Rain delay update

They just took off the tarp to survey the damage. The left side of the infield looks like a mess. The right side is slightly better. There’s a chance another round of showers could roll through, but it looks like it should miss here. Regardless, it’s going to take a little while to get this field ready.

Just before they removed the tarp, Todd Jones and another player were out by the Tigers dugout with a bucket full of stuff, tossing it to the fans in the stands. Cracker jacks, gum, all sorts of snacks — it was a grab bag of items, except it was in a bucket.

Dan asked about whether they’d replace Galarraga. Usually the rule of thumb is that if the delay lasts more than an hour, you’ll see a new pitcher on the mound when the game resumes. This looks like it should be at least an hour by the time they work on the field.

UPDATE @ 9:20pm: They’re working a little bit on the field, but it’s not all hands on deck yet. They haven’t rolled up the tarp and put it away yet, either. It could be that they’re waiting for the next round of showers to pass through or pass by.

UPDATE @ 9:30pm: The stakes are going back in on the tarp. Looks like the second cell of showers is going to pass over here.

UPDATE @ 9:45pm: Todd Jones just finished with his Magglio Ordonez HR impression, which they caught on TV. That seems to be it for the rain delay entertainment.

UPDATE @ 10:30pm: No more entertainment. Just kind of boredom. This is starting to feel like the Yankees game last year, only at least they have four-plus innings in.

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Is the tarp still on? .. This will be like a west coast game🙂

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