tigers take advantage of a struggling team and
2. Have some run support for Verlander

i agree JGO…
it was really hard watching Nate pitch 9 innings Sunday and not get any run support except for RR’s homerun…that’s terrible.

Got to wonder about Sheff. How long does JL keep him in the lineup, and does he keep moving him up in the lineup? I can stomach him more easiliy in the 7 spot…

one hit = being out of a slump?

haha…baby steps?

i’d like to see him and sheff take giant leaps, one to the NL and the other to the country club….

Nice win Tigers.JV pitched real well after his rocky 1st. And,finally the boys started swinging the bats…Congrats to Carlos and also Polly….And great to see Al Kaline to get honored in the parade in NY at the All-Star game.Keep it up Tigers…..Bos leads Minn 6-5 in 9th….KC leads Chi 4-1 in 5th……and good to see Edgar get a hit….

I’m not one to root for the Royals…but it would be nice for them to take a couple games from Chicago this week.
I really would like to see Santiago in a couple games this week. He’s back, so let’s give him some chances to play. Renteria could use a day to just do batting practice and then sit the bench and watch everyone else hit.

Doesn’t that beat all. Justin gives up 2 hits in the first and then does not allow another hit through 7. Then Aquilino pitches 2 hitless innings. I think when Justin hit the 9 loss mark (at 2-9), his pride and talent just took over and he dug his cletes in. He doesn’t want that 10th loss. I think it’s a motivator for him. Just a hunch. Would be great if he didn’t lose another game this season. He has the ability to accomplish that, given some decent run support. I know……it’s a long shot. He’s 6-9 and could easily be 7-9 or better.

dangit.. i posted without being logged in and lost everything..
as i was saying. Porcello tonight: 6 inn 1 hit 1BB 0R
there is also another guy Weinhardt down in lakeland just up from the GCL.. 3 app so far… .6 inn 1 hit 0BB 0R 9K… someone you might wanna keep an eye on.. not sure where he came from if he was just drafted or what.
I’m interested to see if Porcello gets promoted to double A soon.. i think he’s ready and it will prepare him to possibly start the season with toledo next season.. 2.60 era..
great win by the tigers tonight. good to see the bats get going after the first time around.. hope they bring it tomorrow and carry some momentum into the minny series.

oh i also said that coming into tonight we were 7 games out of the division and 7 out of the wildcard as well so that remains a possibility.. hopefully after tonight we’ll only be 6 back of chicago though.. 5-3 KC right now..

Hard to find any negatives in tonight’s game, although a few of us seemed to have managed it.
This is exactly what you do to a struggling team and a struggling pitcher. Good job tonight. I’m glad to see the Tigers dominate at home, which is exactly what you should do. That hasn’t always been the case.
After that first inning, Verlander was on top of it. I expect this fella to pitch another no-hitter one of these days. And Lopez was sharp, as he almost always is. You seein’ this, JL?
Thames proves that you just have to stick with him, just as is being done with Renteria. Marcus had two of the biggest hits of the game, along with Cab’s first homer and Raburn’s and Granderson’s back to back hits.
No time to get complacent now. This win means we now have to win 4 of the next 5, instead of 5 of the next 6.
Sardinha is slated to catch tomorrow so Pudge can do the day game on Thursday. I think that’s a good decision, so I want to get that in, since I’ve certainly questioned JL enough on his bad ones.
Enjoy tonight’s win, folks.

Nice game Tigers. As I’ve said before, this Ohio boy loves it when my Tigs beat up on those Indians. The way I see it, tomorrows’ game is almost a must win because it gives at least a little cushion against the Twins. 3 out of 4 would be real nice. Chad, I believe the only way for us to make the playoffs this year will be to win the division. Just too many teams ahead in the Wild Card chase. Boston and or Tampa Bay being the toughest to catch. That’s what makes this series at home with the Twinkies so pivotal. Go Tigers!!!


