Out of the frying pan …

EggPan.jpgIt’s a cloudless day in Phoenix, and the roof is closed. It’s that hot — mid-90s already and headed above 100. So they’re playing indoor baseball today. But hey, it’s a dry heat, right?

After looking at Gary Sheffield’s stats against Randy Johnson (6-for-39, 1 HR, 7 BB, 10 K’s), Jim Leyland thought better of starting him today. He’ll have had three days off by the time the Tigers are back in action Tuesday against Seattle, but Leyland plans on DHing him all three games there. Granderson’s off, too. This is not the lefty the Tigers want him to try to hit, especially the way he’s been going the last couple weeks.

The other interesting thing is Renteria batting third. He hasn’t done that at all this season, but he did a little of that the previous couple seasons in Atlanta. Interestingly, he’s hit in all nine lineup spots in his career, though his 21 plate appearances in the nine spot came as a pinch-hitter.

So it’s:

  1. Rodriguez, C
  2. Polanco, 2B
  3. Renteria, SS
  4. Ordonez, RF
  5. Cabrera, 1B
  6. Thames, LF
  7. Raburn, CF
  8. Inge, 3B
  9. Robertson, P

For Arizona:

  1. Chris Young, CF
  2. Stephen Drew, SS
  3. Justin Upton, RF
  4. Conor Jackson, 1B
  5. Eric Byrnes, LF
  6. Mark Reynolds, 3B
  7. Chris Burke, 2B
  8. Miguel Montero, C
  9. Randy Johnson, P


It is nice to see Renteria being give a shot batting #3 today. The Tigers have hit a ridiculous .197 in the 3rd spot this year. I couldn’t believe Sheffield was back hitting 3rd on Friday with his .179 average in 84 at bats hitting 3rd and making terrible outs in the meantime. Guillen is at .219 hitting 3rd and well over .300 hitting 5th or 6th. Hopefully Renteria has a good game today and is given a chance to remain 2nd or 3rd in the order. He has proven with Altanta that he can hit and run and advance runners which suits Comerica perfectly.

I respect how Sheffield plays the game, however, I think his time is up given his shoulder situation. We are better off with Guillen at DH and Inge at 3rd to improve the defence. Inge will hit as much as Sheffield will but will save a run a game at 3rd. Unfortunately Leyland is so loyal to Sheffield, he doesn’t see what everyone else sees. Big Gary has admitted himself he has been hurting the team with his injuries. Joyce made a couple plays of run saving plays last night that Sheffield wouldn’t have been close to getting to.

So far the bat’s are good for two out doubles, but that’s about it. Renteria had a nice at bat there working Johnson and drawing a walk. Can’t seem to find the two out clutch hit so far…

Exactly what i said yesterday .. JL is favoring Sheff too much. Given his past, its tough to bench him. I think he should be given a rest .. put him on the DL maybe .. doesn’t hurt his ego .. and maybe come back more healthy after a month.. may be best for everyone involved.

He is a liability at the moment.

Robertson looks very nice so far. Pitching aggressively, going right after every hitter.

There’s a LEAD OFF double by Cabby. Nice to hit with less than two outs!

what i don’t get is people going all crazy about part timers after a couple of good outings. I like Razor and all the bench players.. but they havn’t proved themselves as everyday players.. thats why they are on the bench.

Carlos has a suspect defense but he is an everyday player. So is Renteria and everybody else. Giving them a break is good .. since they are not performing at the moment. but someone was talking of starting ryan, joyce, santiago, inge everyday .. and that is an amateur talking.

Inge is my choice over sheff .. in our lineup but thats about it.

If Marcus keeps doing garbage like that I’m gonna have to quit screaming for him to play more…

3rd inning in a row that we have a man on 2nd..

This is unreal. We get a leadoff double and can’t even get a ground ball to get him to third. We get runners on 1st and 2nd and we hit ground balls all day, which unfortunately are quickly turned into double plays.

Well, there’s a huge blunder by Upton and a break for the Tigers. Let’s see if Nate can get the next guy.

This is looking like one of those games that we’ll lose by one run. We’ve had runners on I think in every inning and can’t do anything with it. Getting a good pitching performance so far as well.

5 innings, 5 runners in scoring position, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. 6 hits, 6 left on base. No matter how well Robertson pitches, you know he can’t throw a shutout.

