Sheff to DL, Larish called up

The Tigers placed Gary Sheffield on the 15-day disabled list with a left oblique strain. Jeff Larish will have his contract purchased from Triple-A Toledo and be out here in time for Wednesday’s strain game (sorry, all these injury stories are getting to me). Carlos Guillen is DH-ing today. According to the manager, he has a case of hemorrhoids (no, I’m not kidding) that has been limiting his mobility for the last several days.


No comment on Carlos’ injury, but this is move I have been waiting for. Finnally, Sheff out of there and Guillen as DH!

The starting pitching is starting to come around, but here are a few stats:

2nd worst in AL for ERA
2nd worst in AL for walks given up
3rd worst in AL for Ks

Gosh, this team is really bad right now. They get good pitching, and they don’t hit. They score a few runs and the pitiching blows it. Although I have to admit it’s more of the former recently.

It’s going to be quite a race in the AL, though. I think it will be a three-way race. You’ve got Seattle, Texas, and Detroit–which is the worst team in the league. Only time wil tell…

So what is the gameplan for Larish? He is a first baseman correct? Is he just going to DH? If Inge isn’t going to start they probably should have brought up Hessman to play 3rd and keep Carlos as DH. Hopefully some of these moves helps and a new Sheff-less lineup consistenly hits.

A lot depends on the extent of Guillen’s issue. He was barely able to walk around on Monday, Leyland, so he’ll stay at DH until he’s ready to play third again. The Angels have lefty Joe Saunders going on Wednesday, so Larish wouldn’t have started anyway.

I logged in hoping to see Sheff on DL and not day to day .. Thankfully it happened. I believe Sheff is better than this. I always admired his hitting and wished we would have someone like him. But the last few months, he has been terrible.

If he comes back healthy, it might just work out for everyone. CG is a better fielder than what he is showing too .. hope he gets better. Promoting a first baseman makes me think that while CG is DHing, JL might move Cabby to 3rd … hope not .. he does look better at 1st ..

It is not often that an injury helps a team, but in this case (Sheffield to DL), I think we will see a big change in the Tigers. The defence will be better with Inge at 3rd, the lineup is better without Sheffield at #3 and none of the other players will be looking around asking themselves why Leyland keeps going back to a dry well. I believe that this is the turning point of the 2008 season and look forward to seeing how the team responds.

The team is better with Inge at 3rd no matter how much he hits. He will help take some of the defensive pressure off Renteria by covering more ground.

How about a 9 game winning streak to get back to 30-30?

hmmm…well we finally get what we’ve been wanting…Sheff out for 15 days.
Personally, if I could barely walk, I don’t think I’d be up to batting and running the bases…but that’s just me.
I’m confused about this Larish situation…seems to me if they want him at 1st…MC is going to have to be back at 3rd…I don’t really see an alternative…but JL sometimes has tricks up his sleeve so we shall see.
Let’s go Tigers!

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