Pujols activated

He’s back in the Cardinals lineup, batting third at DH. He’s 1-for-1 with a single and two walks off of Nate Robertson, for what that’s worth. And of course, he’s 5-for-6 with three solo homers and a double off of Todd Jones.

On the Tigers side, Dane Sardinha is catching, as expected. Michael Hollimon gives Edgar Renteria a day off at short, while Clete Thomas gives another left-handed bat for Todd Wellemeyer to face.

TIGERS (37-40)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Guillen, 3B
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Thomas, LF
  7. Sheffield, DH
  8. Hollimon, SS
  9. Sardinha, C


I woulda moved up sheff to the 6 for todays game to give cabrera a little more protection but no big complaints about the lineup today.
Look to see Dolsi and Rodney in this game no matter what.. I would say that Zumaya and Miner are both not available today.

Looks like Leyland just wants to get a lefty bat mixed in there with Clete Thomas. Quick turnaround today; we’ll see who has the most energy.

Robertson’s obviously hittable today (5 hits, 1 walk in 2 innings), so the bats have to come out. It’s only a matter of time before St. Louis actually starts plating runners. Robertson’s fortunate for the two double plays that saved 2-3 runs, at least.

disgusting.. runner on 3rd with 0 out and they can’t get him home.. … just awful.

I’m not watching– just have Gameday up. Was it a good move for Polanco to go home? Obviously its never good when you’re thrown out but was it a stupid play by Polanco or just a good fielding move by St. Louis? It definitely hurts when your two best hitters can’t get the ball out of the infield with a man on third…

And it’s your 3-4-5 sluggers up. All you need is a fly ball. Polonco should have waited to see if the ball went through. Then since he did go he should have slid around the plate away from the tag. This is a boring game today.

Polonco crossed the plate standing up.

Nine hits and no runs. Is this one of Nate’s better games or not? LOL. Hard to judge. But once again no run support no matter what you think of Nate’s effort.

Good Ron Vallone is warming up. Bring him in. He’ll give up a few hits I bet.

I can’t tell much from Gameday but it really appears that Nate is battling. He’s never going to be a shut down Ace but he has good enough stuff to get guys out. Its encouraging to see him continue to battle and avoid the big inning. Let’s hope we can get something going for him.

Why did they take out Wellemeyer? Glad to see Villone and Granderson comes through. Glad to see he continues to hit lefties. If Villone’s still in at the bottom of the lineup, they better get Marcus up.

Polanco just got tossed for arguing strike 3.. he threw stuff onto the field afterwards so it’s possible he could be suspended.. at least thats what i heard on the radio… not smart of him to get tossed.. he’s our best hitter in a 0-0 game.. now we’ve got raburn in there.. not smart.

I don’t know why they took Wellemeyer out. Rod and Mario just said they want to be careful with him because he didn’t last very long in his last two starts.

That pitch to Polonco was low and called a strike. The ump was wrong. Then to cover up his mistake he throws Polonco out for arguing just like Thames last night.

Wellemeyer has had elbow trouble, they still have him on a pitch count.

Amy, they said on the radio that it was the same pitch they called Glaus out on an inning or 2 earlier.
i guess renteria could take over at short and hollimon move to second.. but it’s still a blow to our lineup.

Big break there.. Miggy HAS to drive this run in one way or another. Absolutely HAS TO!

You have got to be kidding me…

Little surprised they’re leaving Thomas in here. Although he’s 5 for 7 against lefties this year according to Gameday.

Yes that was surprising… they didn’t bring thames in.
Well good to get on the board.. rediculous that it took a bases loaded walk to do it with the scoring opportunities they’ve had today…
Hopefully sheff can come up big again today and deliver a 2 out hit here to pad the lead.

Great at bat by clete. Tough not to put Thames in there, but I guess Leyland didn’t like the fact that Thames’ career SLG vs Isringhausen is 4.000.

Go figure.

Chad, the catcher caught the pitch low then pulled his glove up to make it look like a strike. That’s why I thought it was low. I guess I missed that pitch to Glaus so I can’t compare.

why is no one warming up in the bullpen? Pujols is due up now after that single this inning and he’s 3 for 3 off him today and robertson has been extremely hittable today?..

Horrible at bat by Cabrera in the 6th. Looked like he couldn’t wait to get back to the dugout. Bad move by Sheff for swinging at the first pitch too.
Oh no, Rodney’s warmin up. Could be a heartbreaker today.

you have got to be kidding me…

Well that was a break. He definately ran along the left side of the 1st base line.

