While you're waiting …

for this game to restart, here’s an item of note courtesy of baseball-reference.com and retrosheet.org: Since 1956, only two other pitchers besides Dontrelle Willis tonight have allowed eight earned runs with three hits or less. Kerry Wood allowed eight runs on two hits in four innings, thanks to six walks against the White Sox on June 16, 2002. The other was Randy Johnson, who walked 10 batters over 4 1/3 innings, resulting in eight runs on three hits on May 1, 1992 at Baltimore.


Willis is in good company. Let’s hope he gets straightened out and resembles Johnson the rest of the way. Wood? Well, that jury is still out I think.

Not very impressive.. I would have loved to have seen the ninth inning linup of young kids that Leyland put in to have cut loose and tied it up.. but *sigh*.. it didn’t happen.. 6 runs is too much… Another day…

Cleveland can’t hit. They’re worse offensively than we’ve been and that’s hard to believe. The only thing that kept us from taking 3 of 4 was tonight’s starter, Mr. Willis. We can’t even blame it on Bonderman’s injury. If Bondo was healthy, he would have started yesterday and Willis tonight, while I guess Galarraga would have come into an 8-0 game in the second inning. But again, we would have taken tonight’s game with anything short of the little league appearance we got from Willis.
Let’s be clear. The dude pitched like this in spring training, he pitched like this in April, he pitched like this in Toledo and he’s pitching like this now. Why on earth would you run him out there again on Saturday? Face it, we got hosed on this deal. DD, you owe a payback to the Marlins club. I hope Mr. Willis enjoys those millions. I’m remembering, like Dan, the time Al Kaline refused a $100K contract because he thought he hadn’t earned it.
Meanwhile, we all have to suffer. I can hardly stand to watch him.
We needed this game.

I really do admire Thames power. But as the last two games demonstrate, he is not an every day player. It’s that surprise element, knowing that he can hit it out most anytime. I don’t think you’d see the same results with him as a regular. On the other hand, he’s doing no worse in the clutch than anyone except Po- Man. As we’ve all said, anything short of a sweep of the obnoxious “Sawx” pretty much ends our season. The D-Train needs to be like the little engine that could at least throw strikes. I’ve not seen a better example of how finesse pitchers give up lots of HRs
and still win; the difference my friends is solo for finesse, and so long for the free runs given by walks. Closing on a positive point, nice job by the Lefty Bullpen, and great job of hitting Po-Man.


What a disapointment! Dontrelle did NOThing to inspire the team, or protect his starter position.. he is absolutely useless as a starter.. and to use him as a reliever to go in bull pen to stop the runs from scoring? Ha! He really needs to go down and get some mechanics straightened out.. shameful to see pitching like that over and over. Lots of good points posted yesterday and today.
What did DD and JL do to the Marlins to deserve this retribution?
I certainly wonder what might become of Pudge. Inge is super valuable in so many ways. I don’t care if he isn’t a silver slugger every year. Are Detroit pitchers becoming more comfortable throwing to Brandon or Pudge ?
Will Vance Wilson ever be able to play?
IS this team trying to get rid of Leyland? It looks like lots of good money wasted for no reason for talent this year.. and looks like its crumbling.. the fingers point to Detroit.. you can’t buy a World Series!

That was some postgame show by Leyland. Obviously the game story is Willis, and that’s the one thing he refuses to talk about. Then he sort of gets in the face of any further attempts at questions regarding……..the game story. Jason, I’ve got to hand it to you. I wouldn’t have the patience to do your job.
Maybe we should all find something more useful to do with our time. Obviously we don’t have the intelligence required to follow baseball. Let’s just step back and allow Mr. Leyland to carry on, no questions asked. It doesn’t seem our presence is required at the ballpark or in front of our TVs and computers.
Good night.

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