That's a first

According to research on, Nate Robertson is the first Tigers pitcher since at least 1956 (that’s as far back as the search tool goes) to give up at least 11 hits in an outing without giving up an earned run. Only Carlos Silva (8/3/2004 for the Twins) and Curt Schilling (5/6/2000 for Philly) have done it in the Majors since 1999.

For what it’s worth, the record in that span for most hits without an earned run is 13: Scott Sanderson (9/4/84), Tommy John (9/14/83, though he pitched 13 innings to do it), Ross Grimsley (6/18/74) and Mudcat Grant (7/15/64).


Some pretty good company to keep,though I dont know if he particularly likes that stat

In the end, we have 25 hits by both teams .. total … and 5 runs scored.. 1 unearned and 2 with a bases loaded walk .. Wierd game🙂
But it’s a win …

Yeah Bhavin,We need them any way we can get them.I`m just itching for us to get over .500.Then I think we can do some serious damage.The turnaround with Shef is incredible.I hope Polly doesnt get suspended.we really need him in that 2 hole.We sure dont seem to be scoring runs,like you said though. ITS A WIN.Thats what matters.

Jason, when was the last time a player got two RBI’s for walking in runs in a game?

Yes I think that would truly qualify as a very weird game. And I agree I am not sure that Nate would be particulary happy with that, but in his defense he was able to get out of all of his jams and the run was really on an error as well.
Another weird thing is that Curtis was the guy to be walked in in both situations. And that two of the most mild mannered guys on the team get ejected in two consecutive games. That there were two very weird strike zones. Did anyone else think that the pitch to Polanco was a strike??? Looking at it on TV it looked a little low, but according to game day it was a strike. I wish I new how accurate game day was?? Jason do you know?? I mean as far as pitch location??
Anyway good win, Tigers are definately playing better ball although strandeding Polanco at third with no outs was infuriating to me??? I am sure Cardinal fans were saying that a few times as well.

I checked out the two bases-loaded walks in a game stat for you, Chris, and it isn’t all that uncommon. It happened twice in the Majors last year, according to the Elias Sports Bureau, and it has happened in seasons prior to that. Couldn’t track down the last Tiger to do it, though.

Gosh darn it. Just when I was ready to give up on this team for the year, they are looking good. Curtis is hitting. Sheff is back and contributing. The pitching has been good for a month or so. Todd Jones blows his first save and they win the darn thing. They win a series against a good team.
(Third time this season? Yanks, Sox, Cards…am I missing another series?)
If this keeps up this is going to be interesting.

Wish we had made up some ground today .. now, hopefully .. we make up a game in the next 3 days.

BTW .. the twins are on a 9 game win streak … hope the brewers fare better against them.

FYI, Jones didn’t blow a save today. He just gave St. Louis the lead.

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