New faces, but similar lineup

If you were looking for a lot of changes in the lineup today with all the roster changes, keep looking. Jim Leyland said he plans on starting Brent Clevlen in LF for the next three days, but not until tomorrow — when the Indians have three straight lefties going. Michael Hollimon will pretty much assume Ramon Santiago’s old role as utility infielder, which probably means not a whole lot of playing time — though with 13 games over the next 13 days, one could imagine him getting a few games to give Edgar Renteria and Placido Polanco some rest.

The one interesting change is the second day of Guillen-Inge switch. Guillen makes the start in LF, while Inge returns at 3B. He had his left oblique wrapped to protect it, but he’s healthy enough to play.

TIGERS (24-35)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Guillen, LF
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Larish, DH
  7. Renteria, SS
  8. Rodriguez, C
  9. Inge, 3B

INDIANS (27-33)

  1. Grady Sizemore, CF
  2. Ben Francisco, LF
  3. Victor Martinez, C
  4. Ryan Garko, 1B
  5. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  6. David Dellucci, DH
  7. Casey Blake, 3B
  8. Franklin Gutierrez, RF
  9. Asdrubal Cabrera, 2B


This appears to show a commitment to tightening up the overall defense, so I’m in favor of that. It’s impossible to get the perfect mix out of the current roster, so it is what it is. Let’s just play hard and smart. Byrd won’t walk anybody, so be ready to swing.

Well…good to see Brandon back in the game.

tigers dont walk anyways rich…..
first pitch swings here we come! yay lets go doubleplayball……..
though i agree with AR9496.
i’m just real bummed about my favorite team in all of sports.

just saying…i am a LITTLE surprised…JL didn’t put Hollimon in to DH today, since that’s apparently our new style…calling up a Triple-A player to DH, haha.

Naw, Larish is killing it as DH. Gotta keep him in there. He’s batting an even…

But on the bright side, Verlander seems to be back. We’ll need him next year.

well…i read the comments from Jason’s last post and in regards to the leadership situation/lack of leadership situation…
i’m not sure why someone isn’t stepping up to be the team leader…i would make the assumption that they all care about the team, but that would be naive. With all the trades in the post season, we have guys on our team who are Detroit Tigers according to their jerseys, but not necessarily in their hearts.
ALSO–I think more guys should follow the “Don’t think, have fun” philosophy that Grandy has written underneath the bill of his cap. They’re all obviously good baseball players or else they wouldn’t be playing at this level.
Keep the faith.

Just got home and tried to put the game on MLBTV and got stymied. Checked the line score and saw it was scoreless and Verlander had given up no hits. Tried to get Gameday gaoing and by the time I could get that to work they had 3 runs!.
Maybe I might have jinxed them–that would be as rational an explanation as any other this year.
Anybody else having trouble with MLBTV or Gameday Audio?

What ever happened to the announced plan of playing Marcus Thames everyday in LF? It lasted about two days, one of which he hit two home runs. With the run scoring juggernaut that will all know this Tigers club to be, it’s no wonder an corner OF with a big bat can’t crack the lineup. Can they posibly get more clueless? Trade Thames to a team that will give the poor guy a chance. He deserves better.

How long will it take until the right people realize that Verlander doesn’t know how to pitch up to his potential?? This guy needs to get back down into the IL or somewhere where he can go back under the mental knife with some good tutor of the pitching game.

Who cares if he strikes out 20 guys a game. He has so little concentration on what he’s doing and what it takes to pitch 7-8 “good” innings.

For one thing, how about slowing down just a little bit and thinking about placement and the fact that it’s not the same for every hitter and the fact that not every pitch should be over the meat of the plate!?!?!? I’ve never seen a guy who so chronically wouldn’t use the entire area!!!

If there is one thing the Tigers DON’T need it’s a “closer” with a ERA of 6.00(well, it will be again!!) and a so called staff leader with an ERA of 5.00. That’s just rediculous. Leyland should walk out to the mound, and smash that dude right in the face!!!! DUDE, EITHER GROW UP, of get the heck out of here !!!!!


Well I know what you mean about his pacing himself. You are dead on with this as sometimes he thinks so robotically that it makes you wonder if he is considering evolving situations. He does not seem to understand that in developing a rhytm of his own he is also developing a rythm for the hitters. He does need to address this. Verlander has great talent and a personality that needs to coordinate a bit more with that talent.
I can’t get any live action of any sort on the game tonight. I hope some of you folks can keep this forum updated at the end of the inning.

Yes, I am Dan. Very frustrating.

