Game to resume at 11:05pm

It’s going to be a late night of baseball. The good thing is that the weather is pretty much clear from here.


Well let’s hope that the outcome of the game justifies the delay!

Minnesota leads SD 5-3 inthe 5th.Dodgers lead White sox 2-0 bot 4th.I think we lost a few of the faithful.Dont know how much longer I can hang either

Zach hits him on an 0-2.Dodgers just scored 3 more,they 5-0

carlos guillen is starting to look like a beast at 3B.

He`s looking pretty good in that 3 hole tonight,too.4for4

Miner should never have given in to Ankiel.

Miner is good but often falls short.

Well JL drives me nuts again. Zumaya in a key situation where you need control?

Zumaya can’t throw a strike in full counts? .. not pretty

wonder what the record is for walks in a single inning?

JL is actually baseball stupid sometimes. Next thing he will bring in Rodney.

Joel`s WHIP has got to be reaching celestial level altitude

Anyone think Sheffield can lay down a bunt?

Leyland is a victim of misplaced vision. He sees these guys as being successful in the roles he has designed for them in spite of obstacles that should not be overlooked, i.e, physical condition, lack of playing time, inability to throw strikes etc.
We really need someone that does not walk batters in the late innings. I don’t care if zumaya throws the ball 105 MPH it does no good if you can’t throw strikes. Same with Rodney. Even if they have minimal success or limited success they will always hava the tendency to issue free passes.
Get Smart JL and DD. Find someone that you can count on in the bullpen or kiss your multi million dollar season off.

There should be a major league stat for scoring runners from 3rd with less than 2 outs and moving runners from 2nd to 3rd with no outs. The Tigers fail in these categories so often. Major flaw on this club so far in 08.

For sure gag. This last inning they load them up but were actually lucky to get even the 1 in.
Renteria is not hitting again and we keep seeing this pattern with him. Even when he does hit it is most often a single as he is not fingidng the gap at all.
He has been as much a disappointment as Cabrera IMO.
Funny thing about walks–they can really turn the tide in a game. And then there is the whole issue to deal with on 2-0 & 3-1 pitches.
Zumaya is stuggling monumentally tonight.


Meanwhile Aquilino Lopez is in Toledo.
I’m pretty sick of this stubborn, narrow-minded managing that we have had to endure.

While I’m off on a rant, what is Pudge doing swinging on the 1st pitch with the lead run on 3rd and Isringhausen struggling?

Nice hit off the lefty for Curtis.Love to see more of that.Might be time to think stolen base.

This game getting aways from us can be attributed to Miner’s approach vs. Ankiel. 2 outs and the walk changed everything.
Funny how the opposition regards Granderson as a premier base-stealing threat (judging by the attention he gets when he’s on first) but JL rarely runs him.

Heads up play by Polly

Like I say, they really don’t deserve this game tonight. They can’t do the little things right, or get the big hit when you really need it (excepting Carlos).

Let’s see if Maggs can do anythig when it counts!

Excuse me!

I love the Tigers but they certainly make it tough this year not to get frustrated. I would rather see solid baseball rather than a “we’re hot, no cold, no hot, no cold” kind of team.
Renteria has a .320 average (50 at bats) with lots of walks when he hits in the 1-3 spots in the order. I’m not sure why, but he just seems to excel at the top of the order. I wouldn’t put him there now with Polanco and Guillen hitting well.
Cabrera should have been our #3 hitter from the start but Guillen is one of my favourite players.
Lead off double… game should be over in 2 batters… right?

Way to go Clete.Should have been ball four,that ump is blind,but we get 2 bagger

Thank you for that win. A very important win in a game with way too many mistakes. Win tomorrow and they have 5 series in a row. Good night and good night.

4 hit night for Shef and Carlos,Clete stepped up big and our fireballing closer goes to 3-0,and The white sox got beat by LA.

Way to go Gary!! You did it. 4 hits tonight and the game winner. Welcome Back. We missed you and we need you. I can’t wait to see what you to next.

