End of the road

Getaway day has arrived, and probably none too soon for the Tigers after four walkoff losses, a few roster changes and more ranting about the lack of production from the offense.

“If this club, to this point, hit like it was expected to, we would be close to first place, in my opinion,” Jim Leyland said this morning. “If this club was doing anything close, we’d be at least in third place.”

He pinned Tuesday’s loss on the offense, but he also reserved some air time for the command woes.

“Twenty-two walks in a Major League game is a disgrace,” Leyland said.

That said, he stressed the positive about Dontrelle Willis’ outing, that when he did walk his way into trouble, he worked out of it. He has a decision to make with Dave Dombrowski on the off-day, because he said he will not do another piggyback start when that rotation spot comes back up next week. He also has to work out a roster move for Denny Bautista, who appears ready to return after back-to-back efficient, scoreless innings the last two nights for Triple-A Toledo.

As for the lineup, Leyland was weighing last night whether to rest Edgar Renteria or Placido Polanco for this game. As it turns out, he’s resting both. He would’ve rested Magglio, too, but a right ankle injury to Clete Thomas ruled out that option. Same with Pudge, who’ll be starting as long as Brandon Inge remains hampered by his left oblique injury.

TIGERS (24-34)

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Guillen, 3B
  3. Thames, LF
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Larish, DH
  6. Cabrera, 1B
  7. Rodriguez, C
  8. Santiago, SS
  9. Raburn, 2B

A’s (32-27)

  1. Jack Hannahan, 3B
  2. Mark Ellis, 2B
  3. Jack Cust, DH
  4. Bobby Crosby, SS
  5. Emil Brown, LF
  6. Daric Barton, 1B
  7. Travis Buck, RF
  8. Carlos Gonzalez, CF
  9. Rob Bowen, C (former Tiger … for one day)

As for me, I’ll be heading back home on a red-eye flight tonight so that I can catch some sleep in the morning and cover the draft tomorrow afternoon. I’ll have gone through this entire West Coast trip without seeing temperatures top 80 degrees, but it sounds like that’ll change pretty soon after I get home. At least it’s warm enough today that I could get a short-sleeve shirt out of my suitcase.


I guess they are going to mail this one in. Gread B lineup in there today. Tigers are killing me.
Go Tigers, GO WINGS,

If you hadn’t noticed this grade B lineup is usually a bit more exciting to watch. My money says they win today.

My money says ducherer makes them look like little leaguers at the plate.

You can blame it on the offense all you want, Jim, but the fact is, this is the offense you have. A few correct decisions on your part would also have us in third or first place.
I knew he’d take that tact.

One would expect a bizarre lineup today and we certainly have one.
Guillen batting 2nd? Larish ahead of Cabrera?
Sitting both your middle infielders?
Nate starts off by not getting the LHB Hanahan. This is a key today. They have a lot of LHB in the lineup and if Nate can’t handle that well it will be a bad end to road trip.

To all MLB General Mangers:
Do you need ****?
Do you need a 3B?
Do you need a C?
Do you need a starting pitcher?
Do you need a closer?
Do you need a DH ?
Do you need a DH ?
Do you need a DH ?
Please call Dave Dombrowski…………….ASAP.

I agree Dan.. i ran off 6 guys i’d definitely like to see gone in a previous post. There are only 5 or 6 i would say are safe.
Wow 15 pitches through 2 innings…
They are due for another shutout.

P.S. Also available: manager and coaching staff.

Does anyone know if Leyland even likes Cabrera? Batting him 6th?! Did he not see the production Cabrera has put out of the 3 and 4 holes that past 3 or 4 years? Yet we see Polanco bat 3rd, Thames, Sheff and his .200 avg. Crazy.

I think there are some subtle implications here to be sure. I figure JL is taking a bit of advantage over Cabrera’s age, newness, contract and lack of production to make him a bit of the scapegoat over the vets.
I’ve thought all along that he should be batting cleanup or failing that 3rd. All of the bizarre lineup switches and all that it would seem very logical to me to try and stimulate this young man, not humiliate him.
We have what we have and using that my lineup would be this:

If Cab is ever going to start hitting then hit him ahead of your top 2 hitters and let him see what he can do. He is new, at a new position, he is pressing, he is embarrassed, he is being scapegoted and the problem is only going to get worse. Try another approach Leyland………while you can.

