Leyland on pace of game

Here’s the story on MLB’s effort to speed up games. Here’s some of Leyland’s reaction:

know what? It’s a no-win situation when you talk about it. I don’t like it.
I’ve always said, and you can quote me on this, that to me, a baseball game is
like a movie. If it’s a good movie, you stay. If it’s a bad movie, you leave.”

don’t like it. They want me to run to the mound. I smoke three packs a
day. They want me to run on and off the mound.”

can’t fight City Hall. But you know what, then? When the pitcher goes out
between innings and throws his eight [warmup] pitches, forget the two minutes
and all that when you’re waiting for the television [commercial break] and start the game,
if you want to know the truth. But obviously they pay the bills, so you
can’t fight City Hall. TV’s going to pay the bills, and I understand that, so
I’m not looking for trouble. But if you really talking about it, it’s a lot of [garbage]. That’s what I think. I don’t think the fans really give a [care]. If
the Tigers win today, they don’t give a [care] how long they stay here. If the
Tigers lose, they’re going to leave early or be ticked off when they leave. That’s
as simple as it is. If we get behind 10-1 in the sixth inning, I imagine this
place will clear out a little bit. If we’re ahead 10-1, some of them might go.”

I have Todd Jones coming in out of the bullpen, we’re going to have to get a
golf cart.”

get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for the commissioner. I like him. He’s
a friend of mine, and I know he’s doing what he thinks is best for the game. But
at the same time, I don’t have to agree with it. I’m going to throw over to
first base. If I think a guy’s stealing, I’m going to mess with him. Well, that
takes time. Sometimes you’ll see the umpire and fans [react], but my job is to
try to win the game. I’m not on a time scale. We don’t have a clock, like football
and basketball. I’m out here to try to win the game. That’s as simple as it
is. Every once in a while, all managers get a guy up [when] a guy gets in a
little trouble real quick and you have to get a guy going, so you might send
Pudge out to talk to him. There’s no secret about that. Or I might walk out once
real slow to give him extra time and come back. That’s all part of the strategy
of the game, and I think they’re taking away from that when they do that. I
don’t think it’s good.”


I agree with JL…what’s the rush??
I suppose if baseball was meant to be timed, someone would be holding a stopwatch.
Though I think it would be funny to see everyone running full speed on and off the field, I don’t think it’s necessary, especially with having the TV keep up in real time. Besides that, we have to have the 7th inning stretch and the field swept and in cases like last night…quick dry applied in between every half inning.
Last night was the first game I left early, ever. Unfortunately, the friends I went with were complaining nonstop about being soaked, so we ended up leaving. I don’t think Tigers fans are going to all get up and leave if they’re winning by alot…They didn’t at the game in April…I also don’t think I personally would get up and leave if they were losing badly either.
In regards to Sheff not taking extra batting practice because of his soreness…that seems a little ridiculous. If you can’t participate in normal things that are expected from all players, then why not go on the DL?

Sheff has bought himself more time with the 2 hits and the slide today.
Nice to see Inge swinging the bat.
Nice to catch some breaks too—that’s been happening lately.

Holy Smoke! Bonderman sure can’t complain about non-support today. Joyce made a very fine catch there robbing that menace Suzuki of another hit.

Maybe i should complain about this team more often. I call out Sheffield earlier and now he proceeds to go 3 for 3 w/ a walk (So far).

The only thing that Leyland was wrong about was saying something nice about Selig. That guy is a bum.
Great series– starting pitching was good, the offense was better, and they didn’t seem to let up in any of the games. That being said, Seattle is a bad team– much like the Rangers. Lets hope we can keep it up with the Twinkies coming to town. I don’t like to think about sweeping teams- that’s too hard. I’d just be happy with a few series victories in a row.

My observations for the day

Sweet catch by Joyce
Sweet play by Polance
Nice hitting by all especially Sheffield (hopefully this is the beginning) Joyce and Inge. But really everyone was good.
Dolsi was really good, and I have a hard time saying that Bondo was okay but he was able to get himselve in and out of trouble.

Another win…now that is what I’m talkin’ bout!


I forgot this was an afternoon game or I would have ‘watched’ the game on foxsports.com. In any event, nice to see another good day at the plate and pitching didn’t look like it was too bad. Nice to see Bondo-man, get a win. Nice job by Dolsi, as well.


I have to agree with JL as well.
AR – you are right – if they want to start timing baseball, then take the league average for how long it takes to play a game and put a huge clock in the outfield and have it tick down…in that case, let’s just throw out ‘innings’ altogether and go strickly by a clock. Nice move Selig….what a putz!

Glad Leyland has something else to rant about- it seems to help us win. I’ll take ’em anyway we can get ’em. Go Tigers!

Has Selig ever watche the last 5 minutes of an NBA game it takes about 40 minutes. I don’t know why people are so worried about the length of a baseball game. In my opinion it is only really bad when you play the Yankees or Boston. And for that matter if you started to call things that were strikes strikes and didn’t have a strike zone the size of a postage stamp?? Maybe that would speed up the game. The problem is that there is pitch after pitch fouled off and that is what takes so long.