Well this 5th inning is set up to be Nate’s bad one. Now the bases loaded with Randy Johnson up. Let’s see if we can at least get the pitcher in a key situation…

That was terrible pitching by Nate against Young. Gave him a high fastball on a 1-0 count with the bases loaded. KEEP THE BALL DOWN! Let’s not give ourselves a chance to get a ground ball!

See what I mean? Nate just has to have a bad inning sometime. Now Ordonez leads off. He has left 4 runners stranded, but now he will get a hit? This is too predictable.

Nate Robertson just makes stupid mistakes on the mound! You intentionally walk the #8 hitter to get to the pitcher you better go after him. THROW STRIKES! Unbelievable!

Here we go let’s walk in a run.

Merry Christmas, D-Backs. From the Tigers. This team plays with NO passion, NO killer instinct, NO mental tenacity!! They play like we comment on blogs. We expect them to lose and they play like they expect to lose.

Is that the 7th shutout? Another pathetic hitting display. I’m done complaining about the pitching. This last week is all on the offense.

Egads. Another disaster. Another better than average pitched game and another game where the bats fall ominously silent. Especially in the later innings. These are the times that batting averages often pick up.
It’s frightening really. You can bet that they will be calling up Hessman or Larish.
Toledo hit 7 HRs today.

I don’t know how many of you were listening to the local FSN broadcast (I don’t that some of you are out of town) But anyway, doesn’t seem interesting that after Nate appearently tweeked his back he loses it a little bit???? If everyone in America could see that he tweeked his back and it may have affected to at that point was a fairly brialliant pitching performance why didn’t our coaching staff. To me at that point even if Nate said he was okay, it maybe should of been questioned a little more. Our pitchers have a habit of not really telling the truth about injury and pain. I don’t know just a thought.
Then there is the pure lack of hitting again. It looked as though in the first few innings the boys were going to get the bats going. And well, they let them off the hook again.
Just plain unacceptable, the amount of people these guys are leaving on base. Really bad.
I am afraid high socks or not our Tigers just don’t have the mojo they have shown for the last couple of year.

GK, I get the FSN Detroit feed via satellite. I saw Nate grimace as soon as he swung, then it was also mentioned by Rod and Mario. JL was asked about this after the game and his response was “This is news to me.” Nobody mentioned it to him during the game. I’m not drawing a conclusion, just reporting the fact. Don’t want to be an amateur.

Could someone look up a stat for me? I was wondering what the Tiger’s record was when scoring 0 runs or less…..

Jason that egg in the frying pan is making me hungry for breakfast.

Dan, those 7 HR’s are tainted. You know the air in Toledo is heavier than in Arizona…..Forgive me, this is how I deal with pain and anguish.

Ya Rich I heard those comments after the game and I heard Leyland as well. But I don’t know how he couldn’t have seen the grimace on the face. And like I said who knows maybe it wasn’t a factor. But to say he didn’t notice I don’t believe that for a minute. And frankly since they couldn’t manage to score any runs again it is probably a mute point. This lineup is terrifying. I am not even sure it would scare my newphew little league team at this point.
Funny comment Marty regarding that tainted air in Toledo.
They definately need to do something different.

In regards to bhavinmalaviya@yahoo.com‘s post–
How are the “bench players” supposed to prove themselves if they aren’t given a chance? I don’t think it’s fair to say that Renteria deserves the everday spot over Razor just because he has a higher salary or because more is expected from him. Same goes for the rest of the “bench players”.

maybe sheffield and leyland can start working on a line up for the old timers game,if JL keeps pushing the sheff and he might just be one text message away from a trip to perrysberg!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been a fan of this team for over 50 years. I’ve been with them when they were good and bad. However, I have never felt so disappointed as I currently feel due to “expectations”. They are especially awful since these players are generally better than average mlb players. There isn’t any aspect of the game they do well, currently, and I think that includes the management. I would be surprised to see this team finish 0.500 or better. Sheffield and Miner are big liabilities; release them to make room for a few Mud Hens. I guess this is one of those rare situations where everyone has a sub-par season?

