Inge, Pudge to alternate at catcher

Brandon Inge is in the lineup today behind the plate, and according to Jim Leyland, he’s going to be there every other game. He wants to get more rest for Pudge, he said, but he also alluded to need to catch Inge some more.

“Inge needs to catch,” Leyland said. “He needs to catch some. We need to find out if he can do it.”

Leyland did not say how long he’d be going with this setup. And when asked if next season had anything to do with it, Leyland said, “We’re putting the cart before the horse. We’re getting way ahead here.”

Still, with Rodriguez a free agent at season’s end, you can see something coming.

Anyway, here’s the lineup:

TIGERS (26-36)

  1. Renteria, SS (de facto leadoff vs. LHP for now)
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Thames, DH
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Guillen, 3B
  7. Inge, C
  8. Clevlen, LF
  9. Granderson, CF

INDIANS (28-35)

  1. Franklin Gutierrez, CF
  2. Ben Francisco, LF
  3. Victor Martinez, 1B
  4. Ryan Garko, DH
  5. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  6. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  7. Casey Blake, 3B
  8. Kelly Shoppach, C
  9. Josh Barfield, 2B


looks like we’re officially looking to next season, eh?

I know alot of people dont care for Pudges bat,but I hope he gets resigned.He is still one of the best catchers in the game.We cant afford to get any worse in the field.we put out good defense in 2006 which correlates with good pitching.Now with all the sluggers and real bad defense we cant seem to win.I believe that a good portion of our ballooning e.r.a. comes from this lack of defense

Yikes! Please no. It is only going to get worse with Pudge. Pudge makes some great plays launching out from behind the plate on bunts and chops, and he throws with the best of them still. But, he is not staying down on some pitches in the dirt like he used to. He is getting more passed balls and saving less wild pitches.
I hope they don’t carry Pudge next year. I am not convicned Inge can do the job but i would rather see that happen than endure another season of anti-clutch hitting. I think we need a catcher.
I think Guillen becomes the main DH next year unless he shows he can play hi-level 3B.
What am I doing? I don’t want to talk about next year!
Go Dontrelle, show us you still got it and throw us shutout today.

Inge is not much of a loss in Defense, he may even be better at this point in Pudge’s career. Inge has a terrific arm, and has always done well at Catcher. His offense has always been the downside and he’s been on par with pudge offensively of late. It doesn’t hurt that he’s far cheaper. I’d rather see Inge at 3B, but I don’t see that happening. He should be there now, with Guillen playing the only position he really can (DH), but for some reason they’re putting rookies in at DH.

pudge, for me, is the single largest and ultimate and complete disappoint to me for the tigers this year. i mean we are talking about an elderly catcher in a CONTRACT year….. i should retire after this pitiful season.
i had high hopes for pudge this offseason, mostly because it IS a contract year. i think he’s done, and should retire before he watches HOF voting year after year after year w/o him on the ballot. just simply, and remarkably, pathetic. but boy, he sure lit up those nobodies in spring training, eh?
anyways. i dont like granderson hitting 9th either. sure he’s slumping, but so is renteria. neither of these guys are hitting, and dumping one of the only positive and happy and content man on the team to NINTH is insanity. sure he hit a homer yesterday, but come on. he’s middle of the pack, if not a pure 3rd guy. and for that matter…. why put thames in 3rd instead of MCAB? management needs to go bye-bye after this dreadfully dissappointing and borderline PATHETIC showing so far.
no one knows WTF is going on. no real solutions, no real answers. no real baseball.

sorry for all the grammatical errors in the last post, i’m distracted by work. first paragraph, last sentance, should read ‘i think pudge should retire after this pitiful season.’

Maybe Dontrelle can our new LF, 3b, C, etc… He looks finished as a pitcher, that’s for sure.

I don’t think he’s finished. He is a pretty ineffective pitcher right now, one that you know you will not get consistency out of. He may not get it back for a while but he still has the arm. I honestly don’t know how he ever threw strikes with his bizarre delivery.

Rod Allen is right on about Willis’ front foot.

Well he’s finished tonight, that’s for sure.

Marlins got the best of the tigers when they included willis in the trade ,they are laughing every time willis pitches,glad that they got rid of him

How does it feel to be Cliff Lee right now? He has a cake walk to victory #10.
I can understand the frustration, disappointment and anger over what we have seen from Willis this year. But I think there is little you can do but stick it out with him and hope for the best. After the All-Star game (by the way all the dozen All Stars we have will certianly not start and most not even go).
After that what do you do. No one will want Dontrelle if he can’t throw strikes. You bite the bullet and hope Japan is interested I guess.

Time to say good night. This is a game not worth commenting on and probably not worth watching. maybe they will put Hollimon in and make it semi-interesting.

