Rapada DL'ed, Willis activated now

Rapada has biceps tendinitis. Willis will now be available out of the bullpen tonight.


Rapada has tendinitis now? That’s very curious. Did he have arm pain last night or did this come on after his inning of work? Along with Bautista, that’s two guys that have been stretched out and immediately ended up on the DL.
I was thinking Rapada was going down anyway. If Dolsi is throwing mid-90s, they like that.

There has been a trend at a degree of latitude when management uses the terms tendonitis and “DL”!
Seems to me Rapada had a bad outing, is left-handed, may have been seeing applying some Tiger Balm and Willis is back. 2+2=4

If I were Inge I would be making sure I have a pretty good game tonight.
Just a suggestion when JL finally sees the light (that will be just after that light burns his forehead). He could rotate Renteria to the DH along with Guillen and Cabrera and whoever else.
Inge could play 3rd at those times and Santiago SS when Renteria DHs. This would help all these players physically.

why is the blog link removed from the tigers’ homepage … my guess is pple can’t navigate if they haven’t bookmarked it. No comments during this game …

I think they could have left Miner in for the save!!
The main thing though is the win and also that Miner was so effective.
Probably a very good idea to put Cruceta in for a late inning in a game like this

Nice job by the top and the bottom of the order tonight. The middle of the lineup was not instrumental in tonight’s win and when they start to click it will be very nice.

As far as the Willis and Galaragga situation goes.. I think this was a great move .. everyone is happy .. and the explanation JL gave was very sensible .. Hats off for an excellent move. It seems like a no-brainer but it’s not always that easy..

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