Well half the game is gone and we have 1 hit. What a powerhouse.
Pudge may never, ever hit another HR. It is an accomplishment when he gets it out of the infield. Somethimes evern that far.
If they blow this game and especially if they lose another squeaker walk off with poor performance, I bet you dollars to donuts we will see Hessman or Clevlen called up.

Well of course there had to be the “one bad inning” to deal with! Nate hurt himself again with the continuing inabilty to get LHB out. The pitching he dealt to Crosby was pretty poor too.
Mario and Rod are going to have to do a lot of research on opposing players this year so that they have something to keep talking about.

My guess is Carlos isn’t gonna do what Chavez did yesterday.
LHB came into this game hitting .338 against Robertson

Remember “clutch” hitting? I hope so.

How many chances is JL going to give Larish before he uses a DH that can get a hit once in a while?

Well- left ’em loaded again. I would rather have had Cabrera up there in that situation than Larish..
But I didn’t make the lineup card out.
Again—-no big hit when it mattered.

Dan.. i came on here just to complian about Larish being up in that situation instead of Miggy.. rediculous.
I don’t understand why he was brought up instead of Hessman anyways.. Wouldn’t you want a guy with the better average, more homeruns, played in a MLB game before, plays a position of greater need?????
On a side-note, if the hitting has been so poor, and leyland considers that the reason they are not in first, then why don’t they consider making a change to the man in charge of hitting?

I’ve said this too many times but we can’t expect to get those impressive power numbers out of Cabrera until he begins to pull the ball with authority. He (and obviously today) hits the ball to deep right center far too often.
They pitch him away and he helps them out. Do we have a batting instructor?

Raburn is lucky he is the emergency catcher. ANOTHER runner on 3rd opportunity squandered by our hitters.
Raburn is showing that he does not belong up here right now. That long swing is absolutley useless.

That should have been a run in and the tying run on third with 1 out.. bull*$#@
If the tigers drop this game.. they will have to go 61-42 just to get to 85 wins. I just don’t see it with them playing like they have been.. it’d be different if they were playing better the past month but they haven’t.. they’ve been playing their worst baseball of the year in May. 10 games under .500 since 5/2.

The only guys capable of providing any excitement on this club are Granderson, Thomas and Santiago. Granderson may have lined out but he hit it hard, and he tried and against a tough LHP.
Though I am looking forward to interleague play so that maybe I can see Todd Jones come up to the plate.

Or Inge pitch.

The tigers don’t want to get shutout until tomorrow night. That’s when Verlander pitches.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow night becasue I can guarantee you they will not lose.

Lol. my bad.. i was confused for a minute, then i realized they don’t play tomorrow. Good one dan.
What is with Santiago’s glove lately?.. he has been just bad in his last few starts.

Fossum is clearly a starter. I wonder how long it will take Leyland to figure that one out.

I guess he joined the club!

Well he just joined the DL club too.

uh oh. doesn’t look good for poor ramon

Go Redwings!

failure is now firing on all 12 cylinders……
they’re the friggen ferrari of failure right now.

Go Red Wings!

Aquilino Who?
They don’t deserve the name Tigers.
How about the Detroit Dismals?
Found another thing to look forward to this year: Today’s post game press conference.

Fossum now has a sparkling ERA of 135.00!!!!! hahaha.

This team takes sucking to a new level.

The Tigers need a lot of help and they can achieve this without depleting the MudHen roster.Call up the Erie SeaWolves!
Raburn just stamped his passport.

I can only imagine how badly the tigers would be getting booed if this game was at Comerica Park. 4 Hits.. they could have 3 or 4 errors. Pathetic pathetic pathetic.

I may be wrong on this but isn’t your DH supposed to hit a little better than .215 and .100?

They are pathetic. How many times in the last week have they left guys in scoring position with 1 out or less and have not been able to get them in. And I would almost bet in the two situations today if they had this game would of turned out differently. I will of course continue to watch them, but they are not making it any fun at all to be a die hard fan this year. They give me a headache almost every day.

Jim, that’s horse puckie. First you blame the hitting, then you complain about the walks. You need to look in the mirror, and then get out there and do your job better.
Or leave.