The greatest thing I like about Cabrera as he continues to grow on Tiger fans is that “boyish grin” and enthusiasm for the game. I really do believe he’s the real deal. Proud to be Tiger Blue.

If they are going to rest pudge today, i don’t understand why they would start sardinah instead of bringing Inge up and playing him tonight.. He’s shown he can swing the bat good and he can catch good… what’s the difference if he aggravates it in detroit tonight, or toledo.. i just don’t get it. Does he really need more reps to get up to speed?

Hi Everyone,

life long tiger fan transplanted in red sox damn-nation

anyway, can someone tell me why Lopez is not being considered to start? The guy has dominated no mater if he is out of the bullpen or starting between the big club and AAA, if Bonine gives up 4 runs to a bad hitting Indians club, they need to make that switch.

Im very impressed with him and would love to see him as the #5

Chad,Inge was DH in Tol.I think that by catching him you would put him in the one position that he would most likely reaggravate that oblique.Throwing from the catchers spot is different from throwing anyplace else on the field.Snap throws require much more stress from the upperbody and you dont always get all of your legs into it.Dont know if its his right or left ob,but probaly wise to make sure he is 100 percent before you take a chance

Bruce–Ingie caught last night for Toledo.
Lopez is an enigma. He really has thrown well and in spite of this has suffered the indignity of being sent down to the minors “in order to stretch him out” as a starter. Well since back he has not pitched much, not started, and really not pitched at times when it was apparent he was exactly what the doctor ordered. I think there may be something that doesn’t click between he and Leyland..
All that being said I think he will get a chance to prove himself. I am not particularly hopeful re Bonine. He gets hit too often and with MLB hitters that can end up being disatrous.
I see the internal propraganda machine is at work with the Renteria issue. First the “talk” with Renteria and then the next day the “solution” with the identified mechanical flaw and the assertion that ‘he is going to be fine”.
Maybe a couple of doubles inb the gap will be a cure-all for him. I feel bad for the guy as he is pressing, but this team is not in the luxiurious position of being able to ‘carry” players. That includes Sheffield.
Great game last night and that is the kind of outcome that many of us had figured was going to be the norm this year.
The bats went pretty quiet and hopefully the next road stand is different.

Chad,My bad I thought Tol had him at DH……In which case I think you are 100 per cent correct,except I would like to see Sardhina get the opportunity to catch Kenny.So,for today I think JL is making a wise choice for the sake of the younster.He`ll probally go back down after tonight if (Sardinha) if Inge showed everyone he is allright.A chance to work with Kenny will be a learning experience and probally an honor for him.I wish he would have caught Kenny last time and let Pugde catch Bo.Better chance for a team win in both scenario`s…….Glad to see you back,Dan,we been missing you.

Hey Guys,

Haven’t posted much lately as I’ve been busy with my daughter– after four months, she was finally released from the hospital last week. Its been a long ride but well worth it.

As far as the Tigers are concerned, things do appear to be improving. A couple of quick thoughts:
1) I totally agree that the Tigers can’t look for a quick fix solution via trade. Let’s not give up any more young talent. Besides, the last few years the trades haven’t really helped. (Need I mention the Nefarious one?)
2) I’m hoping like most out there that Santiago gets a chance to play more in the second half. I really like how Pudge has responded to the time share with Inge/Sardinha and I wouldn’t be surprised if Edgar had a similar response. He needs to be rested and his ego could probably use some pushing. Let’s hope JL is thinking the same thing. (BTW: I think Santiago may be the solution for at least the next few years. He’s hit really well this year and his glove is excellent.)
3) I’ve got to believe that Inge is the catcher next year. As well as Pudge is playing, I don’t think they’ll throw the money at him that would be needed to keep him. Brandon isn’t great as a hitter but is a fine catcher and would appear to be better than most other options. He may not like it but that’s the way it is.
4) What are Sheff’s numbers since coming back from the DL? I haven’t watched that closely but it seems to me that he’s still struggling. I think the DH slot is the key for the second half (besides pitching). When Magglio comes back, Thames needs to play and Thomas should play some as well. Let’s hope that if Sheff continues to struggle, JL slots Marcus in at DH more often.
5) Glad to see that the injury to Dontrelle isn’t major. I was hoping they’d find something wrong to help explain his struggles. I still think he could provide a boost in the last month.
6) Has anyone heard a timetable on Magglio’s return? I didn’t think it was that major but I haven’t heard anything specific.
7) Interesting comments in the article re: the Tigers recent first round draft pick. Let’s hope he earns a late season call-up and the Tigers don’t feel it necessary to use him.
8) I still think the Tigers are the favorites to win the Central. I know Minnesota is always dangerous and Chicago has a lot of things going for them but to me, they’re both running on smoke and mirrors. If the Tigers can take 4 of the next 5 and can come off the break healthy, I think we could see a second half surge. The key aspects for me are: getting folks back healthy, solving the fifth starter spot (Bonine doesn’t wow me), and hoping that Rodney/Zumaya can be the stoppers like they were in ’06.

