Thames up for Pepsi Clutch award

It’s an award that goes each month, according to the press release, to recognize “the player who consistently performed his best when the game was on the line” in a given this month — in this case, June. Marcus Thames is one of six nominees along with Jose Guillen, Jason Giambi, Dan Haren, John Lackey and Aramis Ramirez. The voting site is Voting runs through next Wednesday.


Here is what we NEED to do right now if we were to make a run :
Bonine can’t pitch yet .. he was not that good against NL and horrible in his 1st AL start … START LOPEZ
Nate has been horrible throughout the year…. he goes to the pen and start another .. FOSSUM would be a good choice since he has a starter mentality.
Shelve Sheff .. All he wants is his 500 HR’s .. back to the DL or waive him.
Improve defense. Being among the last in the league might get us to the playoffs, but probably can’t win it all. PUSH THE STARS harder.
Have a good workout regimen. Warm up before games. This is not our Momma’s backyard Baseball. JL likes ballplayers over athletes, thats fine. But when we are competing against good ballplayers WHO ALSO ARE Athletes, our ballplayers need to be in the Lineup. Unless JL finds a way for our stars to hit .300+ staying on the DL … we need action.
As we said all along, our Tigers were never prepared to play. It’s the managers fault. And now that we won some against the NL, our stars can’t stay in the lineup. They need to be fit. WHO IS GOING TO HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE ? Not JL, his mantra is .. They need to make their pitches and they need to hit .. REALLY ? we would have never figured that one out if it wasn’t for JL telling us🙂
I know we are finally winning, and it’s good for our confidence. But we need a reality check. Was this our goal? to be .500 at the AS Break? It’s good that we came from so far behind, but we need to figure out going forward, what will make us better against AL.
Hope we keep rolling .. GO TIGERS.

Bhavin,I agree about our guys getting a little more fit.Cab is beginng to look like an offensive lineman out there.Mags doesnt appear to try to hard to make catches in the outfield, letting them drop in front of him instead of going all out(appearsthat is ,i`m not sure)and when a guy can hit a triple and make it to 3rd before Renteria can make it home,he either has has a physical problem or he just is`nt hustling.(who knows)But,please,please dont put Casey Fossil in the starting rotation.Its true,he does have his ERA down to about 9 runs per game(he started at 135.00 or something after 2 appeareances),but he will prove to be a batting practice pitcher at best I fear. He doesnt have a fastball and righties read him like a cheap novel.I doubt he can even make an AL roster,other than ours.We have far more talent in the minors that deserve a chance,than to throw him out there every 5th day.I`ve been wrong before,but I just dont think he has the stuff to makeas a starter.Or a reliever.Just my opinion, but I think he has the worst stuff on the staff…….That aside I hope JV comes out strong, and (I say this everygame it seems) the boys bats come back to life.We lead the majors in getting shutout.What happened to the highly vaunted,most potent offense in baseball that we all heard before the season began….We need to get back to fundamental baseball and bech the guys that cant field their positions,since they arent hitting anyway

Lifetime stats for Fossum after 8 yrs in majors….38-52 record…….5.50 ERA in212 games..120 starts……..842 hits and 300 walks in 751 inninngs, not an impressive WHIP……581 K`s…………But, he also has never been more than 1 game over .500 in any year that he has ever pitched………We dont have good enough hitters to get the run support that he would need to be a consistant winner…….

I am not pushing Fossum .. I just want Nate and Bonine out of the rotation .. I hope for less experiments .. now that we are at .500. I suggested Fossum because a lot of people said he is more of a starter then a pen guy. Jis numbers this year in Toledo as a started were good.
Any other effective starter is welcome .. but Fossum might be an upgrade at starter after Nate’s ERA and quality starts.

Yeah Bhavin,Nate looked horrible.I`m with you,something needs to happen with him.He gives up a tremendous amount of hits.There is a guy in Tol. who might do ok.Duane Bellow,but I`m not sure he`s ready for this league yet.But, like you I wish there were some more options we have to put in our starting rotation……..Looks like JL is giving some youngsters a look tonight…Maybe Holimon can have a good game and put a spark under Renteria`s butt.Come on Tigers,Lets Go get this one

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