Bonine set for Saturday

Pointing to Bonine’s record over the last two years, Leyland said, “If you can’t give a guy like that a chance, who are you going to give a chance to?”

That’s part of a pretty busy morning. Vance Wilson revealed that when he felt his elbow flare up last week, which he thought was some torn scar tissue, he actually tore the ligament in his elbow again. He’ll undergo another surgery, probably next week, and will start the process all over again.

Joel Zumaya, meanwhile, was back in the Tigers clubhouse today on a visit. He said his rough second inning Wednesday night was partly the result of trying some different grips and getting himself out of sorts. He’s very hopeful that he can be back in time for the series in San Diego, his hometown. Look for a story on the site later today.

TIGERS (28-37)

  1. Renteria, SS
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Guillen, 3B
  4. Ordonez, DH
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Thames, LF
  7. Rodriguez, C
  8. Clevlen, CF
  9. Raburn, RF

WHITE SOX (37-28)

  1. Orlando Cabrera, SS
  2. Brian Anderson, CF
  3. Carlos Quentin, LF
  4. Paul Konerko, DH
  5. Jermaine Dye, RF
  6. Joe Crede, 3B
  7. Nick Swisher, 1B
  8. Alexei Ramirez, 2B
  9. Toby Hall, C


Well, no Inge today, at least we get to see if Marcus can knock another. I was really hoping Inge would be on third though!

I was hoping to see Inge at 3rd too. With as many ground balls as Kenny gets, he needs solid defense behind him.
I’m also hoping Raburn can do something at the plate today. It’s been a while, and we need the bottom third of the order to contribute in order to sweep.
The news on Vance Wilson really stinks. I feel bad for the guy. I hope his surgery is a complete success and his recovery is quick.

Aw man, poor Vance. I was perfectly comfortable with him back in ’06 on the days he’d spell Pudge. He doesn’t deserve all this.

This is the first time Leyland has called up any Toledo farmhand anot played him in an entire week.

Why hasn’t Hollimon seen the lineup yet?

On Bonine, the hottest starter in the past two weeks at Toledo has been Vasquez. Why has Leyland suddenly abandoned his thought-process to pluck the best, hottest starter available?

man.. if you add up vance’s salary and his medical bills, he costs more than miguel caberera!
Gotta win today.. need to put some offense up to back up Kenny.. 1st to 5, wins.

the hottest starter in toledo the past few week is already on the roster, Casey Fossum. The real question is why you’d bring up a guy with a 4+ era in toledo when you got one already with a sub 2 era…
and hollimon is the only farmhand that has been brought up to replace a player that rarely plays… that’s why he hasnt got any playing time cause santiago wouldnt have gotten any either.

when i posted that last comment i didn’t realize quite how awful bonine has been lately or quite how awesome Fossum was in his 4 starts before coming up.
Bonine last 4 starts: 19inn, 18 ER, 30Hits, 7BB, 11K
Fossum last 4 starts: 26.2inn, 3ER, 11Hits, 7BB, 35K
35K and only 11Hits in 26 innings!!! That’s insane.

You are wrong – not once – but twice!

The hottest Toledo starter in the past two weeks – leading up to the 90% chance announcement by Leyland, is Virgil Vasquez – not Bonine.

You are also wrong about Holimon’s inactivity. Please tell me if there’s ever been a 2006-2008 farmhand that’s been called up by Leyland — that hasn’t played in the several games since his call-up?

Add-on to my last post…..

I’m not talking about 9th inning defensive replacement work — I’m talking about lineup insertion at the start of the game???

you sir, are an idiot.

well looks like the tigers are hellbent on spoiling another good start for the kenny.
no patience. sun in their eyes? what the hell.
poor kenny.

Chad and Nostra– what are you guys arguing about? It is true that most farmhands are brought up to replace starters and Leyland plays them almost immediately. Hollimon was brought up to replace Santiago so it is a little more difficult to work him in. Plus– he’s a natural second baseman, so its a little less likely that JL will sit Renteria just so Hollimon gets some playing time. Honestly, if Hollimon playing is the key to our team, we have serious problems.

As far as the minor league starter who comes up, I don’t think its JL’s call– they usually take who is recommended in the minors.

Finally– as far as the game is concerned– its a 1-1 game. I’m just watching on Gameday but I’m pumped about Kenny’s outing and hoping the Tigers can pull it out in the bottom of the 9th. Let’s get some positive Karma going on here– no more of that “they don’t have any spark” today…

I kinda like this game. it has been a long while since we played a low score close game. I just hope we can get the win. Bottom of the 9th. Here’s our chance.

These last two games have been very fast paced. It sure is nice. And Cabrera is the winner. Excellent game! Gotta love it!

hell yeah! Go MIGGY!

we needed this sweep but we gotta keep it going into interleague..