That’s all I have. Tonights a big game– should be a fun one. Byrd is totally hittable– hope we can jump on him early and often…

Hi Tiger Fans
I have been reading this blog and comments since the middle of last season and I love it. I grew up a Tiger fan, watching games with my Dad. I was a huge fan of Alan Trammell back in the day and wished him as a manager for us would have worked out better. I don’t have nearly the insight of the rest of you on all of baseball, I don’t really pay attention to any other team, just my Tigers. I live in Toledo and am very fortunate to get to see just about any game on tv. My husband is a Blue Jays fan and they are never on, so I get to rule the remote most of the season.

I am hoping for the bats to be alive the entire second half like they have the potential to be. I absolutely love Todd Jones even though he puts me through too much anxiety – I loved him back in the day of slamming the pen door on this way out and I’ll stick by him until he retires. Like some of you, I totally hate to hear fans booing too when attending games. I usually only get to one game a year, family and life keep me pretty occupied!

Anyways, I’ll post from time to time but have really enjoyed the good nature of this blog as well as getting to see all the great fans that are out there.

Tiger Girl, Great to have you on board.Todd gives us all anxiety attacks at times.Heres a tip.Whenever anyone makes a derogatory remark about him,Just remind them that he is the all time leader in saves for the Detroit Tigers.That gets them going everytime….Now about that Blue Jays mate of yours.I guess we all have our crosses to bear.But still, you ought to make him listen to Jays broadcast out in the garage.Tell you dont want any negative vibes in your house.Go Tigers!

The origin of the universe is a great unsolved mystery, and so is the workings of the mind of Jim Leyland. He put Lopez in last night to mop up, which is where Aki fits in Jim’s mind, it appears. So Neil, there’s no answer to your question. From my point of view, I’d like to see Lopez get some starts. The last Tigers pitcher I really liked, however, was traded to Atlanta and the same thing may happen here.
BTW, Bonine is pitching tonight, not Rogers. It will be Sardinha and Bonine. Bo and Verlander were switched.

Rich,In that case I`ll take back my praise for JL finally doing something that was wise> I should have known something was amiss….Although last night I was impressed that he hit Marcus 3rd.I know it is only for 1 night,but it felt good to have the statistical odds in our favor for the 1st time I can remember this year at the 3 holeI just cant figure out why he puts the 2 rookies out there together as battery mates,in spite of the fact that they worked together in Tol.Makes sense only in that vast expanse of the unsolved mysterious mind of JL….Oh well, we should be able to get to this guy tonight,also.So Keep it Rollin Tigers

I hope carlos is back tonight. He OWNS Byrd..

Hot off the press on the home page.JL thinks that the Tigers have found the flaw in Edgars swing.Lloyd McClendon echo`ed JL,but added that some of it might be in Edgars head.Scott McCleish has an article on the home page….Hope he has found the mechanical glitch, but I think I`ll wait till he faces some more righthanders,to see.Be nice to have him contribute again and hoping the news is true.We`ll need him against Twins.

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