Where was Rayburn throwing the ball. Airmailed into the dugout. Tigers they look asleep today.

Let’s hope this side-throwing they’ve had Rodney doing has done some good. Big spot here.

Once again the tigers should be up a bundle of runs and they’re just not.. they should have scored about 12 runs last night instead of 8 and today they should probably have 5.

At the same time St. Louis should have at least 5 runs. Robertson pitched around a ton of trouble.

Great job by Rodney. Glad to see him perform well.
We need some runs now.

Agreed on both points Chad. Can’t see how he looked as I’ve only got the game on Gameday but I’ll take those results evertime.

I agree J.. The avg w/ risp for this game has got to be pretty bad for both teams combined.. 0 for 12? somewhere in that range.

i added it up… both teams are a combined 1 for 16 with risp and the 1 hit did not plate a run.

Just got in from work.Looks like its pitching and defense,judging by the score.Come on Tigers

Yeah, it’s been pretty ugly. I’m attributing it to the late night last night.
The inexperience towards the bottom of the lineup hurt right there. I understand why JL did that today, but it shows towards the end of close games.

Very nice work by Fernando. Good to seem him hopefully coming around here. Teeth of the lineup coming up here, need to get one across.

Somebody said Polly threw something on the field after being ejected.Sure hope not.Thats an automatic suspension.No appeal for that.Anybody see it.

Didn’t see it but if he did he must have been really pissed. He’s normally very level-headed.

I wasn’t listening when granderson was caught stealing..
was it close? It seems like he may have lost a step since last year.. 4 steals 4 caught.. only 2 triples.

Wow,the pen must really be depleted for JL to bring in The closer 2 games in a row with the scores tied.He must be figuring that will get on the Cards staff in the bottom of the inning.Hope so.Come on Tigers.

I feel retarded saying this but.. why the heck didn’t you just leave Rodney in?! He only threw 15 pitches and was mowing them down.

That’s the Sheffield I like to see!!!!

Sheffield is worthless! Man he’s done.. he’s got nothing less.. he’s gonna kill this ballclub..

I smell sarcasm…..

bummer that hollimon comes up with that huge hit and gets cut down barely.

this game has to end soon.. i’m getting my haircut right after work and i won’t be able to listen!

what the heck just happened? Did he take too big of a turn at 2nd? Huh? Why the heck is Sardinha still in there? I know they want Pudge to have the day off but its the bottom of the 9th. Put Thames in and hope Pudge doesn’t have to play! Come on!

PS– you guys realize Sardinha’s going to hit a walk off for his first hit right? and Jones will be 4-0.

I was wondering if that was close or if the kid was trying to make too big of a play.

the called strike on Dane looks inside on Gameday. Any comment from the announcers on that one? Of course, you’re not going to get too many calls in the bottom of the 9th with a guy that’s hitless in the majors batting. Geez.

Nice job by Seay. Now we need to close the door. They have some stiff coming in and we have the top of the lineup. Who’s going to be the hero today? I’d say that MCab is due…

Walking Guillen to get to Ordonez….lets see Maggs make them pay.

Ok, now what? Pinch hit Thames?


Oh my. So this is what it feels like to win on a walk-off walk.

two walks for two rbi’s? Not exactly movie script but still pretty awesome. Its about time we win some close ones.

yippee! Not pretty, but I’ll take it.
I’m gladly eating crow over not wanting Sheff to come back. Nothing makes me happier than being proven wrong like that.

Copying my post from the other thread ..
In the end, we have 25 hits by both teams .. total … and 5 runs scored.. 1 unearned and 2 with a bases loaded walk .. Wierd game🙂
But it’s a win …

Good to see Granderson with 4 hits. And the one that was an out was hit extremely hard and probably should have been a hit.
I agree Brent. It’s good to win some close ones and some ugly ones. This one was both.
Minnesota trails San Diego 3-2 in bottom of 4 and Chicago leads LA 2-0 in top of 5 and look like they’re threatening for more. So at least the Tigers have kept pace with the victory today.
5 series in a row now, and realistically they should be able to sweep Colorado this weekend to end interleague play on a very high note.

So now … as fas as the division standings go
IF CWS lose and MIN lose, we gain 1 game.
If CWS wins .. we stay pat.
If CWS lose amd MIN wins .. we gain 1/2 game.
GO tigers

It’s our 1st extra innings win this year, after losing 3… we are on the right track.

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