In case you were wondering …

The last time the Tigers were shut out in a game that lasted 12 innings or more was on April 12, 1999 against the Twins, also a 1-0 loss. They only had three hits and a walk that day at Tiger Stadium, and they went 0-for-4 with runners in scoring position. Detroit hitters struck out 13 times, three times by Brad Ausmus alone. Todd Walker won the game with a home run leading off the 12th against Sean Runyan.

The last time the Tigers left at least 12 runners on base in a shutout was Aug. 30, 1997 against the Phillies, a 2-0 loss at Tiger Stadium. Detroit went 0-for-9 with runners in scoring position that day, which was a nine-inning blanking. Matt Beech tossed 7 2/3 scoreless innings with seven strikeouts for one of his eight career big-league wins. Detroit had the potential tying run on base in the ninth when Ricky Bottalico got Bobby Higginson to fly out and end the game.


hey jason, you should go talk the team into hitting, a lot, tonight! lol…

I wasn’t really wondering, Jason, but thanks for the info anyway. 🙂 Those comparisons are with some pretty poor Tiger teams of the past. Hard to believe.
Somebody, Dan I think, mentioned getting a LH bat to replace Sheffield. Who would be a likely candidate? There’s Larish if they want to try to get some longball going, or Thomas if they’d rather get someone who bunts and/or moves up runners. Maybe both of them if Raburn isn’t cutting it. Perhaps that’s a way to go, keep bringing along new guys who most of the pitchers haven’t faced much. Ride the hot horse for awhile, then switch it up. Heck, nothing else is working.
We’ve been needing the top of the order to get things going and last night Granderson led off with a double, then Polanco promptly moved him to third. Unfortunately, JL let Raburn hit and he was blown away. Wouldn’t that have been a good time for Thames? Who’s more likely to get you a flyball? Besides, they probably wouldn’t have gone right at Marcus like they did Raburn, and he may have even drawn a walk, setting the stage for Ordonez with one out. Aw never mind, we’re managing as poorly as we’re playing.

I’m feeling your pain Rich. There’s plenty to go around. Very good article Mike. Anyone who hasn’t read it should. The guy did nail it. Why do those of you who have called Brandon a clubhouse cancer or a poor team player think that way? His remarks simply reflect his frustrations with the situation. He’s not pointing fingers at players who aren’t getting the job done. It would be a real stretch to blame Inge for the less than adequate play of other teammates.

Rich, it’s time for the lineup change, in fact it’s probably too late. Regardless of how anemic the hitting has been, the Tigers are simply being outplayed day after day in the field. It shows up regularly in the error column but more importantly goes unnoticed in the intangibles like range and quickness. Inge and Santiago would make this infield as competitive as any, and there would still plenty of power in the lineup, but…… Are we going to see any changes?

Mike, hope you get to see many Tiger runs tonight, but it still won’t change my mind on what JL needs to do to turn this thing around, besides the status quo of waiting for the hitters to hit las advertised.

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