Bonderman to have surgery

The Tigers just announced that Jeremy Bonderman will have surgery on June 30. No specifics yet, other than to “address the thoracic outlet syndrome.” Dr. Greg Pearl, the specialist who operated on Kenny Rogers last year and examined Bonderman today, will perform the operation.


Hope everything goes well. All the best to Bondo and his family.

We’re in tough versus this Sanchez tonight. Hopefully they are eager and not thinknng they are going to win because they are facing a southpaw. They are going to have to really work hard against this guy.

Get well soon, Jeremy. We’ll miss you. Hope you’re back healthy and strong next year.

The boys need to pick it up. This guy is gaining steam as he mows us down. A lot of perplexed looks on the hitters’ faces so far.

I mentioned this yesterday it seem like Ordonez is not on top of his game right now. Kinda 3/4 speed, maybe some kind of physical problem?

I was hoping that last night’s fiasco didn’t affect tonight and subsequent games. This guy is throwing well but we have also re-enteredt teh Coma Zone.

Dan, I`m not surprised. JL showed his lack of confidence in our offense last night in the top of the 7th.The players are playing accordingly. That boy has a nic e slider too

Renteria is playing very well right now. We had a tough night last night with our 3-4-5 hitters and the same darn thing is happening tonight. Pleased we have a lead but not happy with what I am seeing from the boys from Venezuela.
Maybe Cab wil get something going.

Getting a run in from 3rd has hurt us time and time again this year. I wouldn’t had Cab go home on that play; he doesn’t have the wheels. Still it would have been a better idea to be disciplined at the plate and maybe get a pitch you can put out on the green.
We’re gonna have to steal one here tonight. Not sure how much more Rogers can get away with tonight.

Steal one? Did JL hear you and try a double steal? Even if they had been successful, it would have allowed SF to walk Thames and get to Pudge. Good idea?

And then a HR by Thames. bases empty instead of with 2 runners on. Double steal?

Marcus! What are you doin’?!!!!!

The Beast strikes again ….
As someone mentioned 2 days back, I hope Thames doesn’t go the way of .. you know who ..

I guess JL tried to get the bat out of Marcus hand before Marcus could make JL look bad

Whoever named Todd Jones, The Roller Coaster, is a genius🙂

I like him though. His track record is good. Little shakey but gets the job done. Works with whatever lead we give him.

That was a nice game all around. Pinch hitters came thru.
Now we tie Cleveland and are 2 games behind Minnesota.

Nice to get a victory but I repeat, and I admit is have said this far too often, I just don’t know how we can reasonably expect to be a chmpionship team with Todd Jones as our closer.
People say he gets the job done but often it isn’t him getting the job done it is guys like Clevlen or Raburn taking a HR away from someone.
It’s a bit of a dream but I am hoping that Zumaya can find his former self and take the role over.
Congrats to Marcus for joining a very elite group of Tigers.
Raburn makes a nice contribution. Boy did he ever hit it.
Our starting pitching has been so good lately. I am impressed with Galarraga more each time he starts.
I don’t believe that Rodney will ever be what the club expects him to be but I do hope they can find a comfortable lead and get him in the game.
One more comment on Marcus, the guy is playing a pretty good left field too.

I think the double steal was an attempt to try to spark the offense, not necessarily the best move, but that’s what it was. Marcus has been very hot, but what happens if he comes up and hits into a double play? Then there’s possible criticism on JL for not doing anything to get the offense going.
Also, there has been a stretch nearly every season where Jones will blow a few saves in a short period of time. That hasn’t caused him to lose his job, as he hasn’t blown one yet this year so I don’t see a change being made there. Not that I agree, I can blame a receding hairline and excessive heartburn on watching Jones pitch too often. He does manage to get the job done most of the time, but he’s not earning any style points doing it.
Got Galarraga going for the series win today, let’s see the boys keep rolling. Go Tigers!