I was just listening to the Oakland broadcast on xfm radio.Their announcers were commenting on the lack of range of the Detroit corners.they said Inge gets to that pop up foul and its a whole differant game.Also mentioned that Cab allowed at least 1 run.I`m new at the blog thing,but I read the one where the guy keeps up with the probable run stat.Seems to me the opposing announcers and the Tiger fans know a little more than the Tiger management. Maybe we can get JL a copy of that brodcast…Has anyone ever sent their manager down to the minors for a rehab stint?

Maybe we can designate Leyland for assignment and then traide him for a bag of balls and a case of Hebrew Internationals.

Fitting end to the game.
.Things were bad enough but management turned this into a sideshow when the switched Cabrera and Guillen and then followed up with moving Sheffield to LF when he couldn’t hit at DH.
They go out and get (at least the argument was) the best damn ballplayer in the big leagues south of A-Rod. Hailed him as a future Hall-Of Famer and intended to build a team around him.
Then they told him he had to bat 5th, then they took his natural position away from him. Now they have an untested rookie hitting ahead of him in the lineup.
They trade for a gold-glove Ss to justify moving Carlos Guillen to first base where he is touted as being a gold-glove 1st baseman. Then they move him to 3rd until his glove looks a little to heavy to be golden there and so they move him to LF to take over Marus Thames regular (for 2 games) position.
They take their best starter and “piggyback” him.
They appoint setup men a little like we appoint senators in Canada…..no qualifcations neccessary.
The manager back stabs his players, and defends alternatively.
It goes on and on.
Like I say–it is a sideshow carnival.

I actually like the guy, but he is making too many mistakes. OF course, not everything is his fault, but he is contributing to the ongoing nightmare. It seems like he is sending a message that winning games is not the most important thing, with all his strange moves. They could actually benefit from the adversity when the come out of it. I just think we’re talking about next year and another manager.
Robertson, Kenny, Pudge and Sheff should all be gone next year, too–and that’s good.

Go Tigers 2009!

I don’t see any way out of this without a major, major trade; coupled with Leyland’s departure. The nucleus of the team and Leyland’s credibility have been too far contaminated to fix itself.

It’s only june and they look like they have already tanked the season,depressing to see.

I am afraid this team is so far gone that we likely have guys on the club happy when someone else f….s up. That way they don’t look so bad themselves or they can justify in their own minds their perosnal b…ching of how this woudln’t happen if they were in the lineup.
It’s a mess. And one of the worst ones I have ever seen in sports.

Anyone but Maggs, Cabrera, or Curtis is fair game. It’s time to CLEAN HOUSE

Ya know…I was watching the game last night and Inge was warming up in the bullpen, and I laughed, and had an idea…how about letting him pitch?! duh. I mean he CLEARLY can play every other position, right JL? why not just throw him into the game after the starting pitcher is ready to come out? haha.
anyways, I really wish he hadn’t gone day-to-day this week, Oakland would have been a perfect place to get him 3 full games at 3rd. His range exceeds CG’s by FAR! Not saying we would have won these 3 games, but it would have been helpful. Also, Larish DHing is still a bad idea, I didn’t agree with it from the beginning and I haven’t changed my mind. Nice idea giving Raburn and Santiago a chance to play today…better luck next time, I suppose.
JL needs to realize that we are no longer playing spring training games. It seems like he’s still playing exhibition type games…umm hello???? we’re almost halfway through the season, let’s wake up!

You may have something there Iread that he was a closer in college.We could give CG ashot in the setup role. He already has one of the nastiest sinkers in the game If we could only get the AL to adopt the one hop strike rule we might have a winning combo

I sense the frustration gentlemen, and I am prepared to take your attacks for what I have to say. I don’t care what the batting order is; I don’t care how JL bats this guy over that guy. Has he made some boneheads this year? You’d better believe it. But Jim Leyland did not lose either of these last two games.

Granted, I don’t get the Willis/Gallaraga thing, but the bottom line is, you don’t beat anyone by walking people. Same thing today. Wer’e always pressuring ourselves because of leadoff walks or oneout walks. That’s a real problem. Our guys don’t throw strikes. Thus far this year, ex last night, our opposition pitchers don’t walk us very often. When they do, we have second and third with no one or one out; do you blame JL because
professional baseball players can’t hit a fly ball or a ball to second. No, we choose the double play/strikeout strategy which is great for morale. Did Jim Leyland drop the the throw to the plate last night? Did JL misread the hit from Polanco when had the hit, and Thomas looked like an idiot at home. Good grief! This team does not hit garbage!

