Telling stat of the night

Jarrod Washburn threw 43 of his 60 pitches for strikes. Of those 43, 12 went for base hits, better than one in four. Just two of Washburn’s strikes were swings and misses — not strikeouts, strikes.

By the way, sorry for not having the blog link in headlines tonight. We have some new editors working this week.


i was going to mention that.. guess some pple couldn’t access it .. not many comments today … i came thru and bookmarked it🙂

A nice satisfying win today .. i was wondering if the bats will stay focused .. got worried after the 1st few AB’s .. but it does seem like they might have it figured out..

The way they hit Washburn, and then were totally silent since.. it’s a mixed feeling… The good part is that it did seem that they had done their homework… The bad part is they didn’t have much on the relievers …

i did mention the blog link in the last post .. but i thought i had lost that post before submitting … Sorry

Thames went out and hit the ball the opposite way his first AB. If he could do that a little more often, he’d become a very dangerous character. I maintain he should get more time. Four runs on one swing. That’s priceless.
Then Sheffield lined one the opposite way. I don’t know what to think about that. I know he’s a dead pull hitter but he needs to stay back a little, let the ball travel into the zone more, at least long enough to get going.
Everybody did a good job of going with the pitch and putting the ball in play and lo and behold, they dropped in for hits. Imagine that. No rally killers tonight.
It was the correct move for JL to keep Galarraga in the rotation. How could he not? Armando forced his way in with good pitching. I hope he’s for real because we’re going to need more starters, if not this year than next.
With Minnesota coming to town this weekend, it’s the time to start climbing the division standings. These head to head matchups are opportunities, and there are quite a few left. One game and one series at a time.

Well, just got home from the game and I am a little wet and a little cold, but thats okay we got a win.

nice win tonight! like the number of early runs being scored. my only displeasure, is ordonez tonight. yes, my sights have moved to him breifly.
a classic example of my ‘K’ patch. he would’ve earned two of em tonight.

I just want to say we got some runs for Verlander. I have been working way too many hours but I saw the score of the game tonight in the 6th inning. We scored 7 in the 3rd?
Keep those positive thoughts and go Marcus! And DavidTiger, go Inge!
Tigers 08, keep the faith!

Another win, nice.


I see from the last two games, some of the guy’s averages are starting to slowly creep back up. Would of course be nice to get the win tonight and go sweep the Twins. Two series sweeps in a row – when did that happen last?

Check out the box from last night– Rogers and Miner both finished with a 6.66 ERA. Creepy, eh? Perhaps those critical of the trades and big critics were right about the Tigers selling their souls to the Devil?

On a more serious note, I want to see Bonderman dominate the Mariners today. He needs to put it together, especially against a lineup like the Mariners that is really struggling…

still slow with line ups Beck

Creepy is right. 6 and 2/3 runs a game is not exactly championship caliber. Rogers is very fortunate to have the winningiest (sic) record on the team.
Miner is fighting for his Tiger Stripes IMO. He can be very good but he obviously, has also been awful. And he has been awful at some very inopportune times. I would expect theat he would be a candidate for demotion when/if either Rodney or Zumaya returns.
We have all speculated that Galarraga would go to the pen if Willis starts rotating again. Some of us have also expressed an opinion that Robertson would be effective there. But you know there is another possibility (if Galarraga continues to impress) and that’s the current ACE of the staff. Kenny Rogers. He could be very effective out of the bullpen and has the right demeanor. He also seems to be effective the first part of a game before the lineup starts to dial him in. Yesterday’s game was like that and the ill-fated Minnesota game after the Yankee series. This was the game that took the wind out of the clubs’ sails. Big 6-0 lead then getting beat.
So there are options and they are all pretty good ones. Any one of our starters working out of the pen would benefit the team moreso than a call-up from Toledo. I would feel better about any of those guys than I do with Bautista, Dolsi, Rapada or Miner. I am looking forward to seeing more of Dolsi though.
I’m not complaining and this is just an observation, but I wonder how it feels to finally get a start, double to the opposite field, hit a grand slam to propel your team, and then be taken out for a defensive replacement in the SIXTH inning of a blowout (at the time it was a pretty comfortable lead)?
Seemed like a bush move to me.

