Bautista rehab update

He did not get through two innings of work as planned. Instead, he lasted 1 1/3 scoreless innings with two walks and three strikeouts. He threw 31 total pitches, 16 of them strikes.

Bautista entered in the seventh and retired the side with one walk. and two strikeouts. He started off the eighth by hitting Jorge Velandia with a pitch, walking Shin-Soo Choo and then giving up a Todd Linden single to load the bases. After retiring Jordan Brown on a called third strike, Bautista was done.

The Tigers have to make a decision now on whether to call him up or have him throw another rehab outing. This outing probably didn’t help his case, but we’ll see.


And here we are again.
The starting pitching has been excellent, but we continue to find ways to lose. The hitting remains a lost cause, 8 hits in this entire series, so it comes down to the defense and the bullpen. If you get to the eighth inning with a two-run lead and a starter who has thrown only 83 pitches, that’s a game you should win, regardless of how limp the offense is.
Renteria once again failed to make a routine play on the Willets grounder to start the eighth and that doomed Bonderman. Edgar is too slow and is not a good shortstop. Why else would the Boston fans boo him in April, three years after he’d left? The Boston announcers at the time said it wasn’t his hitting that was bad, it was his fielding that got all of Red Sox Nation down on him. So we just had to have this guy? Santiago, and you’ll get tired of hearing me say that. The play of Brandon Inge tonight demonstrated how important defense is. He was one of the reasons LAA hadn’t scored through seven innings.
Inge (there he is again) led off the sixth with a single. With a slumping Granderson at the plate in a 2-0 game, it was the time to bunt. So why didn’t we bunt there? Was it because Joyce was up next? Joyce, who Leyland had wisely put in the two hole because his ol’ buddy LaRussa does it? Those four strikeouts looked real good there, so you might want to give Tony a call in St. Louis, Jim.
After Renteria obligingly got LAA started in the eighth, Bonderman should have been given the opportunity to pitch his way out of it. Pulling him in favor of Cruceta was a “no-brainer” in Leyland’s words. Yeah, that did demonstrate no brain. Jim, you can sluff off the media with these comments, but it doesn’t fly out here. So again I ask, why not Lopez in that spot? Whatever happened to putting guys into a position to succeed, as JL was always trumpeted as being a master at? What happened here is we could have gone straight from Bonderman to Jones. We could have gone from Bonderman to Lopez to Jones. But no, we’ve got to continue to experiment with inexperienced pitchers.
Well, I could go on and on here. Cruceta and Bautista are both experiments. Willis is taking up a bullpen spot for no good reason. Any of us could manage a team that scores 12 runs in a game. It’s these tight ones where management is falling down. I suppose when Rodney Zumaya gets back, it will get better. It’s a “no-brainer.”
So what happens now? Does Guillen get his ‘roids banded and go right back to thirdbase so Larish and Cabrera can DH? Yeah, probably so.
Re this Verlander vs Gomez business: who cares what a wet behind the ears kid says about getting into someone’s head? That garbage should be ignored. If JV finds he can’t ignore it, stick one in his ear and get it over with. To use one of Leyland’s favorite expressions, that’s a bunch of horse-s__t.

Last night was real easy. The only person that did a very good job was Bondo. The hitting stunk again, the relief pitching which was actually the only thing that wasn’t bad now stinks. And I am now beginning to wonder about the leadership. I personally think that Bondo should of been given a chance to get out of it??? Another game down the drain. Oh well, I think it is going to be a season of it.

In the 8th, I thought for sure, with a 2 run lead, Santiago would be inserted defensively at SS. Just seems like a no brainer…. Cruceta was absolutely the wrong guy to bring in in that situation. His best pitch is in the dirt half the time,
and the opposing hitters just have to sit on fastball, while always being ahead in the count. All they need to do is have patience. They know what’s coming, and they know it probably won’t be a strike. So with his characteristic lack of control and runners on second and third JL was asking for disaster. Obviously he wanted a strikeout and felt Cruceta was his best bet, but it was a huge gamble that paid dividends to LAA. When he bounced one in front of Pudge to allow the first runner to score I knew it was over. (Well I didn’t KNOW it was over, but I was sure THINKING it was over). Then JL kept him in…..gracious.

In the 9th, I thought Lopez didn’t get the call on 2 pitches that might have changed the ultimate outcome. I won’t blame the umpire for this loss though. Actually I thought his strike zone was fairly generous and consistent throughout the game, and both starters benefited from it. Plus, the game moved along at a nice quick pace.