Marcus hit that ball a mile, and so did Raburn. Raburn to me had the big hit of the game. That is the one that did it.
Regarding Todd Jones. I am a Todd fan, but even I have to admit this year he is not the same. I know he hasn’t blown one yet, but it isn’t for a lack of trying??? I and in his defense they all blow them even the great ones, Pappelbon, I think has blown three or four, F-Rod has blown some etc. But in his defense how much of a chance is he getting???? He has a mininscul amount of opportunity to pitch let alone get in there in a save situation. Part of a closers success is getting in there enough and keeping sharp. We are either so far ahead it isn’t a save opportunity or we are losing?? Zumaya is the eventual closer I think but not this year. GO TODD. GO TIGERS

Excatly my point, Zumaya, if he is back .. close to his former self, will be our closer of the future. Todd will be our closer in this World Series .. lollll
Rodney in 6th, Dolsi in 7th, Zumaya in 8th and Todd in 9th .. so it will be a five inning game, once everyone is healthy. If the starter goes 6, we can alternate dolsi & rodney, or Zumaya and Dolsi.
I know i am living in a dream world…
Go Tigers

GK hit the nail right on the head with that assessment of Jones. He really does need more consistent opportunities, and I think it’s throwing off his usual pinpoint control just a tad. Just enough. It does seem that, as he’s walking in from the pen, he’s calculating how many men he has to put on base to bring the tying run to the plate. 🙂 The best thing about Todd is he doesn’t give up many homers, so that sudden death thing is not as likely.
I don’t get worried with him in there because I’ve watched him do this even back in the 90s and I expect him to succeed. With someone like Rodney, I expect him to fail. That’s the difference for me.
A couple of good games in this series. Congrats to Edgar Renteria on reaching 2000 hits. That’s a really fine accomplishment.


Jones is good enough to win with but he’s gonna fry our stomachs doing it. Do I like him as the closer? No. Does it matter, not at all. However, I think Dan is right. If we can get back into the chase, then I think they’ll take a long look at Zumaya. Perhaps not for this year but with the hope that he can be the closer next year.

Anyway, I’m hopeful the Tigers can keep this streak up and slowly climb back into contention and now I have a personal reason. Others have shared sports related gifts that their wives have purchased them so its my turn to brag. For Father’s day, my wife gave me three tickets to games in Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, and Milwaukee on consecutive days. Starting on July 25th, I’m going with my Dad and Father-in-law to see Indians vs. Twins, Tigers vs. White Sox, Cubs vs Brewers, and then Brewers vs. Cubs. We still need to get hotels and I’m going to have to mortgage our house to cover the gas costs but we’re pretty excited. I’ll probably keep a log of each game– just cause I’m a dork– so I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

That’s all for me. I’m taking at least partial credit for this streak as I posted about the importance of Karma… On a more serious note, I think JL summed it up best when he complimented Kenny on his focus on throwing strikes. It is absolutely true that the defense plays better and the offense is more focused when your starter is out throwing strikes. The worst thing in baseball– for fans as well as players– is a game filled with walks. Boring for all and leads to boneheaded defensive plays and frustrated, disengaged batters.

Brandon Inge’s quote on Marcus (This is what we have known all along):
“”Here’s what I like about him: No matter what, he is always even-keeled,” Inge said. “Ups and downs, he’s never too high, he’s never too low. He stays the same, always brings his A-game.
“He’s a team player. He’s not selfish at all. He roots for his teammates, he keeps his mouth shut and he does his business. He’s very, very likable. He’s a good human being. He’s one of those guys who was brought up the right way and he treats people the way that he wants to be treated.”

Absolutely. He’s been overlooked by Leyland and, taking it a step further, by many fans. In answering the old 2006 promo question “Who’s your Tiger?” I doubt if Marcus Thames is the answer very often. It’s only in these past couple of weeks that we’ve gotten to hear him speak, even.
I recall last August during that rain delayed all-nighter against the Yankees, it was Marcus who asked Granderson to go on his (Grandy’s) blog and thank all the fans who stayed. And this was during the game. That’s class personified.

The best compliment I can give Marcus is that he reminds me of Willie Horton.

The Sheffield Watch:
0 x 4 today with a flyout, 2 ground outs and a K
The opposing pitchers were:
Enerio Del Rosario;
Camilo Vasquez and;
Philippe-Alexandre Valiquette.

The best compliment I can give about Todd Jones is that he has been instrumental in the defensive improvement of his outfielders.

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