OF swap

The Tigers activated outfielder Clete Thomas from the DL after the game and optioned Brent Clevlen back to Toledo. Basically, Leyland said they wanted Thomas’ left-handed bat and speed available. However, Leyland said, “I think Clevlen is really, really close to being a Major League player for sure.”

Also, Leyland said he lifted Magglio Ordonez from the game in the seventh because he had a spasm in his right side. He was on the field slapping hands with teammates when the game ended, and he said after the game that he should be OK. With this team and side injuries, though, Leyland didn’t want to take a chance in a game with a big lead.


Clevlen did a great job in his short tenure here. Thanks, Brent, and good luck to you. I’m sure we will see you again soon enough!

If Galarraga would have got two more outs, he would have qualified for the ERA lead, and he would have been in fifth place under 3.00 (assuming he didn’t give up a run). I guess it wouldn’t have mattered, though because as soon as the Tigers took the field Friday, he wouldn’t qualify anymore.

Here’s to him qualifying with his next start!!!

Yeah Clevlen has a lot of good fundamental skills.Good luck

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