Inge to DL, Sardinha purchased

Just announced: Inge to DL with pulled left oblique. Dane Sardinha’s contract has been purchased from Triple-A Toledo to take his place.


well that was certaintly unexpected.. especially after rod and mario saying how much better inge was claiming to be feeling…
sardinha has been absolutely terrible for toledo offensively.
.206BA 6HR 16RBI 8BB 55K .246 OBP
I think Pudge will be starting 85 percent of the games now.

Well I must admit I was surprised it took this long. Inge has been struggling more than normal at the plate. He has not seen any action to speak of, at 3rd.
JL and the revolving disabled list.
Sardinha won’t play much but if he does he will do OK behind the plate. At the plate, he makes Pudge look like Mickey Cochrane in comparison.

The baseball gods are smiling at Ryan Raburn. Injuries to Wilson, Santiago, and now Inge have all big factors in him staying around.
The 64,000 question: Does Sardinha get a start tonight?
We all know what JL has been like with minor league call-ups.

I just ran a series of tests with a couple of coconuts and and a roll of litmus paper and I can tell you Dan, it’s completely safe to bring out those ’68 newspaper clippings. Yep, it’s official, global warming never was.
Very nice exchange on the previous blog. The last 3 entries by Brent, Bruce, and Dan. Brent, I like your thoughts on how JL can maximize the guys he already has. I agree completely. I would like to see Inge and Santiago start some games too. I see that Inge is on the DL now so hopefully he will heal soon. Guess you can forget about Bautista now too.
So Bruce and Dan, Stanley was moved to SS, Kaline played RF, Horton LH, and Northrup CF. Stanley had played the bulk of CF but Northrup had started a fair amount of games there. Wert covered 3rd most of the games, and McAullife covered second. The light hitting, slick fielding Oyler started far less games at SS (111), and then there were Tracewski spot starting at all 3 infield positions (not 1B) and Matchick who started a few games at SS and 2B. The move basically replaced the light hitting Ray Oyler with Al Kaline. It was a great move.
Nice coverage on this subject by Bruce and Dan, with Bruce setting up the move and Dan telling you how it played out….good stuff. I had never been to Michigan in those days. I was a kid who just picked the Tigers as my team. I was a baseball nut too. I didn’t have the opportunity to see them play on TV very much but would listen to them on WJR on my old Phillips radio in my bedroom in the wee hours of the night. Ernie and Ray. The signal was excruciatingly poor at game time, fading in and out, but it would come in stronger and sweeter as the night progressed. What a treat to get to see those guys play in the World Series. After that year I figured if they never won again it was OK. I think that was the best present I ever received.

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