I don’t know how Jeremy rebounds from this disappointment. How can you pitch your heart out like that and watch it slip away, and then come back in 5 days with any intensity or confidence? But he has to.

Joyce and Raburn both struggling at the plate lately….very discouraging, as this is where we were hoping the team would find some help. Dan, can Larrish play OF? Just wondering how to get him in without playing musical chairs again. If he plays first you have to then take Inge out and either move Cabrera to 3rd, and DH Guillen, or vice versa. The puzzle pieces just don’t fit ‘to good’ his year do they?

Rich, you said it all. I posted on the 19 comment blog instead of this one. I know you remember the Mayo Smith vs. Denny McClain. JL should take a lesson. It was Bondo’s game, not the bullpen’s.

Rich, you said it perfectly! And I’ll say again it’s really too bad JL don’t read this blog you guys could basically run this team. I give you lots of props. At least if he read this blog and we were all wrong he would have someone to blame!LOL My biggest problem with this team is the lack of emotion. If they lost and more of them looked bothered by it, it wouldn’t make me so mad. They just look like they don’t care (with some exceptions). As a manager this would drive me nuts!!!! Anyway keep posting, this so far has been the best part of this season. And why no post from Dan? GO TIGERS

I have seen enough.
It’s time for Leyland to hang up his managerial spikes.
Bring back GIBBY.

In the above scenario I guess I was just assuming Larish was better defensively at first than Cabrera, and so why DH him. Maybe I’m assuming too much there.

Although this doesn’t quite go with the above statements but hang on. Somethings aren’t right with the trades with the Marlins. I mean, Cabrera, Willis? I think we are finding out maybe we have been hoodwinked and seeing why they were traded, and Mr. D. offered way too much money.
AND Cruceta. Wasn’t he banned for 50 games last season for a substance abuse and Rangers dropped all interest in him? (reminds me of Neifi ),
Regardless.. that boy can’t even find the mitt! And yes..the Angels helped him by swinging at some pitches , but got wise in a hurry.. just let him go..80% of it not hitting Pudge’s mitt is a heck of a way to get on base and help the team.. not ours- THeirs!
What the heck? Visa problems… US Customs was helping us out by hindering us from getting him…or did the organization want him to test clean? Send him back! We already have enough bullpen zeros-not aces who can’t throw! Obviously, we showcased our own C. Maybin to make him look good for a trade last year .. but think maybe we got a taste of our own medicine too..ya think?

Marty, thanks for mentioning Santiago as a defensive replacement last night. I forgot to put that into my post.
I suspect JL would consider that a slap to Renteria’s face. We have to keep in mind that Edgar got the game-winning walkoff single in the 1997 World Series, and JL has felt beholden to him ever since. What Jim doesn’t seem to understand is that this is DETROIT and none of us give a hoot about the 1997 Florida Marlins.
I still have no problem with the Cabrera trade. I’m in a minority who think that both Miller and Maybin were overrated, however. Both Cabby and Willis are still young, and there’s still hope in Dontrelle’s case. I hope. 🙂
The Renteria trade, on the other hand, was the one that gutted the team, leading as it did to the release of Sean Casey and the ill-timed move of Guillen to firstbase. I have a theory on this trade and will share it here if anyone is of a mind to bear with me.
As I referred to above, Leyland (and Dombrowski) have a much too high opinion of Renteria. They wanted to get him at the trade deadline last July, but couldn’t iron out the details and time ran out. That didn’t stop the negotiations, though. Atlanta was interested in Jurrjens, and that should have been a warning sign. If Atlanta wants one of your pitchers, you’d better keep him because that organization is the smartest in regards to pitching in the past 20 years. Anyway, it was probably decided that a deal could be completed right after the WS, but Atlanta wanted to get a look at Jurrjens, have the Tigers showcase him. Two weeks later, Jair Jurrjens suddenly appears out of nowhere and moves into the Detroit rotation. As we all know, he pitched well and the deal was consummated as soon as it was legal and announced as soon as it was appropriate.
Not exactly Oliver Stone material, I’m sure, but this is what I think happened.