It has been clear for quite some time that there is something organically wrong with this team. Their collective response to setback seems to be a type of submissiveness that is hard to understand. It started in the season opener and has now reached crescendo-like proportions.
One problem is lack of leadership. Sure, there are guys who have long careers and great numbers. But there is not a fiery, motivational leader in the bunch. Not one. Ordonez is not the type to adjust his style to set an example for other struggling hitters. Guillen is on an even keel and not the kind to inspire. Pudge can light a little fire but it is usually something he shares in a personal relationship with a mystical being above. When things go wrong, he sulks and refuses to hustle. Sheffield is a self absorbed maverick who could inspire only resentment, if anything.
I really wodner what the emphasis on the “meeting” today with Dombrowski. I mean it’s not like this guy lives in Antarctica. If they do not have a constant, flee-flowing system of communication day to day, I would be very surprised. The suggestion that issues will be resolved due to an off day meeting between the manager and the general manager are perhaps indicative of the dysfunction we have seen with the players as well.
The left hand doesn’t know (or care) what the right hand is doing?
I think we have seen an attempt by JL to shake things up. I think he realizes that Sheffield is the central figure (if you can distill this down to one) in all this and his insertion of Sheffield into LF was more than placating one of his favorites. I think it was a last ditch effort to alleviate some grumbling that may have permeated the clubhouse. JL figured if Sheffield responds positively to the move then the grumbling stops and the offense gets kick started. It didn’t work. That’s becasue Sheffield physically can’t overcome his injuries. The next step is to place him on the DL.
Leyland knows this and it is one of the few options he has to reinvigorate the lineup. He will likely call up Hessman or Larish. I figure it would be Hessman though a LHB is really something they need to get in that lineup. There is just nowhere to play Larish unless they DH him.
LF will be an ongoing problem. Joyce will get time there but when he starts to struggle then you have to support the position with guys who are rusty and very average ballplayers.
Renteriia’s immediate future is being jeopardized by his hitting. He is not stinging the ball and will likely have to start sharing the spot with Santiago (who is one of the few hustlers and “giv-ers” on this team). He’s not afraid to get his chin dirty and the lineup is really missing that part of an effective balance.
Cabrera is becoming an enigma. I think he will turn things around because he can and because he wants to. He does have a love for the game but he really needs to develop an intensity for it as well. He actually could become a leader in time.
Inge is a whole other story. He’s a great kid. But he is a fish out of water here in Detroit. Partly because of his reaction to ‘The Trade” and partly because he subverts himself with narrow-minded approach to hitting. I’d love to see him at 3B but the last thing this team needs now is a 3rd sacker hitting below the Mendoza line. I think the best thing for him is either a trade or an injury to Pudge. I have a feeling he is not bringing a lot of positive energy with him to the dugout.
We are also being hurt by Granderson’s slump and Polanco not getting to hit with him perched on 1st. But Granderson will find himslef and come around. Polanco is Mr. Steady Eddie.
No point talking about the pitching–to hard to figure those guys out. We all know that all pitchers are “head-cases” anyways!!
Another thing to mention is the manager. While his club is struggling at plating runners, he has beens as stubborn as his hitters. There have been too many times that he has not bunted runners along (especially 1st & 2nd with 0 out). It’s not likely they are going to get a 3 run HR out of Pudge right now so why not MAKE these guys SACRIFICE? That is one of those plays that, for whatever reason, seems to bring the dugout together in a camraderie that we are not seeing. He also has a fixation on getting 6 complet innings out of his starters. I say IF they get you into the 6th and they show signs, then thank them very much and put a fresh arm in there. One or two more runs at this stage of the game is killing us with the offense the way it is.
We can’t keep going from homestand to road trip hoping that the change of venue will change the results. It’s time to make some changes, to stop being stubborn and above all, avoid the death knell of blaming someone else on the team. The last part I am worried about. Human nature as it is, I can see the pitchers who are starting to come out of their troubles, start blaming the offense if their W/L records continue to slide. I sure hope that doesn’t happen.
It has been such a tough time for Tiger fans. It has made it much harder knowing these guys can and should do better than they have. But the really tough pill to swallow is that it seems that the fans have more heart than the players.

That was quite a post Dan .. and i agree with most of it …

@ar9496 ..
It can be frustrating for all us fans the way this team is “performing” .. But the fact is that Renteria is a better player than the level he is playing at currently. He switched leauges (again) .. but all in all.. most of our team is underperforming, and no manager is going to start benching his regulars in favor of part timers. As i said, i like Santiago very much. But he has proved to be a good Fill-in.. we had him for a few years. He tends to perform well in the situation he is in, and not if he is inserted as an everyday player..