Yea Baby nice to see WHEW finally

Well, Cabrera is starting to earn some of that paycheck….nice job on the walk-off.

Like I said last night, WOOOOOOHOOOOOO. That’s what we’ve been waiting for! GO TIGERS!

This is the kind of games we have been waiting all year for.

See– that’s karma for you! Cabrera seems to be coming out of his funk and I’m feeling better about the Tigers getting back into it. Booyah!

Two hours four minutes. Thats even better than a Verlander game!

And of all things Todd Jones get the win!!!!!!!!!!

All I have to say is NICE!!!!!. It seems like in 2006 we got a lot of those walk off homers, nice to see it again. Kenny was awesome, maybe just as good as Verlander last night, too bad he couldnt get the win, Oh well I am sure he will just take the win.

Yeah,gotta love these well played games.The starters in this series were sensational.Anyone hear any definites on whose starting Sat?Still would like to see Minor get a shot.Suppose that isnt very likely though

Lots to like in this series:
– clutch hitting from Miggy
– 6 earned runs for the ChiSox in 3 games– great pitching.
– Todd Jones did a nice job in two games.
– Dolsi continued to impress with some quality innings.
– Polly is fully back and is great in that second hole.
– For me– the Inge/Pudge rotation is working. Love the ability to move Brandon to 3rd and bring Pudge in for two late inning defensive upgrades. This is almost like having a second relief pitcher for the last two innings.
– Nate showed that he can hang in there throughout a full game. We’re gonna need him to keep this up.
Things to improve on:
– Play Thames more– the guy’s a beast and Clevlen and Raburn while interesting don’t have his immediate upside.
– Curtis is really struggling. If we’re going to make a run, he needs to turn it around.
– Our starters have to stay healthy (those that remain)
– Would really help to have healthy and productive Zumaya and Rodney in the ‘pen. Still, they’re no good unless they’re 100%.
That’s all. here’s hoping they can ride this wave against the Dodgers. Its tough for them to play three more and then fly to the West Coast– hopefully we can take advantage of a struggling Giants team…

I had to go into work today so I DVRed the game and just finished watching it. I didn’t know the outcome until I saw it.
It’s been so long since the Tigers have put together anything close to this that I’ve forgotten what we’re supposed to do. Virtual high fives? Group hug? 🙂
That was a very very good ballgame, and I was saying that even while we were still trailing, 1-0. As for the past week, I think we all pretty much got what we wanted. And the season series with Chicago is suddenly a more manageable 4-5. Polly turned red hot, and if different guys get into hot streaks at different times, rather than all at once like they have been, we’ll win a bunch of games.
Let’s please avoid the personal attacks. There’s been nothing like that here in the three years I’ve been on this blog, and that’s something to be proud of. It would be good to keep it that way.

I have to say- it took a little effort finaggling my work day to get a 3 hour lunch- to pick up my 6 yo from school ( a surprise to him!) and making it to our seats in the bottom of the 6th…….and then fighting traffic back uptown to go back to work…..but worth every minute!
I’m cautiously optimistic AGAIN- but I have to say baseball feels good today, really good.
And ditto on the personal attacks- not the place for it.
High five and a hug to you, Rich.

Great going .. Full Marks to JL and the whole team. They took a lot of crap before, so credit to them. Sweeping the division leaders is a nice statement.
Our strong suit was inter league games .. so hope we can make up some ground.
Things came together, starters, runs and the pen. It was a team effort.
We need some kind of consistency now.. with everyone knowing there place and role on the team.

the dodgers and padres have, as of this whole season, been playing (to qoute barkley) ‘tuuuribbble’ baseball. so i think this weekend will be pleasant, if not another sweep, and SD has been awful this year…. just awful….. so…. we have a pretty good shot at either of these interleague series.

i think it would be a huge confidence boost to take these upcoming interleague series.
as for this week so far, just good baseball. quality. JV earned his nickname on Wednesday night, imo. Kenny really played a great game today, unfortunately he didn’t get the win, but that’s okay.
I love the catcher rotation. I am hoping this isn’t one of JL’s famous…”this is what i’m going to do” and then change his mind a few days later, but so far it’s working in our favor. Brandon isn’t the best hitter on the team, but I don’t think anyone thought he was going to be. I’d rather see him at 3rd but having him in the lineup is definately better than seeing him on the bench.
Maybe this weekend they’ll let Renteria sit for a game and give Hollimon a chance? maybe not. We’ll see. I’m just really interested in seeing Hollimon play, that’s all.
On a completely different note…a guy I go to college with at Wayne State, Anthony Bass, was recently drafted in the 5th round to the San Diego Padres organization, so Congratulations to him…you guys will have to watch for him in the upcoming years. He’s a pitcher.


