Zumaya tonight

The good news, according to associate reporter Scott McNeish: Zumaya hit 100 mph on the Fifth Third Field radar gun — twice. The bad news: After retiring the side on a hit and a walk in his opening inning, he didn’t retire a batter in his second inning.


All i have to say is WOOOOHOOOOO! That’s more like it!
Game over!

I had to watch this game on Gameday because I am blacked out of MLB.TV when they play Chicago and there was no regular TV broadcast of the Sox game. What a game to miss. Verlander was very good. No walks. A complete game. The Tigers gave him some support. Wow! Two in a row against the Sox. When was the last time that happened? And the Sox had just destroyed the Twins. Now for the sweep? Is it Rogers Thursday? We have a good chance.

Great to see Justin use that fastball.I believe that was the first complete game of the season for the entire staff.CG made a couple nice plays in the 9th,and as someone previously posted Cab really hustled for that pop.This was a fun game to watch. I hope they keep up this type of solid play

Excellant Effort put forth by Justin, and the team. Good Game. Period!
So many ways a day to day player can effect a game , while a starting pitcher can only effect the outcome once out of 4 or 5.
Just beating the leading division team, and going for a sweep? HUGE!
Lets keep it going.. and not stop till the pennant is ours!

Just got back from the game and what a good game to see. Justin was excellent, the hitting was good enough. And thats great. Lets keep it going.
Zumaya needs to simmer down and pitch the way he can. We need him back.

First off, I’d like to say that if I hear Jim Leyland say that “momentum is only as good as your next day’s starting pitcher” one more time, I’m going to throw something at the TV. That is just so much BS. There IS such a thing as momentum, in ALL sports. If a baseball team truly has it, they’ll play over a poor pitching performance. Just seems to me that repeating this mantra over and over tells his team that you can’t win if you don’t get a good performance from your starting pitcher. I’d rather have my team thinking they can overcome ANYTHING.
Okay, end of today’s rant.
I thought Verlander’s stuff tonight was every bit as good as he had for the no-hitter. The only difference is that this time four of them fell in and there were no seagulls to distract the hitters. Darned excellent pitching performance. It can turn on a dime, though. If Clevlen doesn’t make that catch, who knows what happens? Or if the guy was called safe at second in the ninth (and he was safe), things change. This is just winning baseball. You make the plays and you get the breaks. The Tigers have gotten very little of either so far this year.
I think JL will be able to get mileage out of both Thames and Clevlen. One carries a game-changing bat and the other, teamed up with Granderson, gives us a defensive advantage in the outfield. And I don’t want to leave Maggs out of this. He threw a rope to nail A.J. at second. With Clevlen, at least, I won’t have to lobby for more playing time for Marcus. I like good defense, in case you haven’t noticed. 🙂
I know the nagging injuries play into this, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Inge at third on Pudge’s days to catch and Guillen at DH. Larish can DH on the alternate days. All of this becomes moot when Sheffield returns, because he will be taking over the DH duties. Everyone who has convinced themselves that Sheff is finished will just have to deal with it, I guess. I think there’s still some bullets in that old rifle.
The important thing is that the team is playing better. Maybe it’s the haircuts everyone seems to have gotten at the same time. 🙂 Except for that crazy occurence with Dontrelle, we could easily have five in a row. I’ll take the 4 out of 5, and that we’ve taken this series already. Now let’s get that sweep and move on into interleague play. Unless those teams have Koufax, Drysdale, Mays and McCovey, we’ve got a good shot at ’em.

For all of the Inge critics, did you notice how well defensively he played tonight? Just a good old boy from Virginia living out a dream. He is truly a blessed athlete(notice I didn’t say blessed hitter), and wer’e lucky the trade wasn’t made in the spring. Just a good solid game, two nights in a row, and against those nauseating White Sawx. I hope Harrelson choked on his score card tonight.

Be impossible for him to choke on his scorecard because he always has his foo in his mouth.
Ingie did have a nice game behind the plate and I think he may have had a litle fun tonight at the ball yard.
I hope he plays 3B tomorrow.
We need Kenny to have October intensity tomorrow.

Andrew Miller 7 IP, 4 H, 1 BB 7 Ks

lol dan, as long as october intensity doesn’t involve a patch of mud on his left hand🙂
jim rome still talks about ‘the gambler’ ‘not cheating’ even though ‘yeah he was cheating’

its fascinating that the weekend series with the dodgers, (that will be televised here in california) occurs on a day where we’re moving.
and we wont have the cable transfered until tuesday (day after series ends lol)
cruel injustice.

I often slam Verlander, but tonight he had it going. Great to see the guy on. That breaking ball makes all the difference. Be nice to see him develop another pitch, he needs that.

Zumaya?? He’ll be inconsistent I think until he learns to control that adrenaline. I’d use him as the 5th, 6th inning guy rather in games where the starter falls short too soon.

Rondey?? More valuable to the team than Zumaya although not the crowd favorite. And Dolsi…….LOVE the dude. He’s got the mentality a reliever needs and unlike Zumaya, it’s under control. MLB hitters can tee off on a 100 mph fastball, IF they know it’s coming and with Zumaya…..they usually know when it’s coming….

I know you all couldn’t wait to hear my takes on the pitchers!!?

Gee Mitch,I dont know about Verlander.I thought his overuse of the breaking ball was what got him at 2-9.Last night he was getting a lot of first pitch pop-ups on the fastball.Velocity is up 3-4 mph from earlier and has increased the separation from his change-up,which he used exclusively(change-up) for his strikeout pitch last night.Whatever it is,I sure hope he keeps it up.We need him……………….Brandon has yet to commit an error at any position this year

I see that Ordonez is the DH today. If Granderson does not play then Clevlen could be in CF, Thames in RF and perhaps Guillen in LF and Inge at 3B.
JL says he is going to hit Granderson against southpaws, not sure if he means every southpaw though. I think he could hit off Buerhle.
One thing, if Clevlen does play at least he would be playing at a time when he is feeling good about himself. And he is going to hit the long ball for us sooner rather than later. This may be the day to play him.

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