I am really trying not to harp on this —but then I saw this this morning:
“SHOULDER WOES: Leyland said Gary Sheffield’s surgically repaired right shoulder could affect how much extra batting practice he takes. “(McClendon) thinks he sees one of the problems (that Sheffield has at the plate),” Leyland said. “But we don’t know how much he can really hit on the field because of the shoulder. It’s kind of a catch-22.””
What part of playing injured does Leyland not understand?
I coulld see if it were the part that your were performing like Mickey Mantle, Thurman Munson or Al Kaline did when they were injured; but performing with Ray Oyler like stats is kinda where a line has to be drawn.

Yeah this Sheffield injury stuff is really starting to get to me. I love Sheff, even before he was a Tiger, but really is worth keeping this guy in the lineup any longer? The win last night was nice because the middle of the order was not the key to the game but we need protection for Ordonez and Cabby. Here is a real catch-22, Ken Rothenthal was talking about Bonds on the Best Damn Sports Show and mentioning that if the Tigers were to turn this ship around, Bonds becomes an attractive player to punch into that lineup. He never said it, but my guess is that this has as much to do with Sheffield batting the way he is and what the Tigers expected from him in the middle of the lineup in terms of protection for Ordonez and Cabby. I hate to say it, but he’s right, Bonds would look great in that lineup but with the supposed clubhouse problems already, that might be the worst possible move the Tigers could make….

God I hate Bonds… and I shutter every time I hear his name mentioned with the Tigers. But put into context, Bonds or Sheff, I guess Bonds would help in the lineup more than an injured Sheffield.


Right on all counts Eric.
It’s all about winning and we do need a power LHB that can be plugged in especially at DH. I don’t really want Bonds here either and I think it’s getting late in the season for another “experiment”.
Geez, we thought Grilli was bad at home. Bonderman hasn’t won a game at Comerica since last July!!
He’s 0-7 or something like that, and an ERA of over 7 I believe.
That’s actually a little troubling especially for a guy like Jeremy who can get fixated on problems (like the 1st inning thing) very easily. I hope he is able to throw a great game today. He needs it and this club could really use it to their advantage right now.

If I remember right, we first came up with the “Nate in the pen” notion last season when the bullpen was struggling. Same thing now, if necessary. To me, it’s not removing a starter as much as it is strengthening the pen. Nate and Rogers, both lefties. Nate’s better against RH hitters, strangely enough, while Rogers could get LH hitters out. I don’t think this would happen ever, but if it did, it would more likely be Rogers. They like Nate as an innings eater. Fun to talk about, anyway.
If Sheffield is struggling because he’s INJURED, then put him on the DL, for heaven’s sake. It doesn’t make sense to push it like that. No catch-22 at all. If he wasn’t injured, then I’d say let him hit his way out of it. It’s one or the other, Jimbo. If it’s the DL, he could even possibly come back later in the season and actually help. Let’s make a decision here. We can rotate the DH as many of us have advocated, and get some use out of Thames.
Ken Rosenthal is like a small dog. Once he gets his teeth into an idea, he won’t let go. Enough with the Barry Bonds garbage, Mr. Rosenthal.

No surprises in the lineup. (RATS!)
Sheffield batting third.
Joyce playing left
Inge catching

I don’t have stats to back this up, but it just seems to me that Bonderman has the most trouble at home in afternoon games. Anybody notice this, or is it just me?

This might be a good time to remind people that I do this blog on my own, on top of my regular stuff. So if I don’t have the lineups up right away, it’s probably because I’m doing something else.

Jason If you need any help let me know. I’d be glad to do a few interviews for you to lighten your load!!
Many thanks for keeping this BLOG up.

Jason, I agree! I say thanks for keeping the Blog up. It is nice to have a place to read peoples comments and make some of my own. Keep up the good work!


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