Gag,Renteria usually leads off primarily against left handers.I think that has more to do with it than anything else.He really cant run well anymore with those old knees.A lot of the Spanish players play winter ball and I think it takes its toll over the long run.I just dont think he runs well enough to leadoff

Amy,I`m sure a lot of people will think I`m crazy,but I`ve always thought Shef would be a good leadoff hitter,because of his ability to get walks,low strikeout ratio,and he is an excellant baserunner,who can steal a base when its needed

Holy Cow!
They may not have deserved it but that was a pretty sweet victory.
Sheffield is swinging the bat like he means business again.
Clete Thomas is player. He actually came close to ending it on his own. He likes to hit to left wtih power. It’s pretty to watch when he does it.
Things may cange but having Sheffiled down there batting 7th really spreads the threat out and certainly paid off tonight.
Now something needs to happen in this bullpen. Those walks should have finished us off. There won’t be many games where you get away with that kind of performance.
Thomas brings some energy to this lineup. Sheffiield came through like a champ.
The situation will put some pressure on Marcus once again. JL will be very tempted to play Thomas against RHP. The excitement that Marcus supplied was fantastic but I do believe JL will be giving more playing time to Thomas.
Big win–huge win and one that should stoke these guys and maybe give them a little impetus and motivation–especially with Sheffield being instrumental.
Thanks to all the readers for putting up with my emotions and reactionary comments. And I don’t mean just tonight.

Dan,We luv ya cuz you tell it like it is.Dont change nothing….By the way,I think they banned impetus right after the Mitchell Report

well i shut the game off after the tigers tied it in the 7th when they should have scored more… then before i fell asleep i flipped it back on to see the score and zumaya had just given up the go ahead run… AGAIN! So i shut it off for good. I’m a little surprised that they were able to win the game. They were finally able to get a couple clutch hits.
I have to laugh thinking back to a couple days ago when there was talk about bringing sheffield back and how 85 percent of everyone talking about it was saying he was done and the reason we lost and we should have bought him out or just cut him and how he only hurts this team..

We said Sheff would make a difference. Amy, I can tell by you’re occasional comments that you are a Sheff fan. The rehab and rest seem to have been just what he needed. He’s up there in years but he has a very athletic build, and runs well. I think he can still be a real force on this team. With that violent swing and his hard running on the bases, he just needs to avoid injury. 7th is a good spot in the order for now. Carlos is doing a pretty good job hitting 3rd. Don’t go tinkering with the lineup when they’re on a role.
Marcus got shafted last night but he never should have reacted that way. In that particular situation, early in the game, I don’t see getting tossed helping the team. It hurt the team and it hurt him. The pitch was well off the plate, far enough imo that he did the right thing in letting it go. It was a bad call but he should have just turned, momentarily stared at the ump and walked away.
It gave Clete an opportunity and he made the best of it. I wouldn’t mind seeing these two guys used in the right combination in LF. I would give Marcus a larger percentage of the starts. Replace Marcus late in games defensively with Clete and pinch hit Marcus late in games for Clete. One thing that I’ve noticed on this blog is that Marcus is not given nearly the patience most everyone else gets. He stopped hitting HR’s for what, 3 games and he’s labeled a streaky hitter? Give the guy a fair chance. He’s still collecting a hit or so a game. Just missed on a HR the other night.

You were one of the believers Chad. I remember and I just checked back to make sure.

Did you guys read this about what happened to force Inge to the DL?
This is from Steve Karnacki of MLIVE
“I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t going to say anything,” Inge began.
It turns out, as Inge explained Wednesday, his 3-year-old son Tyler — actually, Tyler’s pillow — is to blame for the latest, and most serious, aggravation to the muscles underneath the left side of his ribcage.
Late Monday night, with Tyler sleeping between Inge and his wife, Shani, Inge made a fateful decision.
“His head was propped up in the middle of the night so I was trying to push the pillow down behind him,” Inge said. “I got up on one elbow and I pushed that pillow down — oh my God, I about jumped out of the bed. My wife’s like, ‘What’s going on?’ … (Tyler) didn’t even wake up.
“It’s pretty swollen right now. A piece of cartilage kind of tore out from under (my ribs). … It’s almost like a sharp, lightning pain through your body.”

oops.. i just attributed that last piece of that article to Steve Karnacki when it was in fact Graham Couch.
I just assumed it was Steve cause he’s been the one writing everything on the tigers for MLIVE lately but apparently there is a new guy named Graham.
Wonder what happened with Steve.. I miss Danny Knobler.

