1. Granderson, CF
  2. Joyce, LF
  3. Polanco, 2B
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Guillen, DH
  7. Renteria, SS
  8. Rodriguez, C
  9. Inge, 3B


  1. Maicer Izturis, SS
  2. Gary Matthews Jr., DH
  3. Vladimir Guerrero, RF
  4. Garret Anderson, LF
  5. Torii Hunter, CF
  6. Casey Kotchman, 1B
  7. Jeff Mathis, C
  8. Brandon Wood, 3B
  9. Sean Rodriguez, 2B


Jason, do you have anymore information on how long Gary Sheffield will be out and how severe is his injury? Will he be staying with the Tigers on this roadtrip to get treatment? When do the Tigers expect Gary to be back in the lineup? Have you had a chance to ask Sheff about how he’s feeling? Thanks.

We know what you really meant in the last blog Jason. Game….strain…..synonymous.

Roids…Oh my. How does a person even think of sliding?

Another baseball player on ‘roids. When will it end?! Okay that was bad, but I couldn’t resist.

now Polly is hitting 3rd .. wow .. JL wants to bunch up the 2 Left handers ? .. Renteria showed he is a good No. 3 Hitter.. why not give him a shot for a few games ?

I like the move putting Polanco third and moving Joyce up. Joyce hasn’t shown himself to strikeout too much and Polanco is anything but a rally killer. Let’s see how it plays out tonight.

So much for Joyce not striking out much…

Anyone watching om FSN with no sound? It is driving me crazy!

I mean ON

ohiotigerfan, remember, let’s keep things positive. shug, yea, I just went to fined my radio because of no sound on FSN. Let’s try another experiment and put Guillen in left field. Nice play by Inge at third. Anyway, back to watching the game and wow does Bondo look good. Rich, I tried to stay awake watching the game last night but kept falling asleep:)
Go Tigers!

Brandon showing how to play 3B. It’s a beautiful thing.

We saw in the 5th how good inge can be at 3rd🙂 . I think this is the best alignment.. have CG’s bat in the lineup and upgrade our defense .. As most people suggested… We can live with Inge hitting .250 and defending the way he does.. and hitting in the bottom 3rd of the order …

Dave, believe me, there’s nothing that would excite me more than to see the Tigs get on a roll !!! But 8 shutouts thus far doesn’t have me seeing positive things for this team. Anything less than an 8 game deficit at the end of this roadtrip would be a plus.


Great play by Granderson … thats defense .. lifts the whole team

Not rubbing it in Jeff … but Joyce stuck out 4 times ..🙂

I KNOW! I’ve cursed the kid. Send him back to AAA.

It’s so easy to coreograph a Tiger loss. Everything played just like I and everyone else knew it would. Cruceta would do his thing. We would do our nothing in the top of the ninth. As soon as you see the walk in the bottom of the ninth, you knew it was over because Lopez rarely walks anyone. Matthews was not going to miss this opportunity. What a sad commentary for a “major league” ballclub. The only bright side was the Inge defense, but Renteria’s weak arm is showing routinely. Will cost us a few games down the stretch. Mr. Dave D, I think you might have blown a few deals this year. I weep for my team, and am not just bleeding Tiger Blue; the hemmorage(sp.) has begun.

Just got home to turn on the tv, watch Bondo complete the 7th wow.. good pitching.. oh oh.. too late.. JL let the bullpen open to save him and hold the game?… err.. I mean let him hang in the 8th!
AND then comes the Hemoragging! Cruceta? Ha!
Lopez? OMG!
Seeing Pudge turn to the Tigs-dugout in a split second glimpse right after the winning run scored.. said it all… Are you guys happy with this pitching? He obviously wasn’t.. talk about wild.. these boys show thier inexperience for pressure situations.. simply sickening! None of them could find the strike zone! Angels have something to talk about in the clubhouse tonight.

Gary Sheffield is a great player, bit I think the Tigers need to reconsider his position on the roster if his numbers don’t improve by the All Star break. Inge is a better fit because his defense saves runs.

Too many things going thru my mind to type on this blog. Ed, yea that is what they need, to get on a big winning streak and you are right, way too many shut outs. I said it before in a one word sentence. Walks! JL needs to show some emotion. I don’t know about heart but where is the fire? When JL went to the mound to discuss strategy, I would have said you know they are going to bunt. You have owned these hitters all night now go after them and forget about the runners, it is your game to win. When Mayo Smith went to the mound when Denny McClain was pitching, Denny said what are you doing out here. Mayo said whatever and Denny said do you have anybody better in the bullpen?
Santana went the distance. “nuff said, I have to go to work.
Go Tigers, Go Detroit!

Maybe thats why Verlander, Rogers, Bonderman went so far into the games, they dreaded whoever came on after them?!!!

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