Last Tigers pitcher to walk twice

Until Armando Galarraga today, it was Bryce Florie on June 6, 1998 at Milwaukee. In fact, he was the only Tigers pitcher to walk twice in a game in the DH era, according to research on

Galarraga is also just the fourth American League pitcher to walk twice in a game during the Interleague Play era. The last was Scott Schoeneweis, then of the Angels, here in San Francisco on June 13, 2001. Scott Erickson also did it for Baltimore on June 25, 1998 at the Mets.

Add in Galarraga’s walk in a game at Arizona last month, and he’s the first Tigers pitcher to walk three times in a season in the DH era. Mickey Lolich walked 20 times in 1972.


Wonder if JL has enough sense to pitch Rodney this game or is he going to wait until he has a 1 run lead again?

Thank goodness Dolsi got that ground ball. I was getting ready to call him “Freddy four-outs” too bad they couldn’t turn it.

If ever there was a time to use Rodney it would be in this game. That’s why JL has Miner and Fossum warming up!.

I can see why JL wouldn’t use Rodney, these same hitters smoked him 2 days ago. Also, Rodney could be working with Hernandez on locating his fastball.

Remember Dontrelle Willis?
What has it been now 9-10 days since he summarily executed himself against Cleveland?
What’s up with that?

If he is trying to locate his fastball I’m afraid he left it somewhere last year.

Another nice effort by Galarraga.Way to go Tigers Keep it up

Jason will Bonine be skipped with the off day

Jason will Bonine be skipped with the off day

Jason will Bonine be skipped with the off day

sorry bout the computer glich

wasnt on purpose something haywire here,a bake cookie it says

You have to start wondering if Galarraga will have the stats to justify an All-Star selection. It’s beginning to reach that point. That would be the story of the year.
Pudge collected two more Ks for himself by going after that elevated pitch. Doesn’t matter if it’s a fastball or curve, he hacks at it. He’s got to know he shouldn’t swing at those, so what’s up with this? He doesn’t have a .302 lifetime average swinging and missing at the same pitch over and over. And over. Very strange.
Inge must really be hurting. That’s a bad injury to have. It’s hard to even sleep.
Speaking of sleep, our firstbaseman seems in need of some. Two pretty bad plays, both of which should have been errors charged to him.
Funny how we dwell on the bad. We got two of three, are four under .500 now, and momentarily ahead of Cleveland. This is all good. At least we can think pennant race again.
I would think that, with Zumaya back, JL won’t put Rodney into the eighth inning role, so that’s a good thing. Remains to be seen how Zoom does. He’s going to be sky high for his first appearance.

If any of you missed this, from the San Francisco Chronicle:
“Adding to the wickedness was the fact that Sanchez was beaten not by one of Detroit’s high-salaried thumpers, but a .219-hitting scrub named Ryan Raburn, who pinch-hit for Kenny Rogers in the eighth inning and broke a 1-1 tie with a homer three-fourths of the way up the left-field bleachers – Andres Galarraga territory.”
Scrub?!?!? What kind of writing is that? Man, between this article and people booing Thames just for hitting a couple of homers, I have to wonder about that city.

Bonine is starting on Friday as scheduled. They have no plans to skip anyone.

okay so i didn’t get to watch the game today, but apparently Rod and Mario were talking about a San Francisco reporter calling Raburn a scrub??
Anyways…here’s the article if you guys are interested…
my only point of view on this situation is…obviouslyyyyyy Raburn is a fastball hitter, we’ve established that…so IMO pitching him a fastball is a bad choice on the pitcher/catcher. Don’t call Raburn player a SCRUB because he hit the ball over their outfield wall.
Also…i’m not sure how I feel about this guy calling Marcus “homer or nothing” thames…i mean it’s nice that Marcus is hitting homeruns, but it’s not like he can’t hit a ball inside the fence…i am sure he is fully capable.
sorry that article just made me mad, some people have alot of nerve.

anyways…nice series Tigers!

Ryan could start at 2 or 3 positions on the Giants squad

Hey everyone,
check out the link ar9496 posted above, at the bottom of the article it gives this writers email address. Let’s all email Mr. Schulman and and again stand by our players like we’ve done before! Good game today!!!! Go Tigers

Rich, I’ve been thinking the same thing lately. With the terrible start the Tigers have had, there is no Tiger who’s statistics stand out. Polanco is on fire but his slow start didn’t help him impress other cities early on. If the Tigers continue to win games in the next couple weeks they may earn 2 maybe 3 selections, no more. But the only consistent standout has been Galarraga. He may end up being the only selection. It would be fun to see Marcus compete in the home run derby though wouldn’t it? Maybe he’ll get a special invitation:)
I missed the game today, but looks like another strong outing for Armando. Polanco has raced by everyone for team high average.
“Scrub” is a very unprofessional choice of words. More than likely that writer never played baseball himself, and if he did he probably stunk and spent a lot of time sitting on his glove and eating candy bars:) And the “home run or nothing” description of Thames shows he doesn’t do his homework either. Shame on him.

By the way, thanks for posting that article 9496.
And another thing while I’m at it. Since when do scrubs make it all the way to the big leagues?

Here’s the writer’s email address

Please be classy in your message(s) to Mr. Schulman. Let’s make sure he knows how high class Tiger fans are.



Rich ibelieve that pudges eye/hand coordination has slowed and he is swinging at the arm motion to compesate

Also explains his decrease in HR

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