Dontrelle to bullpen for now

Tigers just announced that they’ll activate Dontrelle Willis today or tomorrow, but that he’ll work out of the bullpen for now. Armando Galarraga will remain in the rotation.

The main reason, Leyland suggested, was to try to get Willis right. He’ll pick his spots on using Willis to get him some innings.

“We just want to keep him working and get some fine-tuning in,” Leyland said.


Yo Beck.. whats been the delay on the lineups lately? Early in the season you all over it… IS there a lack of interest at this point?

If Willis is being put in the pen and Galarraga is staying in the rotation. Who is being sent down?????? Or haven’t they said yet??

Good question, GK.
Hey…….if Willis is in the pen, it doesn’t sound so crazy to have Nate in the pen. 🙂 Not that I’m advocating that move. Robertson has been pitching decently, if not great.
Lost in all of this “Grilli on the Clubhouse” business is the fact that Colorado is coming to Detroit next month. Now THAT could be interesting. I’m sure bygones will be bygones by then, but that doesn’t change the situation if Grilli comes sprinting out of the pen to face the Tigers. Get your tickets now, folks.

Sounds to me like a good move. Moving Galarraga out at this point might be counter productive. Willis will be ideal if a starter has to miss a start or has to be taken out early.
Grilli is apparently doing OK in Colorado. He does have the luxury of a strong bullpen there and that has probably helped to alleviate some of the pressure he felt here.
I would expect Clay Rapada would make way for Dontrelle.
Funny as it seems but tonight’s game might give us an indication of which way the team is headed.

On my way out the door. Going to the game to freeze my ### off. Hopefully it will be worth it and we will get a win.
I am 1 win and 5 loses in games that I have gone to this season, and a rainout.


Probably get Pudge leading off and Inge in CF.

No announcement on who’s being sent down yet. There’s a possibility that they have a reliever dealing with tendinitis that they’ll have to put on the DL. Otherwise, somebody gets sent down (Dolsi, perhaps?)

It’ll be Dolsi. I’m sure he has plenty of Options left, where all the other guys don’t. Jones and Seay are the safest, they want two lefties, so Rapada stays, Cruceta has no options, Miner has no options, which leaves Lopez and I’m not sure on his options. When Bautista (if) comes back, it’s either Lopez or Miner. When (another if) Rodney gets here it’s the other of Lopez or Miner. When Zumaya gets here, they probably send back Galarraga at that point. This is in a utopian world however, and probably won’t fall like that. Ideal bullpen (in the Tigers eyes) is Jones, Cruceta, Rodney, Zumaya, Seay, Bautista and Rapada. However Galarraga might have something to say about that.

So much for that, Rapada is DL’ed.

Well, just got home from the game, I am little wet and a little cold, but we won and that is all that I care about.

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