Hollimon gets first start

Jim Leyland said yesterday he was considering giving Michael Hollimon a start or two this weekend, giving Placido Polanco and Edgar Renteria a day off apiece this weekend. Well, Renteria is dealing with some soreness around his left pectoral muscle, and Leyland still wanted to give Polanco the day off to ward off wearing him down, so they’re both off tonight. Hollimon, who was originally slated to start at second, will start at short instead. Ryan Raburn starts at second base.

Of course, that’s all assuming that this game gets played. It’s raining as of this post, and the radar does not look promising for starting on time. If they can find enough of a window to start this game, though, they might be able to play through the rain. The fact that there’s a FOX game tomorrow at 3:55pm would make for a long day, especially with an early start and West Coast flight tomorrow Sunday.

TIGERS (29-37)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Hollimon, SS
  3. Guillen, 3B
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Larish, DH
  7. Thames, LF
  8. Inge, C
  9. Raburn, 2B

DODGERS (31-35)

  1. Juan Pierre, CF
  2. Delwyn Young, LF
  3. Andre Ethier, RF
  4. Jeff Kent, 2B
  5. Russell Martin, C
  6. James Loney, 1B
  7. Andy LaRoche, 3B
  8. Mark Sweeney, DH
  9. Angel Berroa, SS (you might remember him from the Royals a few years back)


No offense to some of these guys but are we mailing in this one or what. Larish who has proven that he cannot hit a beach ball, Holliman who has never seen a major league pitch, Inge and Raburn. Again one or two of these guys in a game, I am good with that, but not all four in one game. Oh well.

not to mention Curtis, he isn’t exactly hitting the cover all of the ball.

Yea, JL is really tinkering with the line up tonight.
I just got my computer up and running as when the power went out from the storms we had last Saturday, the omputer was not shut down and we lost our power source. My modem went out last fall. I guess i will have to have a talk with Mr. Dell.

Anyway, good to read all the posts. Verlander looked great and a complete game. I did not see the walk off by MC as I was working. We need to get at least a 7 game winning streak!
Go Tigers!

Excatly … seems like JL is in no hurry to maintain a streak… I don’t think we will ever understand him.
When you have a pitcher today who has given us our best chances to win, shouldn’t he take it easy on resting too many regulars? ..
Although not too bad… Pudge is so so .. so basically the middle infield and the DH spot is weak today .. I hope Larish breaks out today .. We need to maintain this streak.

Doesn’t the team fly on Sunday, not tomorrow?

JL has always done this. He has a habit of taking his hottest hitter and sitting him down for a day, right at the peak of his streak. I might be in favor of this if it had been proven that it helps over the long run, but this team’s second half performances the past two seasons bely that notion.
Looks from the radar that there will be a game tonight.

Correct. The team flies out Sunday. Got my wording mixed up.

It’s good JL is rotating Inge and Pudge. Inge provides better offense than pudge as of now. I like Inge at 3rd, but it wasn’t long ago, that everyone didn’t like his production at 3rd. We tend to forget that quickly.
So except for Larish at DH, I hope the rest of the regulars should get to play consistently.

I’m ok with the lineup. It’s always interesting if nothing else to see a new player play. Don’t know how he is defensively but there are still enough sluggers in the lineup. How about Thames. He is fearless and he is very good at making that play. Now he’s up………

AG throwing some balls. Hope he can hit those corners a little better.

Yeah,Marcus has been making a qite a few good plays out there of late.CG looked good on that backhand as well.Seems like the defense has been picking up nicely in the last week or 2

That was much better. Raburn showing range at second. Guillen looks like he is mastering the learning curve at 3rd. Now don’t get fancy on us Carlos…….. Gives JL the luxury of playing Inge at catcher. I feel more confident with Brandon at the plate than Pudge. Nice hit by Raburn. Again, regarding JL’s lineup, when the team is doing well everything seems to work. When things are going badly, nothing works….. Nice steal by Raburn.

The way Lowe is pitching, somebody’s going to have to reach down and golf one out.

Nice swing by Marcus. 8HR in 103 AB.Averages out to about 45 HR in full season Cab just passed Mags for Tiger lead in xtra base hits

AG pitching another gem. I love his facial expression, or rather lack thereof. He just won’t smile will he? He almost looks angry or annoyed. Larish doesn’t show much emotion either. Nice job by Hollimon getting that run in. AG finishes strong.

Great game, sorry i missed most of it at a darn wedding rehearsal. Galaraga just continues to be phenomenal. What a steal he was. I just hope bonine gives us a decent start tomorrow so i dont have to get mad at leyland.

Power guys coming up in 8th. Be nice to get one or two more.

Yeah, he is beyond impressive for a rook.All business with him.I love him.Ryan having good night 3 hits and a steal.It doesnt look like the same team as 3 weeks ago.Starters are phenominal lately.Keep it up Tigers

That ladies and gentlemen is the correct way to settle an altercation.

Players of the game

Thames-Clevlen tag team in LF is working out.

Nice job on the play by play Bruce.

I hope Carlos’ hand or wrist is ok. That was a violent first swing he took. I hope he didn’t snap or twist something. He may have over reacted on that pitch that hit him. The pitcher looked like he was just trying to jam him hard but I don’t think Carlos appreciated it with his hand already hurting. Seems unlikely these two teams would get into a real rhubarb.

Not sure, but this 4 game streak is probably our longest this season ??
And the current longest winning streak for a team is 4 games .. Tigers🙂
Something, however small, to be happy about. Now AL normally does better in inter league games. But I hope we can make up 3/4 more games in the next 14 …. Maybe get to 2nd place in the division.
The way the tigers are playing all around, and the return of Zumaya and Rodney. It’s attainable.

I think the real game story tonight is the job Brandon Inge is doing behind the plate. He’s communicating with the pitchers well, brings a lot of energy, and continues to pump up the team wherever he plays. The situation as I see it is this: while we have Pudge to catch, we all seem to want Inge at thirdbase. That’s all well and good, and probably correct. However, if Pudge isn’t around, Brandon brings every bit as much, if not more, to the defense as a catcher. Witness that play he made in the first inning. Something to think about as we move forward through this season and into the next.
I guess Raburn heard Dan and I talking about him. He certainly kicked it up a notch.
Marcus Thames has had two postgame interviews on FSN this week alone, and I think it’s the first time I’ve ever seen him do one. They should go to him more, he’s a good interview. He’s also a timely longball hitter and a better leftfielder than he’s given credit for.
Guillen has settled in nicely at third and seems to be enjoying it too. I think we may owe Leyland one on that switch.
Galarraga, for being so business-like on the mound, strikes me as someone who thinks this entire life as a baseball player is very funny. That’s the best attitude to have about it.
So I guess we all now remember what it was we enjoyed about watching the Tigers so much? 🙂

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