Wrapping up postgame issues

Pudge said he decided to let the ball drop after he didn’t see Orlando Hudson running down the first-base line. Had he seen Hudson pass him, he said, he would’ve caught the ball. Both Leyland and Rodriguez said it was a risk, partly because it was somewhat close to foul territory and they could’ve given away an out, but it was a heady play.

The socks-up look was apparently Edgar Renteria’s idea. He went around to players and suggested that they do it, according to a couple different players.

You probably know this by now, but that’s their first win this season when scoring less than five runs in a game. Last time was last Sept. 15 in a 4-3 win at Minnesota over Johan Santana and the Twins.


My turn.. I am sick of this Detroit Experiment… Put Inge Back at Third.. Platoon Carlos on good days his knees work, and Santiago at SS, Rayburn behind plate a few times.. Pudge is looking old..can’t hit.. and Clutch performance.. ha! Sheffield? Can’t we move him to grounds keeping till he retires? (ouch).. Can’t we bring up Hessman (1B) , Clete Thomas , and keep Matt Joyce. Its time J.L’s big shakeup he promised, involved, benching some of the players that aren’t winning us games. Period. This is a big league joke to see Third and First cost us week after week. The proof is in the replays.. they aught to be rerunning these in the clubhouse.. look at the disasterous results.
Poor Defense is costing us, just as bad as the lackluster support at the plate hitting. I said it before, and will repeat.. Good pitching shuts down good hitting everytime. We brought NO good pitching this year.. and the “1,000 RBI” team.. is as sure as a mirage on the horizen. What a shame! Look at Arizona, Florida ‘s two teams.. their making Detroit, NY, and Boston look like an overpaid bunch of Bums! I laughed when I read that the entire payroll of the Marlins was under that of A-Rod. Well, those boys are proving the world that they arn’t a joke these days.
Instead of showing off the big home run swings.. I think some of these guys need to work on just getting bunts and advancing runners to win a few runs innning by inning…

That was a tremendous play by Pudge. Can’t remember when or if I had ever seen it before. It was probably the game saver. I think lately Pudge has looked pretty sharp behind the plate. I’m learning to accept his hitting approach and figure if he does something positive it’s a bonus. Defensively he’s still one of the best and that’s where he can help this team most.

Our defensive guys got in tonight…albeit some a little later than I had hoped. They did look sharper out there, although the infield was not tested very much. The outfield got tested a bit and looked pretty quick. Good to see Carlos play well at third and get the important hit.

I think this win sets them up well to win the series. I’m feeling good about tomorrows game. I doubt they will have to see Cruz again as he has pitched two games in a row. Was glad to see the Tigers get him out of there, even though they didn’t score on him. He ran out of gas.

I didn’t expect a new entry this late. Please see the previous subject for my postgame. If anyone cares what I think, that is. 😉
I’ll have to say, being the no-fun type of guy that I am, the socks thing was little league. And it didn’t look good on most of them. Thumbs down from the fashion police. 🙂 Let’s just play ball and leave silly things like that out of it. Edgar, instead of little league fashion tips, how about contributing some some base hits and defense?

Excellent points mopar. Although Carlos did well enough on 3rd tonight I’d much rather see Inge at 3rd and Santiago at SS.

Pudge continues to disappoint hitting, but I do think he is valuable defensively as a catcher. If he can hit .250 it’s good enough for now anyway. But why JL didn’t insist that he lay down a bunt after the double is beyond me. That was the potential 3rd run and Joyce’s HR would have been the 4th.

rich have you turned into joan rivers? should the tigers have a red carpet appearance before each game with paparazzi screaming ‘pudge! pudge!! are you going to hit tonight?!?!’ lol. jk of course.
speaking of pudge. his little crossing to the Lord every swing, idk… it seems a little… ehh.. ‘major league-ish’
he should do the same as Pedro did in that crucial moement and say ‘i say F you JOBU, i do this SHI…. myself!!’ lol.. then hit a homer. 🙂
so… thats my take.

It’s a long road back to .500. Once they make it there, I’ll start hoping again. Until then, I’m enjoying myself by thinking about next year.

I don’t mind the ‘sock-up’ thing…besides, gives us something to talk about and give a glimmer of hope. 😉 No different that not shaving or cutting thier hair while they are on a streak.
Side comment: if Inge ever gets back on 3B, bet everyone complains that he is good defensively, but can’t hit (just like comments about Pudge).
OK…I have done my poking…I sit back down. Hey, wasn’t someone on this blog going to see the Tigers in Arizona?

I don t like it always, but I understand JL using Sheff, Rentoria, etc. over other players. But why would he remove Gallaraga from the rotation??? When Willis comes back, for God’s sake put Nate in the bullpen!!! Or even Rogers. But don’t remove Gallaraga!!! This is the only winning starter the Tigers have!