Lee appears to be putting his foot down in the same spot as Dontrelle.. D-train just sucks right now.. it’s like he has no idea where the ball is gonna go when he throws it. It’s rediculous. I don’t care how much money they gave him, he has no business on a big league roster right now. But this season is quickly going down the drain so i guess they might as well just leave him in the rotation. It’d be nice if them get a decent pitching coach sooner rather than later to help him figure out what the heck is wrong cause chuck hernandez sure as heck isn’t getting anything done.
If they do not sweep the white sox this season is officially over and it’s time to look towards next year. All but 6 or 7 guys should be on the block, they should be trying everyone out that they wanna keep at the positions they want them to play next year.
That replay did not illustrate what he was saying.. they are putting their feet down in the same damn spot, cliff lee is standing slightly more toward 3rd on the mound.

Well, I tell ya what I”d do tonight. I’d pull Renteria right now and let Hollimon have a shot in a reduced pressure situation. Might also let Raburn have a turn behind the plate after Inge gets a couple of ABs. JL could let Brandon throw an inning.
Other than novelty, there is little entertainment value left in this one.

With Willis I really believe it is both mechanical and mental. His release point and delivery motion is not consistent. That just seems obvious. But mentally I think he is broken. I mentioned it last time he pitched. The first batter he walked it just seemed written all over his face, “oh no, here we go again.” If you’re watching the ESPN broadcast of the game Orel Hershieser has talked about his front shoulder flying open and his glove hanging down by his ankles on follow through. Orel is just brilliant in my opinion. I happen to like Chuck Hernandez as a pitching coach. But why is Orel not somebodies pitching coach???
Severe weather moving in. Wouldn’t it be a shame if this game gets wiped out before the 5th inning. That would be terrible…
I wonder what Pudge’s attitude is about being told he will be platooned with Inge. If he doesn’t react well to that then there could be serious clubhouse issues. Of course, this may be one of Leyland’s brain farts that he decides in three days he won’t follow through on. I will never go south on Pudge. He’s definitely my Tiger. Without Pudge this Tiger franchise is probably still languising without a whole lot of hope. Him coming to Detroit gave this franchise credibility and for that alone I will never call for his job.

I would not be surprised to see Willis go on th eDL.
Eddie Bonine?

I have been looking for turning points this season. Maybe this is it. A spanking by a division rival negated by a thunderstorm?
Sheffiled playing left didn’t do it.
Guillen and Cabrera swithcing positions didn’t do it.
A 3 game sweep of the Yankees in NY didn’t do it.
Beating Boston and Papelbon didn’t do it.
Sweeping the Maringers didn’t do it
Leyland tearing a strip off the club didn’t do it.
Maybe a well timed rain-out will do it!!!

Jason, nice article on Pudge/Inge/Leyland. Not easy to do one like that. The writing is on the wall for Pudge but it is a lot harder to put it on paper.

Hi all.
From the radar, it appears that this will push on through so we should have more baseball tonight. Too bad.
I think Rod Allen had the right idea about Willis but comparing it with Lee wasn’t a good way to demonstrate it. I’d noticed the same thing and, as has been said, I don’t see how this guy ever threw a strike with that delivery. I’m sure most pitching coaches see what the problem is, but it’s up to Dontrelle to fix it. That doesn’t seem to be happening. I don’t know what they do with him now. DD was foolish to hand him that huge contract, but that’s in the past now. It seems to me that if he continues in the rotation, that if he’s allowed to experiment in big league games, that’s a signal from the club that this season is over. There’s no way I let this guy start another game until he’s worked it out in the minors. If Dontrelle doesn’t want to do that, well then, a lot of Mr. Ilitch’s money has been wasted. That’s between him and DD. This is a 26-year old pitcher with problems. I’d treat him as any other 26-year old pitcher with problems. I don’t care what he did in the NL three seasons ago.
They brought in Bautista and I realized just how many pitching experiments we’ve tried this year. Denny looked good, though.
I think we’ve got another starter right here on the club. His name is Zach Miner. With Rodney/Zumaya (Butch and Sundance) returning, it solves the problem of what to do with Zach. We don’t need three LH starters anyway. Failing that, then Bonine or whoever else we got down there.
I can’t believe that JL even contemplated replacing Galarraga with Willis. Are you kidding me? I’ll hand it to Jim, though, for manning up and taking the hit for something that I believe is beyond his control. Control being the key word here.
When you think about it, how is a team supposed to play a clean and crisp game behind this kind of pitching? Defeated before we even started.

How ironic. Hernandez visits the mound twice, and the very next batter goes deep. Wonder what he told Willis? Think you have to question the job Hernandez is doing. Don’t see the kind of improvement with young arms that you would expect or like to see. When a new guy to your team (Galarraga) is your best starter, you have to wonder??? Leyland was impressed with Dontrelle’s last start when he walked 5 and got by unscathed. I think we all know you can’t do that with regularity and not get tagged as the Indians proved tonite. The Tigers simply have to get someone to get Willis’ mechanics straightened out. He shouldn’t pitch another Major League game until that happens, IMO.


Hey Rich,
I think it really is tougher for JL to have to manage contracts than to manage players. An above blogger was right on; the Marlins snicker that we have their lefty and theu have ours. And though Miller is not on top yet, his upside is on the Northern end of North America while D -Train looks happy in an igloo. I sure hope this game is rained out. It was so critical.


Darn. Even the weatherman is in a slump.

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