I feel like I am in the Coma Zone with the hitters!
Paul Byrd? Yuck, they gotta do better than that. What do they have 2 hits?

Very. It’s hard for me to criticize these guys if I can’t see what they are doing!
What happened on Blake’s (typical .230 hittter who kills us) double? Did Guillen make a play on it?

I mean, no I can’t keep you updated Dan, cause I’m not getting it either.

Hey folks marty and I need you to talk to us.

Marty, best I can tell it is 3-1 for the Tribe. Inge just hit a solo HR

Geez…that’s terrible about Gameday and MLBTV…
nothing too exciting has happened in this game(obviously).
Indians have a runner on 3rd with 2 outs

Hey….. Thanks.

Byrd has a 2-5 record which matches JL lifetime winning pct as a manager

LARISH just hit a homerun.

Best I can tell is that Verlander got himself in trouble with a couple of walks. I do see in the box score he has thrown 115 pitches after 7 innings so he would be done for the day.
Also saw Pudge left a runner on in scoring position. That’s usually when he strikes out. Am I right about that/
Losing to another bad team (they are bad so far this year) and again, no hitting from this vaunted Tiger lineup. I can just hear Jim Price now with his carbon copy wrap up of the ball game. “It’s just unbelievalble, this just can’t happen game after game”.
Larish will be sent packing pretty soon by the looks of things. Tough to be a rookie called up to this club right now.
Instant pressure and not a fun or exciting clubhouse environment.

That’s great. Glad for him–hope there was a man on!
Not sure what hitting a HR means on this club though anymore. Didn’t Thames just pop a few recently? We all know what kind of reward he got for that!

He hit a ball to the wall that was caught, actually…surprising, i know.
Well…FSNDetroit interviewed JV midgame and he said something about the numbers not showing the performance once again and not getting offensive backup.

nope…solo shot into the right center stands.

Bautista just served up a homer on a silver platter.. 4-2

wellllll Garko just hit a homerun😦
3-2 pitch and he took it into the far left corner of left field.

I admit to be more than a little cynical about ol’ Pudge.

I see the Tribe answered back. This team is unreal they just can’t seem to get anything going right.

Thanks guys.

mlbtv back on. Thanks again AR and Chad

you’re welcome, have fun watching.

MLBTV -just in time to see 3 up and 3 down.
These guys are almost depressing to watch. We have our closer in and we’re 2 runs down. I guess JL is not very hopeful that he will pitch in a closing type situation anytime soon.
4 hits. Unreal.

Bottom of 9 coming up. There was a time that 2 runs down in this situation did not feel ike an impossibility to win.
That was then…this is now.

Dan, I got frustrated, took the dog for a walk, came back, and it was top of the 9th. What’d they do, start at 6:30?:) I think I’ll take the dog for another walk……………….

Things are really going from bad to worse. Cabrera looked foolish against Borowski, and that is not easy to do. He walked up to the plate defeated before the first pitch was ever thrown. I hope he doesn’t get so far gone he becomes an enigma and a trivia question.
The Detroit Dismals are not giving Verlander any runs to work with the radio guys said something about him having 10 games this year with his mates scoring either 1 or 0 runs for him. That’s almost too hard to believe.

Tigers are tough. Appearently they have still decided not to hit. They have only gotten 18 hits in their last three games 35 hits in their last six. Not suprising they have only won 1 of those games.
The bad part is that I love the Tigers and I wish I could walk away for a game or two. I am really not having any fun watching these guys and they give me a headache. It is like a train wreck, you just can’t look away. I am in it for the long haul.
I thought they might see something in the city of Detroit today. Something they might want to experience. Appearently they didn’t.
On a side note, had the day off. We meet with some old friends for lunch in Birmingham at the Townsend. (For those who do not know that is where most of the stars and atheletes stay when they come into town.) I saw the Indians leave for the park, then I looked out the window saw Fred Willard (who was in many things but movies like Best in Show, Waiting for Guffman and many others) Then I ran into Yasmine Bleath from Baywatch. Interesting day all the way around. I thought I put the hex on the Indians, but appearently it didn’t work.

I guess another game that Leyland lost tonight. Let’s see as the leadoff heater, he was o-4, two hitter 0-4, he did is jobe as the three hitter, 2-4, and as always was great as cleanup, 0-4; he might have seen 7 pitches in 4 at bats. Nothing from Jim on a leadoff double in the five hole. Oh, I forgot, he walked 4 batters and had 60 pitches in the 4th. inning. Byrd had 80 through 7. Please forgive my sarcasm;
this team is just plain old dead. Even Mike Maroth won 9 games in 2004.

