Wednesday: Cardinals at Tigers

Leyland said before the game that he doesn’t want to run Pudge into the ground behind the plate now that Inge is on the DL, but he’s going to have to play him more than he probably wants to play him. He plans to catch Dane Sardinha on Thursday, but don’t expect this day-on, day-off pattern that Inge and Pudge had going.

TIGERS (36-40)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Guillen, 3B
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Thames, LF
  7. Sheffield, DH
  8. Renteria, SS
  9. Rodriguez, C


  1. Skip Schumaker, RF
  2. Aaron Miles, 2B
  3. Rick Ankiel, CF
  4. Troy Glaus, 3B
  5. Chris Duncan, LF
  6. Yadier Molina, C
  7. Adam Kennedy, 1B (Pujols could be back Thurs.)
  8. Nick Stavinoha, DH
  9. Brendan Ryan, SS


I looked at the numbers yesterday and can’t recite them exactly but this starting lineup has hit lohse for like a .415 clip the last 5 years and it wasn’t a small sample.. something like 60 for 130. They had better have the bats ready today.. i’ll be dissapointed if the offense doesn’t show up and get galaraga another win.

Rich,If you`re out there,you`ll love this.Mickey Lolich was just on Tigers pre game show.He was asked what he thought about the 100 pitch count limit that most clubs use today.He said he never got real loose until 110 or 115.Said he did an opening day once in Washington and threw 185 pitches.Said his average was between 140 and 150…..In those days they pitched with 3 days rest……..Oh, no.First pitch tonight is homer for St.Louis.come on Tigers,we gotta win tonight………..Another homer for the 3 hitter.Come on Gallarraga,get it down.

That was probably the worst pitch that i’ve ever seen called a strike on magglio in the first. It had to have bee at least 6 inches off the plate. That one bad call probably cost us 2 runs… impossible to say but i think magglio probably walks there to load the bases for miggy with 1 out.
All the lefties are hitting galaraga hard tonight. He’s gonna have to be much more careful with them.

If Sheff keeps this up he’ll be back to batting 3rd in the lineup very shortly.

Keep him down there. Even if he starts hitting we need run production from the bottom of the lineup too.
Kinda bummed out about the 1st. maggs had a pretty nice 3-1 pitcht ot get some lift on and fouled it. I thought Polanco should have held third on that ground ball.
The importance of having a mobile OF with good arms came to light in the 2nd. Ankiel’s throw took ous out of a big inning..
Looking forward to having Granderson, Clevlen and maybe Joyce out there some day.

Marcus can make some great plays but he can clank ’em with the best of them at times. Surprised both runners were able to get another base on that play.

The box score show that the Cards’ last run was earned. There is absolutely no way in the world that that run is earned. That is an unearned run. Period.

The reason why you would need to move Sheff up is because he’ll need more protection. Down in the 7th spot they’ll just start walking him. They won’t pitch to him.

espn box score lists that 3rd run as earned against galaraga… how do they figure that?

Ya gotta swing the bat Marcus. You cost the club another run.

good call dan..
if the tigers lose this game there is one sole reason and that is the god awful strike zone of the home plate umpire and that is very unfortunate.

marcus got a RAW REAL that was a BALL. the ump is clearly on crack or withdrawling from it….. if that pitch wasn’t a BALL i dont know what is. that was absurd to say the least. thames had every reason in the world to complain about that. no borderline this or that, that was an EFFING BALL

ugh. i’m mad. i meant to say RAW DEAL.

Sickening. Back to some old bad habits. That’s twice this game they can’t get a runner in from third.
And not big hit when you ned it either.
I hope Marcus can pull it togerther again. He seems as though he has lost “the touch”. And that is what has always held him back. Consitency.

well i guess we can also blame it on god awful defense.

I know I expect too much from these guys but Maggs has to get to some of the balls that drop in front of him. He really does not go all out for them.
Actually from what I have seen so far this series the Tigers don’t deserve to win. This is another brutaly played game so far.
Guillen dropping a ball like that is almost unblievable. We mighta been able to get out of this inning if that was handled properly.

I agree with you 100% about maggs, dan. I cannot stand when he runs full speed then stops dead in his tracks and the ball falls 5 feet in front of him.. I have to think that at least some of those he gets to without even leaving his feet. It’s rediculous..
They look a little bit like they are playing like they think they are hot shots again and deserve to win just by showing up.. i don’t want to overreact to a game and a half but they have been pretty bad so far this series and with Bonine going tomorrow.. or is it robertson? my internet is messed up and it won’t load the darn page.. but either way, they stand a good chance of getting swept if they don’t win tonight.

Gotta agree with Deadhead,Wally Bell should be tested for drugs after the game.He at least rates a sobriety test.Neither team knows what a strike is out there tonight.Should have been bases loaded with one out…..I hope they keep Shef in the 7 hole.He might actually have a chance to drive in more runs from that spot.They wont walk him with men on base.Makes them have to pitch to Marcus,too.

whew, we needed that.. finally a clutch hit!
And from carlos who has been in a power outage… great at bat.

OH HELL YES! there’s your power ball 3 run homer dan!!

maggs should’ve stayed at 2b. not a force out, robbed MC hammer from a potential hit. buzzkill

Much needed.. Carlos has power that needs to be tapped more often.

But did you notice that Maggs lucks out and lines one thru the rightfielder who ends up on the turf in shallow right -the ball goes to the wall and Maggs only get 2? And he was in no hurry to make it even that far.
I’m sorry Ordonez, but you need to pull your head out of your back pocket.. Baseball is a multi-dimensional game and if all you want to do is hit then step aside and offer to DH. We have better fielders on the bench.

MLB has that 3rd run on Galarraga posted as unearned.

Galarraga does not look like he is gonna find it tonight. He seems to do OK then next thing you know he’s servin’ it up on a platter.
If there is a lengthy delay I would hope they would consider replacing him.

SF just defeated Cleveland 4-1.

Did any of you catch Todd Jones’ renactment of Magglio’s 3 run shut to win the ALCS?
Makes it tough to hate him.

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