Go ahead and get JL out of Detroit, nad what you will have is another manager to gripe about. Gentlemen, I have said it over and over; it is what it is. The performances last year from Mags, Polly, and CG were 30-40% above an ordinary year. Theyr’e not repeating it this year, and it’g got everyone in a funk. I’ve heard Marcus Thames and Ryan Rayburn till I’m about to puke. Yeah, wev’e pulled Thames’ chain, but he’s still got to produce when he’s in there. Rayburn is naother one who performed over his head last year.
Cabrera will need one full season to adjust to AL pitching. In the meantime, sit back and blame it all on Leyland. After all, he’s not hit or pitched too well lately. I don’t care who comes in during the late innings, even if its Zu or Rodney. If you don’t throw strikes, plan to lose. I don’t mean to spit so much venom; I really do respect and enjoy the postings on here. But some of us need to face reality. This ain’t our year.

Greg( pouring Tiger Blue); my wife even feels sorry for me

I am sick of JL saying if only they would hit. I don’t know any team that can’t score runs with less than 2 outs. They need to watch a few Twins games and learn how to put the bat on the ball and adjusting their swings with 2 strikes. None of them take the approach to get the run in even if they make an out. This team has no clue right now. How in the world can Larish bat 5th today? Not starting your best pitcher yesterday makes no sense (they were 6-2 with Galarraga starting?!). I can’t figure out who is the coach and who is the GM. Can the Tigers set a record for roster moves and lineup changes this year?

Sad to say but I think they spent spring training reading about how good they were going to be instead of thinking about all the basics of baseball like moving runners, throwing strikes, bunting, hit and running, catching the ball and showing up to the game ready to play.

Let it out boys, need a good clubhouse brawl or something. Don’t get the feeling that anyone is too bothered.

It’s true that our manager doesn’t pitch, field or bat. And our players did have a better than avg. year in 2007. But we need clutch hitting like in 2006. Most of your points are logical. Except bout Leyland.
Leyland’s job is to put the tigers in the best possible position to win. The question is, has he done that? .. And the answer is a resounding NO.

Benching and piggybacking players who are doing good. Moving people around too much. Keeping bats in the lineup that don’t hit.. period. Calling up rookies to DH .. (Seriously?). You can’t do that unless Larish was a Top Rated Prospect/Slugger. He is a slugger maybe, but rated tops in MLB ? among rookies?

Miner Pitches bad and he has him pitch again and again. He got his command back, and now he is resting in the Pen. Same with Lopez. Throwing people in the fire is good, when you have the rest of the team performing. Not good right now when Fossum is just reaches oakland, a trip spanning 3 time zones.. and u pitch him for 2 consecutive days.
Too much of a co-incidence that most players do better after leaving the tigers?. Forget the NL .. But Carlos Pena is in the AL.
I am no manager, but i would not be this boneheaded.

It’s abundantly clear that (and JL had this part right) everyone is to blame. Jl likes to be a MAN and accept accountability and all that drivel. What does it mean? No different than George Bush accepting accountability. In what way other than rhetoric is this accountability being “accounted’ for?
The team is dysfunctional from leyland on down and I am giving the benefit of doubt here to Dombrowski as I presume he was being advised along the way as to what was needed.
They need a sea change. It is shameful that the players are able to take this in stride as they seem to ba able to do. That may be part and parcel of the problem. .

with all due respect, i completely and utterly disagree with your assessment of the tigers being a ‘sideshow carnival’
have you ever been to a sideshow?
at least those are entertaining….

davidtiger- JL lost last nites game by starting willis and screwing with the teams best pitcher. total blow to his confidence, his gameplan, and his demeanor.
then JL continued to throw galarraga under the bus by taking him out in the eighth after he started getting into his groove. insanity, absurd…. i’m sure i could think of a bunch of other verbs or adjectives if i felt like spending that much time pissing myself off….
i guess this is a good time to re-iterate my K patch idea. or maybe a DP patch. or whatever will publicly embarass a team full of egos and million dollar homes. like i tell my kid, almost everyday….. if you can’t be accountable and take responsibility, then you will forever be a victom…. (one way or another, in any aspect of life, from the fryboy at mcdonalds to the president of this country….)
crying and arguing with umpires when you strike out, to the point you almost get thrown out (MAGS) isn’t helping anything.

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