Highlights from Leyland's rant

Suffice it to say, Leyland read Bob Nightengale’s piece on the Tigers from USA Today this morning, and while he didn’t have a problem with the messenger, he had a problem with some of the players quoted. Here’s some of what he said this afternoon, with the f-bombs removed:

On Grilli, who called the clubhouse “stale and stagnant”:
“I find that hard to believe that that has anything to do with somebody not getting a run in. I mean, would I like this to be a little more close-knit? Yes. Do I buy a lot of people when they start talking about that, and some of it comes from players, I think they ought to look at themselves in the mirror. I think it’s diversionary tactics, and I really take offense to Jason Grilli’s thing about not having Sean Casey. You have to be kidding me. I mean, please. Jason Grilli ought to just worry about Colorado. Jason Grilli’s not here any longer because Jason Grilli didn’t pitch good under pressure situations and didn’t pitch very well in Detroit. You want to tell it like it is? When players want to start talking, I’ll start talking. But I’m very reserved about stuff like that. Jason Grilli ought to worry about Colorado, not Detroit.

“Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. I miss Sean Casey. But Sean Casey doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that the Tigers are where we’re at. Now let’s get that straight right now. And people want to start talking about things and this and that, what this guy’s doing, what that guy’s doing, they should look in the mirror. They should look right in that mirror, look at themselves and see what they’re doing. And what some of these guys are doing on this club, the last thing they should be doing is popping off in the newspaper. They’re diversionary tactics and they look foolish. You can quote every bit of that. There’s nothing wrong with inside the clubhouse. The problem here is in between the lines. That’s where the problem is. But everybody looks for an excuse, and to me, that’s a weak excuse. Look in the mirror. Are you knocking in runs? Are you getting hits? Are you doing your share? And if you don’t like what’s going on in the clubhouse and you’re a player, then say something about it. Put a name to it. Stick your chest out and put a name to it.”

The other issue he had was with Carlos Guillen. Here’s what Guillen said in the story:

“We never said we were going to win 100 games. All we said was that we have a good team with good
players. That was the (sports) media and fans doing the talking. You don’t win games looking good on paper. You’ve got to do it on the field. That wasn’t fair to us.”

Here’s Leyland’s response:

“It isn’t fair all of a sudden for people to have expectations? Well, why wasn’t it fair? What are you talking about, it wasn’t fair? You’re supposed to love the expectations. You’re saying it wasn’t fair to have expectations? What are you talking about? I’m a grown man. I can take my heat, and I deserve some for the performance of this club. But you better be careful when you’re a player. If you’re hitting .200 and .220 and striking out or hitting .200 and .215, you shouldn’t be popping off, in my opinion, about other situations. You ought to be taking care of your own business. If they want to play games, I’ll play games, and it won’t be long [before] I’ll put names to it, if they want me to. I’m not quite to that point yet. They want to play games, I’ll play games. I’ll quit protecting some of these guys night after night after night after night. And I’ll put some names to it.”

Overall, though, Leyland’s problem was with current players going off in the press:

“If players want to play games in the press, I’ll play games in the press. And it won’t be very pretty. That’s all bullshit. That doesn’t have anything to do with a guy hanging a slider or missing a fastball right down the [middle], throwing the ball away. That has nothing to do with it. That’s a weak excuse. That’s a lame excuse.”


Amen. I’ve been waiting for Leyland to snap. I agree with his comments 100%. Put up or shut up. I think the Mariners are in for a long game tonight.

WOW. It sounds like Leyland is really really pissed, and in my opinion that is a really good thing. He needs to make it perfectly clear to these guys and every fan that he does not except the status quo, he does not take well to guys mouthing off in the press like a bunch of little girls and playing like a bunch of little leaguers.
ALL RIGHT lets play some ball.

I’m interested to read the whole thing without the F-Bombs removed.

It was nice to see him call out grilli and finally call it like it is with him. He’s been protecting him for 2 plus years now and always sticking up for him and denying how bad he sucked.

I’d like to see guillen get his numbers up a little bit and used as trade bait near the deadline if this team is out of it (which i find likely).

I wonder if there are any roster moves coming today.

Yes GK ..
FINALLY …. i don’t want him to go off too much.. but this cannot hurt………………………….

i guess we know how the meeting was🙂 As a manager, he is the boss, and he should act it. I just called him soft an hour ago in the other post🙂 .. He should hang them out to dry … Last place in AL .. 2nd/3rd Highest payroll and then they talk bout people having expections.. lol Damn right we have expectations.. For the 1st time .. I am paying 20 bucks for games.. and why? cuz i have expectations.. Had might be the correct word.. Have them return half of their salaries and we won’t have any .. just what i said .. overpaid kids🙂

Well. Mark THIS date on your calendar.
Really, it shouldn’t have to come to this. Making our ol’ coot blow a gasket isn’t right. JL doesn’t do this stuff for effect, he’s seriously upset. He deserves better than what he’s been given so far.

