Wilkin Ramirez to Futures Game

If you were looking forward to seeing Rick Porcello in the Futures Game in a few weeks, you're probably going to have to wait a year. Outfielder Wilkin Ramirez is the Tigers' lone representative, and a deserving one at that. He has slumped recently upon returning from Triple-A Toledo to Double-A Erie to drop his average below .300, but he still entered Friday batting .290 with 16 doubles, five triples, nine home runs 32 RBIs and 15 stolen bases.


Hello Tiger Fans! I am wondering if anyone else has trouble veiwing the top play archives. I used to enjoy watching the highlights from past games. Now, I can get to the page that lists all of the top plays from a certain date, but when I click on a play, it only says “your video selection will play soon”, but it never does. I can watch plays during the game through the play by play, and it appears to be the same video player. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

Yelg,I just tried the top plays archive on my computer.When I click on a play,it takes a few seconds,but once its loaded,it plays.But when the play is over instead of going back to the menu,it seems to pick another play and shows it at random.I had to hit the stop button on the video and then click on the back button 3 times to bring back the top archive play menu.Kind of frustrating,but I`m pretty awful with computers.I might not be doing something right.But,in my opinion,the format for the play menu should be linked to the video player,so when one video stops,the menustays on the same page,making it easier for the next selection…..Bruce

Missed the game yesterday. I’ve actually got off my duff this year and am playing ball again on Tues and Thur. Those of course happen to be days when the Tigers play a few day games.
Looking at Gameday it looks like Rodney threw the ball pretty well. He was getting a mid 90’s fastball over for strikes?
If so, that is an encouraging sign.
Did Sardinha have to make any plays from behind the plate?

Just watched the condensed game. Seems to me that LaRussa made a huge mistake in intentionally walking Cabrera with 2 out and runers on 1st & 3rd. Cab has been struggling, Thomas is a LHB, they had a force at 2nd, and you don’t put your pitcher in a position where a walk wins the game.
Speaking of cab. I still think they need to get him untracked and I still say that elevating him to 3rd in the order might just be the ignition he needs.
Holllimon looked like he played a pretty good game out there. Maybe we’ll see a little more of him with Renteria being as disappoing as he has been. Be nice to get Ramon back. He is the kind of player that can bring some energy into the lineup and he is considerably better than Renteria in the field. I like Renteria but he is not playing like he should be or like the team needs him to.
Didn’t seem to get much for Bautista did we?
Sheffield really has come though but he showed us all the things we complained about early on in the season his first 3 times up. DP; K; pop-out…then boom!

The Wheels are Turning…………….
Larish started at 3rd base last night and, get this, Hessman started at short!!!!

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