Verlander moved up a day

UPDATE @ 6:30pm ET: It’s official now. Justin Verlander’s next start has been moved up from Wednesday to Tuesday, essentially using the off-day to flip spots with Eddie Bonine. It’s a small move that could be big from a competitive standpoint. Plus, well, if you have tickets to Tuesday’s game against Cleveland, it’s good news for you, since you could see Verlander match up against C.C. Sabathia. It’s also good news if you have tickets for next Sunday, since he’d get that start out of this deal, too.

Leyland said the other day that’s not the reason he was considering it, but he doesn’t have to point out that there’s a benefit in that. There’s an advantage from the Tigers’ standpoint, too, in keeping Verlander on schedule to pitch every fifth day rather than having him store up extra rest and bring too much energy out to the mound, especially the way he’s been battling his command lately.

Actually, you can see it a little bit in the stats. Verlander has basically split his 18 starts (except for opening day, of course) between five and four days of rest. He’s 3-3 with a 4.09 ERA and .713 opposing OPS in eight starts on four days’ rest, and 2-6 with a 4.40 ERA and a .680 OPS with five days’ rest. Smaller picture, his two starts before last — when he topped 110 pitches without getting out of the sixth — both came with the extra day of rest.


Now THAT is a good move. Way to go, Jim.

Ken Rosenthal said on FOX today during the Red Sox/Yankees game that C. C. Sabathia could be traded by Tuesday. So he may not be pitching against Verlander.

Rich,You are so right on about defense and pitching,and especially the infield defense.You cant have good pitching wiyhout good defense,unless your Koufax or Gibson.I`ve felt for a long time that management has put so much emphasis on hitting,that no one cares about the defense,and then they cant understand why the pitching goes south.The 2 are closely related.You reallycant have one if the they dont work together…..I`d like to see Sardinha stick around too,but when Inge returns they probaly will send him down.I`d like to see him catch Kenny a game or 2.He could learn a lot from Kenny.

RHB hit Dickey pretty good. LHB don’t. He’s a contradiction but also a Knuckle-baller.
JL should proably have Thames in there (and not the Joyce/Thomas OF alignment). I’d like to say leave Renteria in but I do want to see how Hollimon does and if he has any kind of future at SS. at least you get the feeling he can run, he will hustle and is capable of driving the ball.
Big game for Galarraga. The league seems to be figuring him out so if he can assert himself, keep the walks down and pitch a good one, it would be a good omen for us and him.

Wonder who is catching tonight.Always a concern when you put a rookie catcher with a rookie pitcher,but Galarraga usually has a pretty good game plan.If his stuff is good it shouldnt matter tonight.Really wish they would use Sardinha with Kenny and Pudge with the rooks.Should use Pudge tonight and Sardinha tommorrow,I would think,but we will see…..Real good call by JL,wish he would have done that for the last series against Twins

Didn’t Sardinha catch Galarraga at Toledo? I would think that the familiarity might be good and bring some sort of comfort level to both.

Happy, I believe they were battery mates in Tol.I think Galarraga really studies hitters,But my thoughts are also for the upbringing of a young catcher.Kenny is a master student of the hitters and I had hoped that the Tigers would pair Sardinha with Kenny for Sardinha`s tutorship……Bonine got hit against pretty good with Sardinha,and I saw back to back fastballs in the same location to Mauer,which is definitly a mistake(whether Sardinha called it or Bo shook him off,I dont know).I may be a little too paronoid,but I really would like to see this catcher given every opportunity to succeed.I thought it was a mistake to pair Sardinha and Bo(in spite of their success in Tol.)as soon as I saw the lineup last week.

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