Here are some stats I “stole” from a post on Mario Impemba’s site. Very interesting. Stats putting the lie to other stats. The entire post is below, I just tried to make the format palatable for this dumb MLB format.
Mario – Here are some stats that show why the Tigers have some games where they score 19 runs, but many other games (8, I think) where they get shut out. They have too many inconsistent hitters.
Placido Polanco
.294 Batting Average
Best 4 games – 16 for 21 (.762 batting average)
Other 39 games – 34 for 149 (.228 batting average)

Edgar Renteria
.277 Batting Average
Best 5 games – 17 for 20 (.850 batting average)
Other 42 games – 32 for 157 (.203 batting average)

Ivan Rodriguez
.265 Batting Average
Best 5 games – 16 for 19 (.842 batting average)
Other 37 games – 27 for 143 (.189 batting average)

Hello Clique…
I find it awesome that you’all amuse yourselves with this step by step analysis of what when who and why…but the standings are where it means anything.
The Tigers couldn’t see the forest for the trees and went right on past a great team, which was right under their noses and tried to “manufacture” a collection of “paper” Tigers to acheive some “goal” of instant credibility.
Look at last night. Bonderman was like the Jeremy of ’06, Inge saved the game with back-to-back defensive gems right out of the ’06 miracle play-book and to top it all off was the great catch by Curt the GRANDERkid against the wall in center.
Sure, Santana became unhittable after the Mag/Mig one-two punch, but we had what we needed and then comes Jim Leyland with his Cruceta move. And he has the stones to call it a “no-brainer” after the game?
In my rare yet humble opinion, it is Leyland who is over-rated. And Dombrowski ought to quit using people like chess pieces and come to finally realize that TIGERS are made not bought…
We Grrrrrs fans are a patient bunch and what we want are players who represent Detroit Tigers baseball. The pennants will come or they won’t, but playing the 162-game schedule is where the fun is.
Let’s Go TIGERS!

Hemorroids? He can’t walk but he can hit? I’m not even going to ask.

I think they’re serious in keeping M-C at first, so the only option with Larish is DH him or put M-C at DH so Larish can flash the glove. Moving M-C back to third makes no sense. As long as Guillen is out, Inge gets a chance to prove he still deserves the hot corner.

I’m still depressed with the team but I do see some signs of improvement, namely with the starters. If we can get Zumaya and Rodney back and some semblance of normalcy in the ‘pen, we just have to hope that a few of the starters wake up and start playing ball. Its been frustrating but I don’t think this is out of the question.


PS– Rich, I read your post about the trades and I completely agree. The M-Cab/Willis trade was a no-brainer. The Jurrjens/Hernandez for Renteria was brainless. As a corollary to the Braves calling about one of your pitchers, if you owned a piece of land and an oil tycoon inquired about the property, would you willingly give up the mineral rights? ’nuff said. Renteria– please hit and make us look at least a little foolish…

Per Game AL Rank MLB Rank

Runs Scored 4.8 3rd 8th
Runs Allowed 5.2 12th 26th

Season AL Rank MLB Rank

Batting Avg. .264 5th 11th
Home Runs 53 4th 11th
Steals 18 14th 26th
ERA 4.86 2nd 27th
Pitcher Ks 290 12th 28th
Pitcher Walks 226 2nd 29th

What’s confounding me is Leyland’s answers during postgame interview. Last night he was asked to comment on lifting Bonderman and he responded with his now infamous “no-brainer” reply. What is that? Does he not realize that the media, especially our local guys like Tom and Jason, have their fingers on the pulse and know what’s going to cause an outcry? What is this, Bob Knight? Lloyd Carr? Bo Schembechler? That was an opportunity for Jim to at least explain his thinking, but we get the equivalent of “don’t ask me stupid questions.”
Another thing I find puzzling is when he blames every loss on hitting. Yes, the hitting is a disaster but doesn’t any big league club still have to find a way to win low-run games? Is he saying if they don’t hit, he can’t manage? I wonder how much input he did have into these personnel moves, because he reminds me of an employee who knows management is screwing up but he’s the one who has to explain it to the public.
It’s all very very strange……………….

Thanks Rich,
Yeah, I’m like the Little League dad who watches his sons’ team lose game after game while they languish on the bench. The words are barely heard over the bleacher crowd….careful not to upset the coach or any of the other parents watching their kids screw up….”Hey coach, why don’t you put Brandon and Ramon in the game…..Might work”…..when really I should be shouting as loudly and obnoxiously as I can “HEY COACH, IF YOU DON’T PUT BRANDON AND RAMON IN THERE YOUR TEAM WILL CONTINUE TO STINK UP THE PLACE, AND WE’RE JUST NOT GONNA’ TAKE IT ANY MORE!”…..I’m going to keep offering this solution.

Babaoreally, not sure what you mean by “Hello Clique” (sounds derogatory)but your comments are right on and well stated…especially your last sentence. Enjoyed.

Rich, I think your theory on the trade might well be close to the truth….I like it….I like it a lot. And your comments immediately prior to that are right on as well.

Brent, I agree, ROIDS and SLIDING are two words you never want to encounter in the same sentence:)

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