I agree about the personal attacks. This site is an oasis, where I don’t have to endure the childishness, name-calling, and hatred that I see on so many other blogs. Let’s all agree not to make personal attacks on each other or players.
A while ago, I did refer to Dan’s “rants”. But I qualified that by explaining that I always enjoy them. People like Dan, Rich, and Marty are really watching closely, and certainly know a lot more about baseball than me. It’s been a pleasure reading everyone’s posts.
Let’s keep it that way.

I’ m not sure where an appropriate place is to offer condolences to Aquilino Lopez might be, but if you can , Jason, please add my name to the list. I know there is a great bunch of other fans here that feel the same way.

Absolutely, Dan. Those of us who have gone through this know how tough it can be.
I see that Cruceta cleared waivers and is with Toledo now. So every club passed on him after he was reported to be in hot demand over the winter. Either every club is smarter than ours or we got away with one. I think Cruceta can be a project myself.
Perhaps Cruceta’s 50-game suspension for steroids is what turned the other clubs off. This brings me to the Jay Gibbons letter that Dan posted yesterday. As was said by Shuggard, why are some guys being punished severely while others are not? Now I’m not saying a 50-game suspension isn’t severe punishment, but the fact is, Cruceta is still in baseball while Gibbons is reduced to lobbying for any kind of work and is willing to donate his salary to charity. There’s something not clear in all this.
Here’s one for you official scorekeepers out there. Chicago’s run yesterday was counted as an earned run. Seems to me that Konerko only got into scoring position because of Raburn’s error and there wouldn’t have been a sac fly from Dye. Crede did follow with a single but that seems like a scoring reach to me. Anyone know how this ends up being an earned run?

it was a double with 0 out, and konerko went to 3rd on the error. So he was already in scoring position before the error. There wouldnt have been a sac fly but he might have moved up to 3rd before the single. Who knows?!

Good to see all you regulars posting, I also agree on the personal attacks, my recommendation is that “name callers” need to check out the Free Press blog. I checked it out one time and will never go back. As far as the post by Dan about Jay Gibbons is that he never even tested positive, his name was simply in the Mitchell report. The guys that test positive get a suspension and come right back. I don’t agree with the steroid use AT ALL but why are they punishing people who didn’t fail the tests? Clemens was a different story, he has completely lied about it! I hope Jay Gibbons gets a 2nd chance. Wherever that may be! On a good note let’s hope our Tigers are really back, and take it to the Dodgers!!! GO TIGERS

By the way, I must have missed it, what happened with Lopez?

Bout Lopez .. I read that his Dad passed away … we all are with him in his moment of grief …

From the Toledo Blade:
“BALLS AND STRIKES: ………- Clete Thomas (sprained right ankle) might go out on rehab assignment this weekend, likely to Toledo. … Gary Sheffield (left oblique strain) said if he is not able to rejoin the Tigers soon, when he’s healthy he may visit the Hens for a short rehab assignment.”

Thank you, I didn’t here that. I agree with Dan, add me to the list also. My condolences to Aquilino. From all Tiger fans!

Great series and possible turning point against the ChiSox.
Hate to be bringing up negatives but I think they still need to make a few changes.
First of all Raburn. I don’t see what is being accomplished by keeping him on the roster right now. He doesn’t play much, is not producing when he does play and needs to be getting some reps. He is a decent ballplayer but he needs to be working on his swing yet. JL expressed a plan to hit Curtis against LHP. Keeping Granderson out in order to get Raburn in is a not a plus situation. I could see keeping Curtis out against a premium southpaw in order to get a guy like Marcus in or maybe even Inge at 3B, but not Raburn.
Also, I hope they have the good sense to get Inge in at 3B on Saturday for Bonine’s start. The guy gets a lot of ground balls and you can either convert them to outs or you can deal with the frustration of seeing them become singles. Get your best “D” in for that start please.

I guess I’m bringing up a negative too, because I think the same thing. 🙂

Raburn needs some time at Toledo to get his stroke back, that seems clear. He had a nice bunt yesterday, I will say that. What I would like to do, when Thomas and Sheff are ready, is replace Raburn and Larish. I think Clete brings more to the table and Sheff is going into that DH spot, it’s a “no brainer.” I want to keep Clevlen with the club. He’s struggling offensively, but he can make a solid contribution with his glove. If he hit as much as .260, that would be golden. Larish obviously needs to get some more ABs under his belt before he can be counted on, especially as a DH of all things.
Tomorrow is Pudge’s turn to catch, so yeah, a good time for Guillen to take a day as DH. Inge at third. Whatever they do tomorrow, I’m going to be listening to it in spanish. 🙂

I think the reason Raburn is still in Detroit is because he’s another backup catcher. If Pudge had been injured while Inge was out with the oblique issue, I think Raburn would have been catching. Yes, they could have brought a true catcher up from Toledo, but Raburn can also play the outfield and several infield positions. Even though he isn’t hitting well, his defense is still valuable.

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