From Jason’s article:

“Does Galarraga belong on this team? Yes, he belongs on this team,” Leyland said. “Will he be on the team? I can’t answer that 100 percent at this time.”

What the heck does this mean???

I’m with Steve, how could they even consider leaving Robertson in the rotation and pulling Galarraga. Guess we can expect them to just keep losing and getting hammered. He’s the only one that can pitch a game right now-once in a while Bondo

The sock-up issue was interesting. Perhaps they felt that maybe if everyone was uniform and they looked like a team that psychologically they would play like one too.. Anybody notice if Sheffield went along with it?

wazbinski- you’re probably talking about me, but i’m going to the Angels/Tigers may 27/28.
its hotter than hell out here right now, hope it cools down a tad. 9 days and counting.

well at least Renteria is contributing? haha…every little bit helps, fashion tips or not at least he’s doing something.
maybe today they’ll all wear one leg up one down, haha.
well i would just like to say, that Joyce is a keeper…obviously he comes through in clutch situations. Pudge isn’t the best hitter, buttttttttt he’s good defensively and that’s what we need. I still like Inge better at 3rd, hitting or not he’s amazing on D. I’m glad JL switched it up a little bit towards the end of the game to get Santiago in there.
I don’t like the comment JL made about Galarraga–if he BELONGS on the team, he should BE on the team! duh?. I mean he’s performing, his record is better than our other starting pitchers…might as well keep him up and give him his spot in the rotation, he obviously deserves it.
5 Games back? We can do this…1 game at a time… LETS GO TIGERS!

Jason’s game story has some good things that we’ve passed over so far, like that nice backup from Joyce. They did too many good things to remember them all!
I guess if Sheffield starts today, we’ll see if he goes with the new high sock look. I can’t quite picture it myself. Jones didn’t do it last night, said he didn’t have any of those socks. Ballplayers are a superstitious lot and I tend to make fun of that. Once, I went 4 for 4 wearing my white batting gloves, and the next day I wore my black ones. No Jobu here. 🙂
I see a number of suggestions that Robertson go to the pen. That’s something we’ve kicked around here for a year now, half jokingly I suppose, because this would never happen. More than likely, Galarraga will have a bad start while Willis is rehabbing and that will be the cue to make the switch to Dontrelle. Don’t know that I agree with that, but that’s my take. Looking at it from the organization’s viewpoint, who can you seriously remove from this rotation?
Now Chicago is in first place? Good heavens, these teams keep this up and we WILL catch them. Strange season so far.

Like I said before, Dontrelle, keep up the good work rehabbing down there, and don’t worry, “Bob’s” doing just fine.

There was a little background on the Galarraga comment that I couldn’t include because it was kind of fragmented. The point of it was that with some players out of options and other concerns, he didn’t know what they were going to do or what they could do. He called it “legal issues,” but it’s more like roster issues.

Ordonez just does not learn easy does he? Another 1st pitch swinging DP. How many times has this happened this year? He has killed a few budding ralies this year with that stupid approach. Seems such a contradiction for a guy who has such great mechanics and plate discipline.
Nice to see JL reads the BLOGS!

We’ve read articles this year about JL’s coments re the lineup’s hittign approach, plate discipline, pitch selection etc. Apparently they have had team discussions on this. Is Magglio exempt from these discussions?
Is he so good that he is on his own plane when it comes to this issue?
I could see if the first pitch hitting was really working for him but I certainly have not noticed that.

Well we really need to get these bats going. They are a costant drain on the morale of the club. Too many LOB already and no hitting with RISP.
We’re getting good pitching again today ( though Roberrtson often struggles in the 4th). Sure would like to see what it is like again to experieince a 3-run HR.

We really dodged a bullet there in the 4th. maybe that was the ‘one bad inning”!

Or maybe not.

Nate is consistent that’s for sure.
Heshould be put on a leash right now. first sign of trouble next inning they need to yank him. And by that I mean letting anyone on base anyhow.
Sure be nice to get some runs.
Boy that Upton kid is only 20? Man, he is hitting .320 with 6 dingers!.

What does JL say in the paper tomorrow? ‘We didn’t pound the ball, we’re not pounding the ball, we should be puinding the ball, or I’m puzzled we’re not poinding the ball?”

They never listen to me.
Ordonez really does not make the plays you need out there. He is very, very ordinary and cannot make the exceptional play to bail his mates out. I think they gave him an error on that play and even if they didn’t he butchered it.
JL is so predictable, I guess he fiured he would get his blessed 6 full innings but it was pretty evident that once Nate let the first guy on he was vulnerable. JL probably figures well we only need one out. He should know by no that a lot can happen in betwee the 2nd and the 3rd outs.

All of a sudden now he is willing to take a pitcher out. JL cost us those 2 runs no question about it.

you have to be an idiot to complain about magglio. dont forget what he does for this team 95% of the time. he cant be perfect every game.

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