As i mentioned earlier.. Most of our team is struggling, and we can’t blame 1 player for our woes. Maggs is hitting great(stats) but he keeps on killing rallies too. He is really really bad in clutch, the last few games. Only reason i keep pushing bout benching sheff is cuz he is injured and he is not what he used to be… with no turnaround in sight…

I think our problem is attitude. The manager thought these high priced players are a responsible lot.. But we forget that they are big babies with big egos playing a game🙂 They were never prepared from Game 1 .. and the don’t look like they want to compete.

“I think our problem is attitude. The manager thought these high priced players are a responsible lot.. But we forget that they are big babies with big egos playing a game🙂 They were never prepared from Game 1 .. and the don’t look like they want to compete.”
You just stated the exact reason why some of these guys need to be replaced, at least temporarily. A man can be the better player, but not necessarily the best choice for any given team at any given time. I’d rather have someone who performs up to his capabilities, rather than a name player who isn’t. In particular, Renteria has proven that he can underperform for an entire season, so this isn’t something we’re just making up. I’ve never seen Santiago sleepwalk through a game. Baseball, and a baseball team, is made up of much more than just talent. There has to be desire.

Nothing against Renteria. He is in a tough spot with pressure on. Pressure to produce, pressure to justify and renewed pressure being in the AL. He’s a very nice player but he is struggling and he is not having fun right now. Santiago brings another element to the game. First off, speed. Second, a LHB and 3rd he is having some fun when he is out there. He’s not under the same type of pressure.
Things may change when the weight of expectations grind hijm down but right now he can bring some verve to the game. I’m not saying he should be the every day shortstop but every other day (or two) , right now, with these circumstances, might not be a horribly bad idea.

Renteria got on base 3 out of 4 times batting 3rd yesterday. He is a fast ball hitter and hasn’t been put in a position in the batting order where he will get steady fastballs. He is talented with the bat and would be a better #2 hitter than Polanco. However, batting him 3rd after Polanco works for me. He should hit with Granderson or Polanco on base and is a perfect hit and run hitter. I am sick of grounding into double plays. Renteria has succeeded when he is a go to player hitting in key spots in the order. In the first 43 games our #3 hitter had multiple hit games only 5 times which is pitiful. Renteria had 2 his first try and deserves a chance to bat #2 or #3. If JL keeps talking about the success hitters have had in the past, I suggest he look at Edgar’s record batting in key spots.

i dont mind renteria hitting 3rd. nor do i mind cabrera hitting third. as long as it isn’t guillen or sheff. for that matter, i can’t think of a single spot on the lineup to play sheff. oh wait, ya i can, the retirement home league. he’ll kill those old grannies and granddaddies in some slowpitch. watch out. let just hope he doesn’t get a curveball from walt disney

There may be some truth in what you say, gagndemo. Edgar saw a lot of pitches yesterday. While one of his hits was a broken bat dribbler, he did make a bid for an RBI double in the fifth but the guy made a nice running catch on it.
I have a feeling that if they fix one thing, though, it will just break another. It could be that there is no fix for any of this, that these guys will just have to start hitting. One stat that jumps out at me is this: over the last 15 games, we’ve hit all of 8 homers and 4 of those came from Joyce. W-L during that stretch of 3-12. There is going to have to be some longball to have any success at all. Here we’re talking Cabrera, Ordonez, Sheffield, Granderson, Guillen, and Thames when he’s in there. It’s no secret that a lot of the 2006 success came from the 81 homers that Monroe, Thames and Inge hit. That’s a lot of heavy hitting from three guys that weren’t even supposed to be the big guns of the lineup.

Not a lot of ideas or clarity coming out ot the DD/LL “meeting” yesterday. Hopefully it was more than a get together to tell each other that they can’t believe what is happening, that they are better than this, that everbody is trying and that they are puzzled.
I’m looking for some leadership. Wehter it comes from between the foul lines or from the chain of command.
The status quo is not going to get the job done. And it hasn’t ever sicne the blew the first game to minnesota after the Yankee series.
Interesting comments from Jason Grilli about his ex-mates.

I know Dan I read those comments from Jason as well. While I don’t agree with players that have been traded like that saying things in the press, it sounds like sour grapes. However that being said, I do know probably wonder if some of it is true, even if not all of it.
The other comments I thought were interesting that I read were the fact that the guys when video was being played on Friday night before the game with Haren. There was pitching video being played in preperation. And not one guy was watching it. You would think that they would be doing whatever it took to prep, even if it was redundant and they had seen it before. Anyway, that was really disappointing for me to hear that.
This is why I dont like long contracts, it gives no one any incentive to work hard. They are set for the rest of their lives and there is no need to keep working hard.
I would not be happy if they were losing, but losing and not working hard and trying are two different things. If I thought they were doing everything to get ready, it would be a little easier to swallow.