It was not so long ago we were all so filled with hope and excitement. How the mighty have fallen.
I am starting to think there are no answers. One thing for sure, I don’t think there will be a lot of crowds over 40,000 if this travesty continues. If I were living in Detroit I would not be going to any of their games until they started to show that they at least think they can win.

Hopefully facing a trio of lefties will wake this offense.

Yeah JL did not lose the game. HIS team did though. Can’t blame Jim for this one. Truth is, they don’t need a manager. And the truth is Jim is not motivating these guys.
The only interesting thing left about the team this year is the fact that we can analyze who or what is to blame for the atrocious performance we have seen. They’re all to blame and our differences of opinion only serve to send the message that the fans still care about what their team is doing. They actually don’t deserve that from us.
Like GK says, it is a train wreck and we can’t help it. It has to change soon, doesn’t it?
Pretty soon they will be putting ads on TV that encourage their fans to come out to the park to see the home team “turn things around down the stretch in 2008”.
I’d like to see the fans boycott the park.
That being said, what time is the game tomorrow?

I hope we get to see Clevlan this weekend

Try something new tomorrow JL:

Inge 3B
Polanco 2B
Cabrera 1B
Ordonez RF
Guillen DH
Thames LF
Clevlen CF
Renteria SS
Pudge C

And don’t be afraid to bunt the damn ball.

Bruce–I saw somewhere that he was supposed to be starting the next 3 games against the lefties. I would expect that would mean at the expense of Thames in LF and Inge at 3B (Guillen to 3B and Ordonez DH?).
I think the world of Granderson but they do need to sit him at least 2 out of the next 3…so Clevlen could play out in CF too.

You want to hear how bad it is for me? In March I had a tree chopped down in my yard so I could get FSN Detroit from Direct TV just to watch all the games of this juggernaut we call the Detroit Tigers. Maybe I ticked off Mother Nature and she cursed the team.
I just watched Inge say in the postgame that this team will start to hit and win but I really am doubting it myself. They look like an old and tired team going through the motions, once again making an average pitcher look like the second coming of Cy Young. I’ve had enough for tonight.

Dan, Marty, if you had to miss a game this year, this was the one for it. I don’t necessarily mean that in a negative way, it’s just that there wasn’t much to the game.
In a nutshell…..the Tigers didn’t hit again. Verlander pitched well. He had Blake struck out on a pitch on the outside corner but it was called a ball. To be fair, that ump didn’t call that pitch all night. Then came Blake’s double on a curveball he was sitting on. And no, Guillen had no chance at it. Carlos didn’t do anything bad out there. Bautista got himself into a predictable count with Garko, 3-2, and his fastball got hammered. Other than that, he was fine. Then you’ve got the Inge and Larish homers and that was about it.
It’s funny that Inge had only one chance tonight, a popup. It’s even funnier that the entire offense came from Brandon and Larish. Jeff hit the ball hard three times and, as luck would have it, will now sit the next three games. It’s been that kind of year. No way he should play against lefties.
Greg, I get the impression you don’t like talk of Leyland being fired. 🙂 The truth is, he did cost us some games, and so has everyone involved with the club. They’ve all been a real team in that regard.
I don’t think there are any fixes to be had. No firings, no lineup changes, nothing. They’ll have to turn this around by themselves, or they won’t. I do have one thought. If it was me, I’d bench Cabrera. I’d do this because I need to get his attention, his above everyone else’s. He’s playing in a fog and if anyone saw him dully standing between first and second while Blake nearly ran into him running out his double, you’d know what I mean. And I wouldn’t tell him to take a day or two off, I’d tell him he’s out of the starting lineup. Let him reflect on that for awhile. Tough love, if you want to call it that. I’d need to get his attention. He’s better than this.
On leadership. I wasn’t going to address that then I got to thinking about it. A team needs several leaders, not just one. I would think that Brandon Inge had been one of those leaders but his situation has changed drastically. The new guys on this club have no one to look to in that regard. We’ve got a mish-mash of cultures and personalities on this club, perhaps more so than most. The guys you’d think would be leaders aren’t the leadership type. This sort of thing just has to happen, it can’t be invented. It may be quite some time before anyone emerges.
In the meantime, baseball goes on and is still entertaining. Coolest news of the night is that Sean Casey was suspended for three games resulting from that fight the other night. Mr. Mayor, how did THAT happen? 🙂