GK, That’s a classic comeback…..very funny:)

I missed the game today but was happy to see they won 3rd in a row. Keep in perspective it’s a very flat Seattle team but still, they have to win these games. Little steps first….

Sheff maybe is coming around. I actually like him and still feel confident with him in there…..I know, I’ve done my share of complaining too. But Barry Bonds? Are you kidding me? We have a power LHB in Joyce already and he can play a pretty decent OF as well. Pardon me, I’m a little slow, but what else are we looking for? And we have Carlos who can fill in nicely as a LHB DH when Sheff needs a rest or if he should get injured.

Inge is beginning to look like a very valuable part of this team…..4 positions in 2 days…….rbi’s.

Marcus was great last night! That’s what he can do fairly regularly if given the chance. Yes, Dan that was bush when he was taken out in the 6th last night. Let him finish what he started. It wasn’t even a situation where a defensive replacement was called for.

Lastly, and I’m a big Santiago fan, I’m appreciating Renteria more by the game. He seems like he has a very good even keeled attitude. But, I got to ask, Did anyone else here get a kick out of watching him ‘churn” around the bases last night? He was chugging for all he was worth….:)

Yes, we are getting breaks. Look no further than the first inning today. Ichiro on third and Bondo throws one in the dirt that Inge can’t corral. It hit umpire Reilly’s foot and bounced around like a pinball……and stayed right there. Seattle doesn’t score.
We’re getting contributions from everybody (and some of their brothers) now. I thought Inge’s 3-run homer was huge but it seemed to be overlooked. 1-0 to 4-0 with one swing. Similar to what Thames did last night. As good as it was to see Sheffield have a big day, it was even better because this could be the result of an adjustment McClendon picked up. If that’s the case, this may be no fluke. Cross your fingers. Renteria has shut me up, and I’m only too glad to have no reasons to complain. My Santiago/Inge infield suggestion was made only to help the pitchers when they were struggling, anyway. Hopefully that won’t be necessary now.
It appeared that Bonderman was sharp for awhile, then lost it in the fifth for some reason. He was able to wiggle out of it, but I couldn’t figure that one. While Dolsi looked good (and he looked good in spring training too), we have to keep in mind that the Seattle hitters were ready to get on the plane by that point. I was happy to see no walks there.
This Minnesota series is a big opportunity to begin eating away at the division deficit. At least take two and all is well.
Re speeding up the game: the best way to do that is contraction, eliminating the Boston and New York franchises. 🙂 Seriously though, GK nailed it. It’s the tiny strike zone that causes the most time to elapse. This other stuff our genius commissioner mentioned is just window dressing. If you REALLY want to speed up the game, call a strikeout after four foul balls.
Perhaps I’m just imagining it, but it seems hitters have been staying in the box a little more the past couple of years.
I hope that death march we’ve been on is over now.

Right NOW, all cylinders are firing. Still waiting for Cabrera to chip in with the long ball. The long ball which had been missing from the attack has reappeared and it has made a world of difference.
Minnesota usually bores and pecks away till you find yourself playing their game. I hope the tigers can continue what they started here this homestand. The starting has been really good and Galarraga going toorrow is hopefully good as well. But he is due for a less than stellar outing.
Inge has responded very nicley lately. Nice game behind the plate too.
Neal still doin the job for Toledo 16 saves 1.5 ERA 5 BBs and 23 Ks in 17 2/3 IP and only 13 hits allowed.

I still like the Santiago/Inge idea Rich.

I just got word online that we traded Inge for Nefi Perez!! Sorry! Nefi vetoed the trade! Oh how nice to have a light moment in Bloggersville, the first in quite a while. I’m eating crow as I already had Shef and Minor gone as of Monday. Minor must be a mind reader.! Actually, i think he would be an adequate starter again. His stuff is not that bad. I’m happy for all of tigerville for the last three games. Inge has done his homefolks proud, and our starters are beginning to get into the fifth or sixth, without having given up seven runs. We must take two from the Twins; three would be manna from heaven. The next real test will be Monday against Garland. Can we beat a righty who is better than average? That might gauge the rest of our season. Anyway, to all of my BloggerBrothers and Bloggersisters, savor those last three, and get ready to rumble with the Twins. Gosh, Didn’t you love Don Mossi’s nose and Lolich’s ears. Go Tigers!

The Santiago/Inge thing is always there if we need it, Marty.
Speaking of Razor, I have to believe he had called for that pop up in the ninth today, when Cabrera reached over him and grabbed it. Cabby must have been a handful for his mother. “Miguel! Quit clowning!”
All this week, I kept hearing loud voices during the clubhouse interviews. I finally figured that it must be Dontrelle.
I usually keep other sports separate from this blog but I have to say, the Pistons got a big one tonight in Boston. Those guys are ALL role players. And scrappy.

Davidtiger, as I recall, Mossi had the ears to go with that nose so let’s give him Lolich’s gut, Wickersham’s face, McAuliffe’s body, and……..BoBo Osborne’s glasses. And he runs like Northrup. Now THAT’S a ballplayer!

its deflating that we win 3 in a row and stay 6 1/2 games behind … of course we were 10 below .500 and still only 6 1/2 out before🙂

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