Dan & GK – per your posts I went to the freep and read those articles.


As far as Grilli saying that kind of thing about the clubhouse atmosphere, you can expect a little bit of that from someone that was just dumped. But, with Inge saying pretty much the same thing, that worries me.


I think this club is in a real mess from top to bottom. The players obviously DON’T CARE. Heck, would anyone care when you are making that much money and don’t have to perform to earn it – I would be just like Cabby and sleep – not only before the game, but during meetings, film, inbetween innings – heck why not.


I am sorry, but this team stinks, plain and simple. Is the meeting with DD and JL going to solve anything, who knows. It is time to stop being nice to these players. I don’t care about track records, blah, blah, blah…if you aren’t performing TODAY, then there might not be a tomorrow.


It’s time to shake things up and I don’t mean the order of the lineup. I love most of these guys and I have read on here what some people say about not playing bench guys over regulars, blah, blah…but hey, at this point, does it really matter? Another two weeks of losing and you can forget about after the all-star break. So shake it up….Get Willis back in there…dump one of the other starters – I don’t care which – some have been pitching better yes, but WE as a TEAM as still losing, so its time for some drastic changes to the starting pitching.


Onto the line up, it has been said some times on here, but hey, I am on a roll and ticked off, so I am going to say it again. Put Inge back at 3B. Put Guillen at DH – I don’t care if he likes it or not. Play the hot hand in LF, I don’t care if it is Joyce, Thames (which is NOT a full-time type player – i.e average stinks) or Raburn. Get Ren Tin Tin outta there, release him or whatever and put our boy Santiago in there (does he have the average of a MLB SS – no – but it can’t be any worse than it is now with Renny) plus he actually has fire in his belly. Pudge is going to be Pudge at this stage in his career and isn’t going to change at the plate, play him because we simply don’t have anyone else to put there. AND PLEASE, no more talk about Hessman down in Toledo. EVERY time he comes up to Detroit he stinks. He is a career AAA player. Period!


Anyway, there is my rant…I don’t think I have ever went off the edge like that before, as most of you know. I LOVE all these guys but just can’t take it any more. Damn, I need a cigarette.

Not a very lengthy article on Jason. I was hoping for more dirt:) Actually enough was said and I didn’t read sour grapes into it. He paid Sean Casey and Brandon Inge nice compliments. He didn’t name any names in a negative way unless they were edited out or unless he asked not be quoted on certain issues. He said it like it is. It’s human nature- when things go wrong for an extended period of time, dissension begins to creep in. People get defensive, critical, too self analytical, and then concentration and focus erode away. Then it’s no longer fun but toil. It’s called losing……….

Jason mentioned cliques on the team. You could start with the haves and the have nots.

If they don’t start playing the bench and perhaps a couple AAA players, they’re toast, I don’t care how good they are on paper. Most of us here on this blog are fair and decent in our assessments of the players and results. How much longer can management remain in status quo mode before the season is gone? I’d rather watch a bunch of prospects hustling and having fun than this.

As the season continues to deteriorate, this was bound to happen. Sounds like these articles are going to stir up a hornet’s nest. Some of the things being written are probably true, some are probably not. For instance, it’s interesting that the two “good guys” singled out by Grilli were both also displaced. Don’t know if that’s all Grilli had to say, or if that was what was chosen to be included in the article. Context is always important.
What can’t be denied is the fact that this is one dull and boring baseball team. A real fan doesn’t expect his/her team to win all the time, but they do expect entertainment at least. We have neither. That old team of ours, the one full of witty and loveable characters is disappearing, probably beginning with the Monroe trade last August. Even the FSN telecasts have begun to take on the same dreary tone.
What’s in danger of happening here is what the old timers used to call clubhouse dissension. Someone starts pointing fingers then next thing you know, it’s in the papers. Then soon after that, the manager gets fired.
When I attended the spring training games in March, I saw the same dull approach that I’ve seen this entire season. Having never been to spring games before, I didn’t know what I was seeing. For all I knew, that’s how they were always played. It appears, however, that what I saw is what we were going to get. And we’ve gotten just that.
Leyland insists that winning begets chemistry. I don’t know, that sounds like the old chicken or the egg thing.
We’ll watch the game tonight, but I don’t know how many of us are looking forward to it.