Ya Rich I agree. On local radio Leyland is just getting blasted. And while I don’t agree with all of Leylands moves, people are turning on him aweful quick. A year ago he was the Wizard of Woodward. To me it comes down to the players. They cannot go out and play the game for them they have got to do it. While I believe that there can be a lot of blame to go around, including even possibly the coaching staff. What about the players.??

Granderson, Thames, Inge and Sheff … all of them are hitting below .235 .. So maybe Inge is actually has his head on the block too?

Renteria .263
Pudge .264
Rayburn . 267
Joyce .267
Cabby .270
Polly .271
CG .284
Clete .295
Maggs .307
Santiago .344

So thats our team…

if we look at all the right stats.. OBP .. RBI/AB .. etc.. Santiago seems awfully attractive .. and Inge is looking real bad .. i didn’t realize that until now…

Well the suspense is over the lineup is posted and there is no Hessman. Doesn’t I suppose mean he isn’t here.

Granderson 233
Polanco 271
Sheffield 189
Ordonez 307
Cabrera 270
Guillen 284
Joyce 267
Renteria 263
Pudge 264

Although it looks like Seattles batting averages are even worse than ours.

well that’s certaintly dissapointing..

seeing sheff in the lineup most likely means no hessman.

Iv’e mentioned this a couple of time. I was afraid that it would devolve into finger-pointing and criticism.
There are some fact that should not be ignored.
JL is a good manageer. Buth he is stubborn to the point of detriment. The Sheffield situation hurt the whole team and created a fabric of discontent. Inge (who I like) has also casued ripples of discontent. Too many times I have seen him smirking on laughing in the dugout. That’s great but when your record is 10 games below .500 then that means these times are during losses. That’s not good.
This team needs a major shakeup and it all starts with Sheffield. If he is moved or put on the DL it starts a meaningful sequence of events.
It was very clear they cut him too much slack and unfortunately that is what can happen when you have a 14 million dollar ballplayer.
I do like JL, I often disagree with him, and I don’t think this is primarily his fault or that he should go but if he is spread-eagled on the sacrificial altar my vote is for Kaline as manager!

I agree. Thanks and goodbye, Sheff.

Jason, nice appearance on the FSN pregame! Looks like you got the scoop on this one.
A lot of people want Sheffield gone and the vast majority of you have been fair, saying he’s injured and should be on the DL. I wish it was just as easy as that, but these problems go way beyond any one guy. I do know that this team won’t do many of the things expected of them without him hitting in there strong in the 3 hole. So yes, he needs to get right and if that means going on the DL, that’s what should be done. They need him. If he’s not there, it’s no reason to fold up the tent, however. You just have to find another way to win.

My friend, who is an Atlanta Braves’ fan, keeps teasing me be saying about Sheff that it’s hard to hit when you can’t take steriods anymore. Poor guy, he says.

I know that’s just and unsubstantiated rumour, but what is real is the fact that Sheff has not been able to hit since his injury last year. When I say goodbye, I mean I think he probably should and will retire.

If there is some sort or rehabilitation program that can bring him back, great. But please, start NOW. Go on the DL and get able to hit before you come back. If that is possible, great. I just don’t think it’s going to happen. I think it’s a bonus at this point, not something to count on at all.

Thanks, Rich. It was kind of on the spur of the moment. If I knew it was going to happen, I would’ve worn a nicer shirt.🙂

Jason–Nice to see you on the pregame show today…I had to take a doubletake since we don’t usually see you on there. AND your shirt was just fine.
Well Piazza announced his retirement tonight…maybe Sheff will be next? or maybe not.
Good to see JL “give it to us straight” today. It’s unfortunate that he is pissed off at the players. Considering they are professional baseball players, they obviously know HOW to play, they just aren’t performing as well as expected. He can’t go out there and play for them.
I had to laugh when I read the comment from Guillen saying we shouldn’t have expectations…haha, whatever.
Tonight should be a good game. Let’s go Tigers!

I am wondering if we may have turned the corner with our starters. We have had some very good performances lately.
Of course we really need to see the bats come to like or it simply becomes demotivating.
Verlander is looking very good so far and he is really benefiting from getting the 1st pitch in for a strike.

dan- there’s a new blog post🙂


This whole thing made my day, from Leyland ripping on Grilli to challenging the players who spoke out in the article, to the rant about horse****. Just amazing. I love you, Jim Leyland.🙂

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