Hollimon, Thomas start again

Friday’s lineup is pretty much the same as yesterday, including Michael Hollimon at SS and Clete Thomas in LF. Jim Leyland said he was starting Thomas over Marcus Thames because Thames hasn’t looked like himself at the plate the last few games, that the run of homers might’ve gotten him out of sync. Leyland didn’t go into the reasons for not playing Edgar Renteria today, but Renteria said that he’s feeling fine, and Leyland said Renteria will be back in the lineup on Saturday, so it’s not an injury. Thames also is expected to start again on Saturday.

Here are the full lineups:

TIGERS (38-40)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Guillen, 3B
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Thomas, LF
  7. Sheffield, DH
  8. Rodriguez, C
  9. Hollimon, SS

ROCKIES (32-47)

  1. Willy Taveras, CF
  2. Scott Podsednik, DH
  3. Matt Holliday, LF
  4. Brad Hawpe, RF
  5. Garrett Atkins, 3B
  6. Jeff Baker, 1B
  7. Chris Iannetta, C
  8. Troy Tulowitzki, SS
  9. Clint Barmes, 2B


Hope the boys bats come alive tonight.Col pitcher has a poor record,but has been pitching quite well of late.Guess Marcus made himself dizzy hitting all those home runs.But,then again,it could be that the JLBS Express is back on track.Sure hope he can get back in sycn riding the pine.JL probally figures Shef has got a lock on the Triple Crown now, so we wont need him anyway……I read where Bonine has been trying to keep the ball down more.He looked better in his last start than he did in his win.If if he pitches like last time out,I think he has a real good chance to beat these guys.Anyway,Come on Tigers,Keep it rolling.

This is BS…
Did we see Thames struggle? Nope .. and did we see him struggle even 5% of the struggle Sheff had? .. hardly .. and I know Sheff and Thames are world apart .. but still .. overall.. this is BS.. He just wants his boy Thomas in there.
It’s a good thing to reward Thomas for his performance .. but the rewards.. irrespective of performance seem to go to his pet players … Be it Thomas, Seay or Sheff.
Miner was in JL’s doghouse too .. and if i remember correctly .. so was Lopez ..
Renteria and Thames make our lineup better .. than Thomas and Hollimon .. Play 1 of them .. not both. Sometimes .. bad decisions work … hope it’s that kind of a decision …
Rich was thinking Renteria might not be with next year .. this makes me feel .. he might go this year .. with Larrish learning the 3rd base position .. and resting Renteria for no apparent reason.. We don’t have a lot of prospects to trade .. so maybe …

As long as Bonine gives us a chance to win tonight I’ll be happy.. he needs to have a quality start against these bottom dwellers like he did last week.
Jimenez has been lights out lately so hopefully we can string some hits together.. his last start was 8.0 innings 2 hits? that’s pretty good.

The best thing to come out of yesterday’s game was Rodney’s performance. Not only did he pitch good .. with men on .. but he did it against St. Louis. I am sure he had the World Series on his mind.

Nice first inning for the youngster.Way to go Curtis &Carlos.Its great to be on the board first.

Dan … By not batting Sheff 6th in Thames absence, JL might be thinking that Thomas will get stuff to hit, with Sheff behind him, Esp with Thomas’ patience.

Bonie is keeping it down,true to his word,good pitching,keep it up.Dan,Dan,Dan,I go out and get a dictionary and you dont show up for two games.whats up with that?

Dan is at the ballgame ?🙂 ..
Mario just called Clete , .. The Clete-meister 🙂

Some hit it on the head. 10 ground-outs in 4 innings so far. He’s cruising at this point.

a few observations:
if there is room for improvement in grandersons game it is his throwing.. he seems so terribly inaccurate and not that strong either. He should have been able to throw a strike to the third base side of the plate with how he was able to line that up and how shallow he was.. there goes bonine’s complete game shutout.
magglio has gotten completely out of hand with his first pitch swinging.. it seems like almost every at bat the past 3 weeks he has been doing it and i’m almost positive he has swung at the 1st pitch in all 4 at bats tonight. Its like it’s made up in his mind before he gets to the plate and that’s not a good thing
i’m really impressed with bonine’s turnaround from his first start to today. I didn’t think he’d last and i was wrong. I hope he can keep it up for the rest of the season.
I’m also impressed with clete.. he’s back to form with how he started the season.. after the first couple weeks he tailed off but appears to have it back.
mmmm that’s all i can think of to talk about tonight. good game for the tigers tonight. sets us up well for the rest of the series with verlander and rogers going up against a couple guys with high eras.

Yeah Chad,that youngster is really spotting the ball well tonight.I wonder who has been working with him.He has simply been outstanding tonight.If he can pitch like this against AL teams,it may take some of the pressure off Dontrelle having to come back too quickly.It would certainly give us a starting rotation that would be capable of contending.I`m really pulling for him.He seems like he has a plan out there……….Now Joel gets a chance to air it out in a non pressure situation.Fine start

I’ll be at the game tomorrow and an open house on Sunday so i’ll be back on here for Monday night’s game.. talk to you all then!
Go Tigers!

Chad,Great game tonight,Your going to the one tommorrow that can put us at .500.And we have our ace starting.I`ll bet the boys will be fired up tommorrow,so have fun,its likely to be another great game…..Keep it Rollin Tigers

Jair Jurrjens pitched 8.0 innings tonight.. gave up 3 hits 0 runs..
Minnesota is down 6-5 after 5…

yikes.. sunday’s lineup according to leyland sounds scary.. No Polanco, Magglio, or Pudge…

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