June 29th, 2008

Willis debuts for Lakeland

As you could probably tell, I’m off this weekend, but I wanted to drop a note about Dontrelle Willis’ first rehab outing for Class A Lakeland Sunday night. He gave up a run on three walks and a single in his two innings of work, facing 10 batters in the process. No pitch count available in the box score, so no word yet on the split of balls and strikes.

Most of the damage came in his first inning of work, as the play-by-play shows. He gave up the single in between two walks to load the bases with one out before a fielder’s choice ball to right brought in the run.

I’m off for the Minnesota series as well, so you’ll have to talk amongst yourselves for a little while longer. It’s a long stretch off, but it’s basically my all-star break since I’ll be working the all-star game in New York in a couple weeks.