Granderson to play against lefties

He’s in the lineup tonight against Joe Saunders, and Jim Leyland says he’s going to play him against all but the really nasty lefties for the near term.

“He’s a catalyst for us,” Leyland said. “We’ve got to get him going.”

Granderson has said several times over the last few years that facing a left-handed pitcher can get him going at the plate once he faces right-handers again, because it forces him to concentrate more and stay on the ball, getting him out of a mode where he might be pulling everything. Leyland openly wonders whether Granderson’s injured hand is hurting, but Granderson says he’s fine.

For this trip, it only looks like one more lefty starter awaits after tonight. The Mariners changed their rotation and pulled lefty Jarrod Washburn for the weekend series. Felix Hernandez will now pitch Saturday, with Miguel Batista going Sunday. Once the Tigers get to Oakland next week, Dave Eveland is on schedule to face them.

The other adjustment is that Marcus Thames will be starting regularly in left for a little while.

“Marcus has earned his shot over the last couple years,” Leyland said. “Let’s see what he can do.”

Leyland talked about DHing Guillen, but he decided in the end to give him the night off coupled with Thursday’s off-day in hopes of getting him well for Seattle.

Here’s the full lineup:

  1. Granderson, CF
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Thames, LF
  4. Ordonez, DH
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Rodriguez, C
  7. Renteria, SS
  8. Inge, 3B
  9. Raburn, RF

For the Angels, who will give Vladimir Guerrero the night off:

  1. Reggie Willits, LF
  2. Maicer Izturis, SS
  3. Garret Anderson, DH
  4. Torii Hunter, CF
  5. Gary Matthews Jr., RF
  6. Casey Kotchman, 1B
  7. Mike Napoli, C
  8. Brandon Wood, 3B
  9. Sean Rodriguez, 2B


Why the hell won’t he bat Cabrera third?

That’s two good moves, so that’s a start. JL has to give Marcus a fair shot, though. He’s done this before and given up on it too soon. Thames can’t hit 30 homers in one week.
Larish is here to DH, so that puts a healthy Guillen back at third, I suppose. Nothing against Larish, but I think an improved defense with Inge would save more runs than Jeff can produce. I guess there’s no stats to prove this, and it seems nothing can be done without some stat to back it up. I’ll just enjoy watching Brandon again tonight, he sure ratchets up the entertainment factor in watching this team.

I wish the Tigers the best of luck, but I am not going to watch tonight. The games go too late and the way they have been playing upsets me so much that I can’t get to sleep after the game. I am a 50+ years fan but this is just too agonizing at my age. Maybe tomorrow I will wake up to another loss, but at least I will have gotten some sleep. Go Tigers!

Looks so far like both moves have worked out with Granderson hitting and Marcus homering. I’ve been saying as long as I can remember that Marcus deserves a shot everyday.
Now lets hope they don’t stop hitting and let the Angels catch up.

So for 2 years Marcus watches AAA players get their shots. And he finally earns his? O…..K. So he responds with 2 HRs (almost 3)and 4 RBI. Not a bad audition, Marcus! Got to get to bed and hope maybe this one winds up a win. See you guys tomorrow.

I was glad to see Curtis in the lineup and happier still to read that he will e left in to face LHP.
Thames responded well and I hope he can keep it up and win a job. Looking forward to seeing Larish.
Inge brings a wall of confidence to 3rd base. You know if the ball is hit that way it will be fielded and not butchered but his bat will eventually take its toll on him getting regurlar time there.
Renteria is looking very ordinary out there to me. And anything in the hole is a hit, he just doesn’t get to anything there.
I think Raburn is going to get sent down, I don’t think they will continue to carry him. I like him but I think we would be better off with Thomas.
Not sure if it means anything but Cabrera may be turning the corner. He just missed a grand slam tonight and is starting to get some distance.
Galrraga doesn’t seem to get too rattled when he gets in a little trouble. Nice to see.
Tough to watch the Wings and Pistons lose tonight.

has anyone noticed thier is a kid named inge thats pretty darn good at 3rd base. i hear he’s available daily!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ha Ha! Good one FinFan! Inge did an excellant job scooping up the ball and firing for double play ball, and firing over to first! I like that guy! – I have to add..And he doesn’t have the dropsies, forcing our pitchers to have to get out of a two base loaded jam!
Oh, and Marcus! Way to go! Almost had three homers going yard last night. Take that Cabrera and Sheff..there are other hitters on the bench that can fill your ego sized shoes! And for God sakes! Give Carlos some rest , if he has roids! Damn.. just thinking about it..ouch! Give the glove to one of the other kids on the bench to play , would ya skipp!

It was alot of fun watching Inge gobble up everything his way last night. It would be great (but probably unlikely) if his bat would heat up at least to .250 with less strikeouts.

Kudos have to go to Pudge too. At the time he came thru it was a very clutch AB. There have been many times this year that he (and others) might have simply struck out.

If Inge could come up with around 20 homers, 80 RBIs and hit .265-.270 he would sure solve a lot of problems. He seems to be getting better at 3rd and he is also one of the teams better baserunners.

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