Good morning fellow TigaBloggers:
A few observations from SW Virgina. I’m having scrambled crow this morning re: my recent rant on Sheffield needing to retire to the sunshine of Florida. My new theory is that the goatee has magical power for his bat. His swing was full of authority, and he truly did come up big last night. Secondly, last week I bemoaned the fact that our pen gives up too many walks from the seventh inning on. The last two runs were directly linked to walks. That’s ehy Cleveland’s pen was so tough last year; that’s why the Twins are so tough every year. Somebody has go to step up when called upon to pitch in the late innings. And the annoying thing is that a lot of these are either leadoff, or two out walks, both killers.
Thirdly, I want to truly commend Placido Polanco. We Tiger fans just don’t realize what a tremendously talented and consummate human being and professional that this guy is. My hat is off to him. Thanks for being a part of the Tigers. Finally, I want to commend Todd Jones for being the person that he is too. He might not be a KRod, but by george, he gives it 100% every night, even as an impressionist. If youv’e ever heard him interviewed, he is nothing but class. He, like Polanco, make me proud to have bled Old English, Tiger Blue for the last 49 years. See uyou in Bsltimore in three weeks Rich.


davidtiger, I’ll be eating that crow with you! I can’t believe what Shef has been able to do in 2 games. But I’ll take my crow over easy and just enjoy it with everyone else. My theory on Sheffield was his attitude stunk. But whatever, I’ll deal with it if he keeps up a nice pace. And I also agree on the Todd Jones thing, alot of class and always interesting to watch! He may age me beyond my years, but he is fun to watch pitching or impersonations!

With the late game last night, I think we’ll see some of the youngsters in there: Sardinha, Hollimon, Thomas, and maybe even Raburn. Here’s the lineup I’d trot out:
Granderson (cf)
Polanco (
Guillen (3b)
Ordonez (rf)
Cabrera (1b)
Thames (dh)
Thomas (lf)
Hollimon (ss)
Sardinha (c)
I know its a lot of young guys at the bottom of the lineup but this gives Renteria a much needed rest, keeps Pudge fresh, and gets Clete a shot in the field– he deserves it.
I’m another crow eater with Sheff– I just didn’t think he had anything left in the shoulder. I’d love to see him in there again today, but I would be worried about him pressing too much so soon after last night’s game. Keep him healthy for the rest of the season and possibly use him in a pinch hit role today.
As far as the bullpen goes, I’m hoping we can get way ahead today so that Rodney and possibly Zumaya can get extra low stress innings of relief. If we can get those two on a roll, I think that Miner, Seay, and Dolsi have proven that they can fill in admirably and Jones continues to hold down the closer role– much to the chagrin (big enough word for you Dan?) of my stomach lining. 🙂 The only big concern for me is Fossum– I don’t think he’s so hot. I guess he becomes the long guy and extra lefty?
That’s all– glad to see the Tigers won. I gave it up early in the night– too much stuff going on. Let’s hope we can get another win– have to keep winning to keep the Royals juggernaut down. Every one in the central is hot except the White Sox– should be a fun second half…

Very close Brent, but Thomas is batting 6th in Left and Sheffield is in the 7th hole DHing again.

Good call Brent. What are you, an insider? Makes sense though. Renteria needs a rest. Surprised Sheff is not back in there but maybe he needs the rest too. He’s always available off the bench to PH. I’m glad JL is sticking with Marcus. After last night Marcus needs to get right back out there, and not have to think too long about that bad game.

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