Marty………….it just happened again. 🙂

I stand by my comment .. that bench players are bench players.. then again we do need to light a fire under the regulars. JL has lost all the respect I had for him by giving the current starters too much respect🙂

We cannot bench 5 regulars and play the bench. But we have to start a fire now. Thats why i suggest sheff, JL’s buddy. Once he is taken out, the players will take JL seriously. Then we can start weeding out the non-performing regulars. As of right now, most players are thinking that they are safe, as long as sheff with his horrible average isn’t axed.

With such a high priced roster, heads should have rolled by now.. and not grilli or jones.. they are nothing in the grand scheme of things. JL has gone soft.. hasn’t he?


Hessman did not play in today’s game for Toledo and he had a day off just a couple days ago… does this mean he’s on his way to Detroit???????

I guess to activate Willis, they will let Miner go .. but i wish someone else is dropped from the rotation.. It’s not that i don’t like a particular starter, but that Galarraga has given us a chance to win in his every start. What more can you ask for? I think JL himself said that. but at least, put sheff on dl and maybe let Thames go? Inge will get a few starts then..

We are in the sole possession of the cellar since May 18th .. It’s official .. we suck … Guess DD figured that deserved a meeting🙂

.. jokes aside.. do any of the tigers’ players check the standings. Last place in AL should jolt them ..

I just meant sour grapes by Grilli in that he said anything at all, negative. I now have no doubt that there could be a lot of truth to the story. I just don’t happen to like it when people move on (not on their own accord) then come out and say negative things. I for one was not one of those people that used to rag on Jason. I thought that he was given a harder time by a lot of people than he deserved. He hadn’t given up a run before he left since the 2nd week of the season. He had pitched really good ball and other than I think one bad outing in COL. he has been really good since.
Interesting about Hessman not playing today.

Hey guys,
Very interesting to hear about Hessman. I’ve been hoping that if Sheffield won’t retire, they’ll at least put him on the DL, DH Guillen, and put Hessman at third. It just seems like a no brainer decision to me. After a few weeks, they could assess how Hessman is hitting, could see how Sheffield’s shoulder feels, and could determine if Guillen can be effective as a DH. If necessary, they could rotate Guillen with Cabrera at first and could even use Guillen as a super sub– playing him at SS and 2nd to give those guys a break at DH as well. Yes– I’m way ahead of myself but I think by DLing Sheffield, DHing Guillen, and starting Hessman, you’d upgrade the offense and defense of the team. That’s the definition of a no brainer, right?
I haven’t read the article on Grilli but I wouldn’t read too much into it. I know if I got traded, I’d have a few negative comments to make. I was one of the guys that didn’t like Grilli– guilty as charged. That being said, I think he has potential. He just terrified me in a close game and I wish him the best. As far as chemisty is concerned, I agree with Dan that they could use a fire and brimstone kinda guy (Gibby would be great) but lacking that, the best antidote for problems is wins. I agree with Leyland that we the fans tend to overrrate chemistry. I think its a chicken and egg kinda problem. Win some games and I doubt you’ll hear much about the chemistry.
As far as the rotation is concerned, Galaragga deserves to be in the rotation and Robertson has earned a chance to try out the bullpen. Unlike others, I don’t see this as a demotion for Robertson. I know I’m a broken record but I really think that Nate would be great in the bullpen. He has a good arm, good stuff (not great) and he’s usually great the first time through a lineup. Then they come up a second and third time and, well, we know the rest of the story. I also think he has the mentality to be a star in the bullpen. It seems to me that in order to be successful as a reliever, you have to be extremely stoic (like Mariano Rivera) or just a little crazy (like the Nasty Boys in Cincinatti). Nate’s whole gum time, facial hair, quirky glasses make him a great personality for the bullpen. I know this is a fan’s perspective but I think its still valid. Additionally, Galaragga gives us a chance to win every time out and I don’t think you can say the same for Nate– at least, not as a starter.
As far as who gets sent down– take your pick. If Nate goes to the ‘pen, its probably Rapada as they don’t need three lefties in the ‘pen. If its Galaragga, I think Miner gets the ticket for Toledo.
That’s all for now. I’m fully expecting to see the Tigers win the series against the M’s. Yes its bad– can’t believe we have the worst record in the AL but hey– we’re still only 6.5 games out of first in the Central. We’re hardly out of it.

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