Pudge catches again

That’s the second straight game for Ivan Rodriguez, of course, breaking the alternating string that Leyland had going with Pudge and Brandon Inge. Don’t throw out that plan just yet, though. Leyland said he’s worried that Inge is still bothered by that left oblique, and he wanted to give him an extra day.

“I’ll catch him tomorrow if he’s right,” Leyland said of Inge, “but I’m a little worried.”

You’ll also notice Granderson in center against Giants lefty Jonathan Sanchez. All things being equal, Leyland probably would’ve sat Granderson today, but he wanted his regular CF in there to deal with the winds on fly balls here at AT&T Park.

Here’s the full lineup:

TIGERS (32-38)

  1. Renteria, SS
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Guillen, 3B
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Thames, LF
  7. Rodriguez, C
  8. Granderson, CF
  9. Rogers, P

GIANTS (31-40)

  1. Fred Lewis, LF
  2. Ray Durham, 2B
  3. Randy Winn, RF
  4. Bengie Molina, C
  5. Aaron Rowand, CF
  6. Rich Aurilia, 3B
  7. John Bowker, 1B
  8. Emmanuel Burriss, SS
  9. Jonathan Sanchez, P

As I type this right now, the Giants are taking batting practice to the sounds of the White Stripes. Surprising how you hear more White Stripes on the road.


Since Granderson hasn’t picked it up yet, I like it that JL is batting Renteria at the leadoff slot.
That experiment has seemed to work.
I actually like it, that we don’t have a DH. No arguments about Sheff or Larrish.
If Zoom is recalled before the next series, I hope he replaces Fossum or Seay. Now if Zoom had been thrown in there yesterday, instead of Rodney, in the same situation, that might have actually worked. His temperament is different and he has overpowering stuff. Rodney lacks confidence, where as Zumaya has a swagger.

2000 hits! Congratulations, Edgar!

Hey skipper, can Marcus play now? Pleeease? Let’s see if he gets his “rest” tomorrow. Quite a list he just joined. York, Greenberg, Wertz and Horton.
Huge PH homer by Raburn. Again, more fun without the DH.
Kenny Rogers has been looking like the October 2006 version. And a good job by Miner. Again.
Funniest thing I’ve seen is the SF fans hooting on Thames the last two nights. They’re picking on the wrong guy.
Two real good games in this series so far.

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