Thanks for your updates anyway guys, even though I left the house and missed most of the game.
Sometimes I get feeling bad for having turned into a cynical old cuss. Don’t mean to get personal or get disrespectful, but at some point nuff’s enuff. It’s not like these guys are trying to lose. ‘Course they don’t seem to be trying to win either. It’s just that when I’d rather take the dog for a walk than follow a ball game, something’s not right.
If this was a young club learning to win, I could deal with these losses. But this is a veteran team so deep in a losing funk, they seem to have lost all hope of winning. They’ve actually forgotten how. It seems like they expect to lose, and so it’s a self fulfilling prophesy. Worst thing is, we as fans, and they as players are locked into this. I keep hoping that they’ll open the can of spinach, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

Rodney had a rather poor outing for Toledo:
1/3 of an inning 3 ER; 1 H; 2 BBs
Zumaya threw an inning of perfect ball tonight getting 1 K

Hey Rich,
I guess my point is that I think it’s beyond a managerial situation. As I stated the other night, Leyland has pulled some boners. But please go back to the October blogs once again, and you’ll see that I have had concerns with the Cabrera trade from the getgo; not that I don’t see his talent, but just in how he was brought in. Through it all, many bloggers badmouthed Inge, as being the trouble spot on this team; heas not and will not be that. I am naive enough to believe that if Cabrera had been brought in as a left fielder or even 1b, and Inge would have been the everyday third sacker, we would have a better record than we do now. And Inge is no superstar; he’s a throwback player, blood and guts, give it all he has. With the hitting team that everyone thought we had, his defense was sufficient enough to play everyday. Leyland found himself in a bind trying to manage not ateam, but multi-million dollar contracts. Again, baseball today is a business, not a sport; how much have we already heard about whether a team is going to be a buyer or a seller. Curse on Curt Flood and Catfish Hunter.

Well, I’m with you on all that.
Forgot to mention, I spotted ol’ Armando Galarraga tonight, sittin’ out in the pen with the boys. Don’t know that that’s his usual spot to take in a game. Just thought I’d mention it. Managin’ contracts. I like that.

It says in the Bonderman story that Galaragga was in the pen throwing a side session in the 9th .. So he is on track for his usual spot on Monday.
I am curious. Is that a normal thing? .. Throwing a side session in the pen DURING a game?

The Mistake of 08. The Checkbook.

I agree with benching Cab for a while Doubt DD will go for it though.Makes him look bad,Looks like Bondermans on the shelf

I think a little reverse or twisted logic may be needed. I think they should see what happens if the bat Cab 3rd. Get him ahead of Ordonez where he may be able to take advatage of not being able to pitch around him as much.
Cab has always been a #3 or #4 hitter and perhaps he might benefit from a stroke of confidence. It can’t be a worse idea than batting him 6th behind a rookie, that’s for sure.
They need to find some kind of formula (avoiding the word chemisthry here) and perhaps this is one little tweak that might change things up a bit. This way you still have Guillen in a run producing spoit in the lineup too.
JL seems to be fixated on not batting him 3rd for reasons I don’t understand though, so I don’t think it will happen.
I think a message that “you are our guy, we have confidence in you and what you can do, we want to get you in the game early” etc etc might work. If they give it a try and he gets a couple of key hits who knows, it might snap him out of it.
Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is ludicrous.
I figured out why the Tigs didn’t call up Hessman—They are under the impression his first name is Howard.

Hitting Cabby third sounds fine to me. Anything to change it up for him. I didn’t know it was even possible for a ballplayer to sleep on the job. Maybe getting him involved offensively in the first inning would be good.
Bonderman may be going on the DL and it doesn’t seem to matter. How strange is that?
That was a heckuva fracas the Red Sox and Rays engaged in on Thursday. The video is still up on the Red Sox site, so there’s some baseball entertainment if anyone is looking for some. And Casey’s suspension. Sounds like a hockey penalty. “Number 22, Casey, two minutes for fighting.” Just like in “Slapshot.” “You go een the box, by yourself, and……you feel shame. Then you get free.” The Mayor would go nuts by himself in a penalty box with no one to talk to.
The Sox got so pumped up that later in the game, Ramirez and Youkilis almost got into a fight too. Maybe our guys need a good brawl. We haven’t had one since the 2005 “Kyle Farnsworth of the WWF” dust-up.
Blacked out again today. Can’t even get the Tigers game on the spanish station. This is one area where MLB should step up and get a contract where MLB.TV can still show these games, since customers are paying for the subscription. Besides, it’s not like I’m going to actually sit there and watch Cubs-Dodgers just because that’s what Fox is showing in this region.

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